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One of a hidden gem in Hartamas is this restaurant Makoto Japanese Cuisine that is also offering authentic Japanese food.. It is indeed there are quite number of Japanese Eatery in the area and all of them have their own unique item. A place that previously known as Hikari-ya and had change to Makoto. As for “Makoto” in Japanese means “Sincerity”, “Honesty” and “Essence”.

Makoto (1)

Direct collaboration with the Executive Chef of a traditional Japanese eel restaurant in Tokyo, which has more than 200 years history ad has been loved by celebrities like top politicians and business executives.

One of the signature item in this eatery is Eel. It is not your ordinary eel that we always eat where the eel is actually alive and fresh that air flown all the way from Japan. Eel has been a part of Japanese cuisine for nearly 5000 years. (The bone of Eel was found in many historical remains that existed in 5000 years ago). Cooking this classic this will head onto classci cooking method such as the Kabayaki way of cooking – barbecued with soy sauces, was establish back in Edo Era.

Makoto (3)

Makoto (2)

This is one of quite a rare restaurant that mostly dine by Japanese and according to the owner, most of them felt like home as the cooking method is indeed classic Japanese style.

Makoto (4)

Makoto (5)

Makoto (6)

After you have been seated down, the manager will come by with this white board to explain on their Special menu available daily, including Japan seasonal item

Makoto (7)

After saw their tap in the bar, decided to hit onto their Kirin​ ​Draught​ ​Beer​ @ RM 22

Makoto (8)

Oyster lover would indeed love this altot as the Fresh​ ​Oyster​ ​with​ ​ponzu​ ​sauc​e is fresh and sweet along with ponzu sauce lifted the nice salty aroma needed. @ RM 22

Makoto (10)

For the first time, I am dining something different in a Japanese Restaurant which is also known as one of the classic dish is this Yamaudo Sumiso (a type of wild plant from high mountain, topped with sumiso paste) @ RM 10. For the price you are paying, it is indeed worth to try that it gives you a very nice refreshing herb mild end taste yet jelly texture is quite unique and sweet end. – recommended. 

Makoto (11)

Another unique item that taste like carrot is this Nama​ ​Junsai​ (waterlily) @ RM 10. Cut to perfection and cripsy texture like fresh apple, with a hint of nice fruit sweetness end is indeed nice. Top with chef special dressing do give a bit of sour saltiness end. – recommended. 

Makoto (13)

Presented elegantly is this Daikon​ ​Angkake​ (white radish dish mixed with other ingredients) @ RM 18. Smells of fresh steam aroma trails the air as you bite on this soft texture, if give you burst of fresh daikon and green beans flavour.

Makoto (12)

Makoto (14)

This is the live eel that is still alive and kicking. Staying in their special water temperature at zero degree aquarium to preserve their living environment.

Preparation of Live Eel. (It does involve some slicing and cutting – do not be irk by it)

Makoto (15)

This chef had been handling eel since past 15 years and I have learnt one new thing is that, a chef that handle eel without gloves is professional chef.

Makoto (16)

Sashimi​ ​Platter​ @ RM 138

Makoto (18)

In this session, I was taught on the classic way of eating tempura is by dipping into salt, instead of their usual hot soy sauce with daikon. Special Tempura Platter (prawn, kisu, hamo tamanegi (onion), shishito (japanese chili), shiitake mushroom, ohba leave) @ RM 38

Makoto (21)

For Eel master, he mention that we should try on the classic method of cooking eel which is steam first then lightly grill on the hot griller stove for a quick cook. Shirayaki​ (white eel, eel seasoned with salt only) @ RM 168. I must say, this is one of the best eel that I have eaten in KL along with its cooking method. Cook to perfection where the skin is still intact and meat is soft, fragant with salt saltiness that melt in your mouth. A perfect piece to start on the meal.

Makoto (19)

There are no food wastage for this eel, as the bone that is left behind became a good companion for my Kirin Beer. Home Senbei is actually Eel Cracker @ RM 8. If you do have your beer there, do not miss to order this snack as it is fried to perfection that still have the perfect eel bone shape, nice fried fish taste with hint of saltiness at the end!

