Die Hard


To party rock hard that I always have a few and this round I really think hard that those whom I did rock twice with as hard in party  is with this crazy girl on previous events. Some of you might have know the usual that I often hang out with in party rock scene, yet certainly this is one of the latest edition that impress. :p

We might look quite different, well twins never really meant to be alike in some cases like us .. I have another twin in party scene that had gone MIA for quite sometime and some of you might have seen her in Glenmorangie event that many of you say we do look alike. .hehe.. start with ‘E’ (Guess who). :D. As I mention twin need not to be the same face or gender and in this format we had certain similarities. One of it is that we do look innocent then comes to certain scene we unleash the other side us . .  most of you were there that night know how it went, keke. Character we are soft spoken and this is how crazy, we when rock twice as hard when we are around on certain atmosphere . 🙂

I guess you guys must be scratching head what I am trying to do as Twins from Hong Kong is coming to Malaysia to perform after their last performance in Malaysia was in 2007 and now they are coming back to Malaysia for their very next performance.

I guess many of you know who are they if you are lovers of Cantopop and die hard fans of Twins and yes, they will be performing at Arena of Stars, Genting on 9th June 8pm. What you can expect from both of them is their another electrifying performance and what you just need to do is tighten your seat belts and they will blast you away along with your seats.

What you waiting for, Just log into this website to purchase the tickets: Twins Live in Malaysia

and here are a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Manchester United Bar [Updated 20/1/2015] – Had Closed Down

After shopping the whole afternoon, we head to this Paris Van Java Mall for a stroll and was told by my friends its a must visit place. One thing I like about this mall is the F&B area located directly at the sidewalk which is so convinient and under their cool temperature, it is very ideal to sit outdoor.



The sidewalk of all the F&B outlets ranging from, restaurant to bars. . .


One of our interest that makes us stop by for a drink while waiting for my friend to pick us up is this Manchester United Cafe Bar. I am sure that all of the Manchester United Fans certainly would want to wish to have a bar of their favourite football club in their city, to watch your football match with all the die hard fans together . ..


We choose to seat on outdoor area to enjoy its cool weather.


On the wall of fame for all the Manchester Player


And the poster for the ManU 1st eleven line yp in 2010 season. . .


Their interior is pretty simple, cozy for dining and all the chairs wear jersey.



You can sit at your favourite can choose and be seated at the player you like, Macheda, Berbatov, Evra and many more.


Of course we would want to enjoy our beer session, San Miguel at this bar with their Happy Hour buy 1 free 1 at the price of ID30,000 if not mistaken.


Besides beer and Happy Hour, they do have quite a huge selection of western food available. ..

Another movie by Jason Stathan. The last show I watch by him was Death Race. Anyway, again he is the delivery guy that had to deliver and protect the package to reach the destination safely. During the show, the Bad guy Tarconi, he definately look familiar and ask my friend, they don’t know also. Then middle of the show only manage to figure out, ohhh……. he is the guy that acted in Prison Break. This guy definately suits the charater as he had that kind of cunning and ‘chin kak’ look. Again, this show, shows his driving skills which you must see how he drive through in between the trailers(a bit funny), fighting skills as I believe he had improve and looks more real now as he is so solid (whereby hopefully Transporter 4 won’t be like Die Hard 4 as Bruce Willis is so invincible), the running part of him to chase back his car, abit extreme as he know’s how to do x’treme style with the BMX but there are quite certain part which is kinda boring. Not a bad show. Not as good as what my friend said that wah!!!a good movie, must watch.
— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 6/10

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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