Desaru Beach Resort


Last holiday, all of us went for a road trip to Johor and upon arrival we check into our first hotel Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa which is a beach resort with superb room and view. . Pulai Spring Resort

Then second day as we head to city area, we check into our second hotel at Pulai Spring Resort nearby Johor town . .One of the reason we get this hotel because its not too expensive for a 5 star hotel and best part is, the facilities they have. . .

pulai (1)

With its natural flora and founa, Pulai Spring Resort is a 5 star resort that smack nearby the city also a known by many golfers often come here for their 18-holes Championship USGA class golf course. It is one ultimate challenge to golfers with memorable signature holes amidst the varied terrain, water elements and changes in elevation.

pulai (2)

We book ourselves at this Cinta Ayu All Suites 3 bedroom and when we unlock the door, then sprung open. . we were surprise how huge and spacious the room is. With big living  room area, very nicely build kitchen that filled with many utensils that conveniently do light cooking.

This Suits can easily accommodate at least 6-8 pax with a size of around 1.1k sq. .

pulai (3)

This is the share bath room between room 2 and 3 . .

pulai (4)

This is room 3 with no window seeing and filed 2 single bed and air condition in this room was super cold!

pulai (5)

This is my room, room 2 with swimming pool view. .

pulai (6)

This is the master bed room with king size bed which is another huge room ..

pulai (9)

pulai (7)

walk in wardrobe style. . .

pulai (8)

A huge bath room  . . .

pulai (10)

and this is our unit facing pool view. . .

pulai (11)

Then we went to kaypo on another couple’s room that book on 1 bedroom suits.

pulai (12)

huge toilet with 2 entrance that one direct from the bath room and one access from living room . .

pulai (13)

ample kitchen area and also living room . . .

pulai (14)

pulai (15)

and their view is facing golf course.. .

pulai (16)

After checking out each other’s room, we decided now to check out on their facilities. .  Its seriously a huge place to walk .. .

What did you do during last week of Malaysia Day? I guess some of you will have plans as its a bit long weekend for us. As for me, me and my friends heading wayyy south to Johor for holiday which by far the furthest I have travel down south is only Melaka. Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa All of us work hard, just that once a while, we need to take a break, to cool us down, chill on more relaxing area then head back fresh, and the last round I took myself off was heading to Pulau Pangkor for a short stay. (click here)

Desaru (1)

One of the reason that we head down south for this stay is because, we have special arrangement with my friend that had called her up and every everthing for me. For being first time in this state, alot of things I want to discover and share out. When she send me the itinerary, I got excited that it is seriously fill with lots of visits and food to visit.

Well, after 3 n half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, we had reach Pulai Desaru, whereby its a located on the east side of Johor that takes another 35-45 minutes drive from the city..

Desaru (2)

Pulai Desaru Beach had its new offering to public with 200 newly refurbish rooms to provide all holiday travelers with an ultimate comfort and lifestyle. This resort also had attracted a number of celebrity to stay here and most of the their guest from Singapore, which is very nearby. With their new concept, the resort have design their rooms in a few types with season colour and lovers wing. Part of it is to make holiday travelers enjoy their stay and would want some changes in their room ambiance, they can do so.

Desaru (3)

Desaru (4)

The newly refurbish lobby are build in contemporary style to bring modern ambiance to travelers.

Desaru (5)

A simple bar at the lobby with 2 pool table and draft tab is available for you too. . .

Desaru (6)

One of the thing I like the most is this hotel lift. Feels like you are heading into some where cool.

Desaru (7)

After checking in, I head back to my room. Its very simple, spacious and comfy.

Desaru (8)

Desaru (9)

Best of all, I have one of the best view facing garden swimming pool view that smack near right in the middle and on the highest floor.

Desaru (10)_resize

I like the toilet design which is just simple, and nice, bath tub is spacious too.

Desaru (11)

We do have welcome fruits in our room.

Desaru (12)

Then I went over to my friends room which they have a queen’s size bed and realize that, there are slight different compare to our room that the colour of the wall is different as this room is painted in orange, ours is painted in green and toilet design is also different. I only manage to catch up this 2 rooms.

Desaru (13)

night proceeds, then went down to do some photo shoot around the resort. . .

Desaru (14)

Desaru (15)   Desaru (16)

For family that bring kids here, they do have 2 sections for your kids to play around, this ping pong area, and a video game console which is attach next to it, that allow your kids to glue to their seats and you can go for a comfort swim.

Desaru (17)

For younger kids, they do have this little indoor play ground for them to play around as its covered with glass panel.

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