Makoto (20)

Makoto (23)

The next best dish for the night is in the making. Bath with chef special soy sauce for 3 rounds on this slow cook charcoal stove.

Tadaaa. Fresh Eel Don

Makoto (24)

The highlight for the night for me is this Charcoal Grill Eel Rice Box @ Half at RM 100++ / Full RM 185++. Definately one of the highly recommended dish that gives you the ultimate satisfaction. I am inlove with the special soy base that give you a very nice premium soy base taste that is not salty yet very fragrant as you know it will pairs well with any dish as a dipping sauce or cooking. I can just eat white rice and that soy sauce.

As perfect as the eel being grill on that stove for 15 minutes, the meat is so soft, fresh and love the charcoal after taste that lifted the fragrant of soy sauce. Indeed a perfect grilling piece of Eel.

Makoto (25)

***Unaju – big set – comes with whole unagi and kimo liver clear soup @ RM 185

Makoto (27)

As a closure, I am definately recommending Yuzu​ ​Sorbet​ @ RM 14. Yuzu base is not too strong and act as a good palate washer. Matcha​ ​Ice​ ​Cream​ is not bad too, as it give me the ocha’ness needed with the right amount. @ RM 14

Makoto (28)

Right after your palate washer, then of course end it with their Warabimochi​ (traditional Japanese dessert) @ RM 15. A bit jelly texture, with fragrant sugar syrup and peanut powder on it is just perfect to end my satisfaction dinner.

Makoto (29)

On 23rd September 2017: Special 1-night Unagi Course Menu led by Chef Otani Shinichiro, the 8th generation owner chef of Jubako Restaurant and Chef Hayashi Kazuhiko.

Call 03 – 6211 1409 for booking. ** This is the first unagi course menu in Makoto.

Price: RM468++ excluding beverages

As for the night, it is indeed a great Japanese classic dish for Eel. Do not mind to dig slightly deeper into the pocket for this simple and perfect meal. Highly Recommended!

Makoto Japanese Restaurant
54, Jalan 27/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours:
Sunday to Thursday : 12 pm – 2.30 pm/ 6pm – 11.30pm
Friday & Saturday : 12 pm – 2.30 pm/ 6pm – 12 Am

I am happy that finally another decent eatery had just establish in Hartamas. Bai Wei Cuisine Restaurant (百味濃) bring had assemble variety of cuisine from different provinces in China, such as the classic dishes from Hainan, Teochew and more. This outlet is quite similiar to my personal favourite Tang Pin Kitchen at SS2 and their quality is pretty consistent over my past 3 random visits.

Bai Wei Cuisine (1)

Bai Wei Cuisine (3)

This outlet is situated at the same stretch of Old Town White Coffee, and parking here is not as bad as the other side.

Bai Wei Cuisine (2)

Bai Wei Cuisine (4)

Menu is quite straight forward too.

Bai Wei Cuisine (5)

Signature Hainan Tea (招牌海南茶) @ RM3.80 is a must order in this outlet as it is not your usual teh tarik however it is the Hainanese version that you got a 3 layer kind of tea that top with froth top. Not too sweet as the tea flavour is just right.

Bai Wei Cuisine (6)

There are a few item which is my usual order.

Bai Wei Cuisine (7)

If I come with a group of friends, Fried Dumpling (锅贴) @ RM 7 will be one of my order. Something simple that pan fried to perfection. Crips outside and ingredeint that need to stuff with ginger and vineger to my liking

Bai Wei Cuisine (8)

Bai Wei Trio Platter (百味三宝) is good for sharing. @ RM10.00. serve with 3 types of fish paste stuffed in crispy bean curd sheet with different types of preparation.

Bai Wei Cuisine (9)

For breakfast, one of my personal favourite is their Toast Bread (烘面包) @ RM2.50. It is a classic toast that stuff with a big slice of butter. Crispy and fragrant for a simple breakfast tthat I could ask for.

Bai Wei Cuisine (10)

Handmade Fish Paste @ RM 7. For my noodle, this will be my side dish to go with.

Bai Wei Cuisine (11)

For something unique which is not in your daily order would be this awesome Fried Fish Noodles and Chee Cheong Fun (炒鱼面猪肠粉) @ RM8.50.  A combination of koey teow and fish noodle that fried to perfection. Filled with “wok hei” as the fish noodle is chewy fragrant.

Bai Wei Cuisine (12)

Bai Wei Cuisine (13)

This is my all time favourite where you could not miss. My usual order is this Signature Noodle, Mee Pok @ RM 7.50  Noodle that topped with mince meat and park lard, serve with a side of fish cake slices. I would top at least 2 source plate of chilli to get a little of spiciness and saltiness in it.

Bai Wei Cuisine (14)

Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭) @ RM 8. First time trying this and to my suprise, it is quite good. Generous amount of chicken meat and rice is fragrant.

Bai Wei Cuisine (15)

Golden Homeland Noodles (黄金家乡面) @ RM8.50

Bai Wei Cuisine (16)

Fried Porridge (绝味炒粥 – 两人份) @ RM13.00 (Serves two). I could not finish a bowl myself and indeed it had to be a sharing portion. Like the fragrant of it and those who love strong taste, this is indeed a perfect bowl for you.

Bai Wei Cuisine (17)

For a meal which is not very heavy in flavor yet very comforting, Celery Noodles (芹菜面) will be the best option as it is serve with clear soup and noodle is hand roll by the chef with a mixture of fresh celery in there. As you pull up the noodle, you can see dots of little greens in it. Those of you do not like celery taste, you might not like it.  @ RM8

Bai Wei Cuisine (18)

Refreshing Double Boil Winter Melon @ RM 4.50

Bai Wei Cuisine (19)

There are variety of Chinese desserts where they are freshly prepared in house.
Barley Fu Chuk Gingko (Hot) (白果腐竹薏米) @ RM4.50
Ginger Tea + Soy Milk (Hot) (姜茶豆奶) @ RM4.50
Signature Tau Fu Fah with White, Brown or Almond Sugar (Cold) (招牌豆腐花) @ RM4.50

Bai Wei Cuisine (20)

Taufufah in Almond sauce is my recommended choice. Try it as I am not almond fan but this is good!

百味濃 Bai Wei Cuisine
38G, Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-2389 3701

Facebook: www.facebook.com/baiweicuisine.srihartamas

Business Hours: 8am – 10pm daily

Put Put put your hands up if any of you out there especially KL folks do not know Inside Scoop? One of a famous ice cream shop that made fresh gelato. The Ice Cream Bar located at Desa Sri Hartamas is one of their latest venture that specialize in alcohol flavour and of course I believe Singleton is one of their main partners for this.

The ICe Cream Bar (1)

The ICe Cream Bar (2)

Their interior is nicer, with specious seating area.

The ICe Cream Bar (3)

The ICe Cream Bar (4)

The ICe Cream Bar (5)

The ICe Cream Bar (6)

For ice cream lovers, they ice cream display is usually arrange by the bottom row is alcohol flavored and their usual famous classic flavours are on the top side.

The ICe Cream Bar (9)

Constantly I am there for their alcohol flavored as the price is very decent as compare to many of softserve or ice cream parlor out there. Still this is my bench mark and their alcohol series especially with Singleton its a great choice to order. One of their regular there and do bare in mind that their customer service can be down the drain.

Best of all, their waffle is top notch too. If you do have space for your tummy after meal, do consider that as one of the item to hit on.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, great ice cream – at times customer service sucks -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Ice Cream Bar
60, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
(Same row as Chapter ONE)

The Ice Cream Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Steaks & Lobsters is one of a well known restaurant to these neighborhood peeps of Hartamas. The name speaks it all. They serve steak cuts imported from the states and also well known for their surf and turf. As demand rises, they are now starting to operate for lunch.

Steaks & Lobster (1)

Steaks & Lobster (2)


Steaks & Lobster (3)

They have churn out a world map to tell you where are the ingredients coming from.

Steaks & Lobster (4)

Get to choose your live crab from the tank.

Steaks & Lobster (5)

The style of cooking for steak is quite interesting as the top part are the classic and the bottom section is the adventouros preparation to entice on your taste bud.

Steaks & Lobster (6)

Steaks & Lobster (16)

As they just started to open for lunch on weekend from 12pm-3pm only, they are offering their weekend seafood feast which is quite intersting and affordable for the amount of ingredients in it, also with an options of Free Flow Drinks. :

  1. Cold Press juice @ RM 28 per pax
  2. Wolf Blass – Sparkling Wine @ RM 58 per pax

Steaks & Lobster (7)


Steaks & Lobster (8)

Instead of your typical frieds, here they have a twist in it where S&L Famous Portobello Fries from a nice cut of mushroom and deep fried it with some herbs. The important part is their home made sauce that gives you the little explosive of taste. @ RM 19

Steaks & Lobster (9)

Sweet n’ Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings is marinated well that is pack with flavour. Sourness and sweet caramelisation and hint of spiciness at the end is just nice for a starter. @ RM25

Steaks & Lobster (10)

As our local restaurant is picking up on the new trend of cheese, here they do add on for you too. Before you place your fingers onto it, they server will stop you to allow them to add in the pippin hot cheese from the hot plate.

Steaks & Lobster (11)

Since there are many of us of us, we hit on The Six Sigma @ RM 418 that served – 6pax is Served with :
– 12 oyster
– 36 Fried Baby Squids
– 3 fried XL King Sea Prawns
– 12 fried Barramundi Bites
– 18 fried tiger prawns
– 3 grilled cl king sea prawns
– 3 grilled live Indonesian Crab
– 18 grill tiger prawns
– 24 grilled scallops

Add on:
USDA Black Angus (300g) @ RM 115
upgraded king prawns into Canadian Lobster @ RM 38

Comes with Cheese

Steaks & Lobster (12)

Do not miss their in house sauce. AS the first 2 (from top to bottom) is created for fried items and the last 2 is for grill items.

Steaks & Lobster (13)

In the end we decided to get their free flow Wolf Blass – Sparkling Wine @ RM 58 per pax

Steaks & Lobster (14)

Been a while have not seen this girl, so taking picture with her (SpicySharon) must have a style to compliments.

Steaks & Lobster (15)

Finally ends our lunch with S&L Spanish Churos @ RM 18. A slight different of texture compare to many others out there as this are their own homemade version. Fried to crips on the outer layer and slightly chewy inside. Do dip along with their choclate sauce and also vanilla ice cream.

Steaks & Lobsters Weekday Special Menu

There are 2 good news. One which is their great weekdays promo and I am definately eyeing on their Tuesday or Wednesday and best of all to those who dine there, do flash the visual below to get FREE appetizer.

Steaks & Lobsters Blogger Promotion Banner

Parking here is a big headache as now the owner have add in *Free Valet Parking* with a minimum spending of RM 100 in a single receipt, (redeemable upon ordering).

42, Jalan 24/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +60 12-743 7167

Facebook: www.facebook.com/steaksnlobsters/

Business Hours:
Tue – Fri 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM
Closed on Monday

Steaks & Lobsters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I have been passing this road daily to head to work and little did I know that there is actually a cafe sitting in this building. This building which is rather new that recently open its door to public that comes with service apartment and residence. The Forum is located at the lobby of this building facing Hartamas.

the forum (1)

It looks like a huge glasshouse, nice interior and a mezzanine floor.

the forum (2)

Lovely cafe with spacious seating area and not to mention friendly crew. 

the forum (3)

the forum (4)

They have cake of the day and I must say Humming Bird Cake is a must try cake. Soft, fluffy, and cocunut crumbs ontop adds on the little flavour of it. 

the forum (5)

the forum (6)

For today, we are delighted that we will be enjoying our brunch with Moet Brunch pairing. 

the forum (7)

From the menu which cost at RM 128nett which will serve you a minature Moet and also their signature main’s and also a dessert for you and additional bottles are priced at RM78.00 nett

the forum (8)

A bubbly afternoon to kick start on the day.

the forum (9)

Prime Angus Sirloin steak with roasted chat potatoes and asparagus serve with demi-glace

the forum (11)

Another main is Pan Seared Salmon Mousse stuffed with asparagus, Dill & Prawn with rich lobster gravy. For this, the salmon might be slightly over cook however the rich lobster gravy is pretty strong and intence that give the richness of the dish and goes well with bubbly Moet to end it with mild sweet taste and hint of sweet lobster sauce is tasted.

the forum (12)

When it comes to dessert, Orange Creme Brulee, white Chocolate Mousse & Berry Sorbet is nicely presented in a set of 3.

the forum (13)

the forum (14)

Raspberry Truffle with Tullie is rather interesting with richness of its flavour.

the forum (15)

Among the 3, Raspberry Panna Cotta has the most beautiful presentation among all as this is definitely one of it that won our hearts over. It looks to pretty to be eaten. serve with Tempered Chocolate in a cage caramel dome.  

the forum (16)

Upon eating it, in the middle it gives you the little surprise with raspberry oozing out.

the forum (17)

the forum (18)

This is how greedy my friend is, having all by herself along by kidnapping my portion.

the forum (19)

End my meal with coffee and I quite like the coffee here (which is not part of the set) Mild, not acidic, that suits to my liking. 


In their menu, they also highlight their signature Soy Chai Latte @ RM 18. It is price so high with a reason as they use fresh herbs and ingredient in to fill up a glass. Those of you are not use to the taste might dislike it. For me I still prefer my classic chai.


One thing to take note,  as they are new establishment that open its door to public less than a month and when it reach full house, food might be slow and quality might be slightly different, as I have been here a few times and encounter different version, nevertheless there are still room of improvement for them as food is decent, coffee is spot on and service is great. 

Bubbly Brunch is only available from 1st December 2015 to 31st January 2016, on weekends from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. Prior reservations are encouraged, kindly contact +603 6412 0833 or +6013 266 1333.


The Forum
Ground Floor, The Signature, Jalan Sri Hartamas 22,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603-6412-0833
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily.
Remark: parking inside the premises might be a hassle as you need to take the ticket to head to the hotel side, take lift all the way up to their rooftop lobby and all the way down again for RM 5/3 hours. Easiest way out is to park at the roadside if you can find a spot. 

Travelling to Japan definitely cost us a bomb. However there is an eatery that will definitely will brings you to the vibe of local Japanese Street food. Operate by Japanese themselves had set the whole ambiance that you will certainly impress. What you need to do is gently pull the side door open and you will be greeted by a friendly lady dress in Kimono and greet you with a polite smile.

Hamasho (1)

Being establish for a bout a year now, Hamasho is no stranger to its Japanese Community whereby they are well known for their fresh seafood bbq food.

Hamasho (2)

Hamasho (3)

Interior setting is very similiar like those in Japanese street that hidden in one corner that you will see alot of people flocking there for its food.

Hamasho (4)

Hamasho (5)

Menu are all over, with a proper menu till to the wall and chalkboard that will list down their fresh catch or chef recommendation of the day.

Hamasho (6)

Hamasho (7)

Hamasho (8)

If you love how the locals eat, this was recommended as Japanese Rice with fish flakes, mini dry shrimps and a raw egg.

Hamasho (9)

What you need to do is just add that in, then stir it. . . you will then get the moiture of egg, fragrance that being well mix with fish flakes and taste is like well cook porridge.

Hamasho (10)

Hamasho (11)

Love their Okonomiyaki as its being fried to perfection, fragrant with fish flakes and their special teriyaki sauce . .

Hamasho (12)

Being in this place of course their seafood bbq is a must order. Order their squid and its serious a huge squid that serve with their special sauce.

Hamasho (13)

Hamasho (14)

Other ingredients that serve with their mini mixture. . .

Hamasho (15)

Hamasho (16)

Hamasho (17)

Hamasho (18)

Ox tail soup is sweet with radish, sweet potato and beef is cook to perfection that is soft and juicy.

Hamasho (19)

This is how the squid had become after a while on the bbq pit. See below for its huge bbq squid ring after we cut it out.

Hamasho (20)

Hamasho (21)

Their service is top notch as the Japanese Waitress will do come on and off to check on our bbq items to ensure its cook to perfection. Kawaii .. .

Food here is pretty decent if you are looking for its ambiance. Do prepare to dig slightly deeper in your pocket.

*PORK Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , not bad lah, certainly love its ambiance and service! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Hamasho Japanese Restaurant
42, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. (just few doors away from Naught Babe Dirty Duck)
Tel: 03-6206-1127
Opens from 6pm to 2am.
Closed on Sundays

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