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We are moving to a digital edge. Users are hungry for more data as more and more users are on the move and glued to their phone. Digi is making a big move that gives users UNLIMITED data over the weekend. YUP UNLIMITED 4G data on weekends and that is indeed without any cap that will cut off your data and slow it down.

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Constantly I have my run on weekend where streaming music from Sportify is a one of my main beat to get my running rhythm, along with my Nike Run GPS tracker to track on my distance. With this massive data, I do not have to control on my data spending.

Used to control how many Insta stories to post and share where my Instagram took the most of my data usage. Now, I can spam even more or like telling the whole stories live on my food journey.

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It does not stop there where good news to me as a frequent travelers in neighboring countries, you are covered with International Roaming on selected country. So frequent travelers to Singapore, that always love to share about this famous Steamboat Hai Di Lao can do more about it as you have 5GB data roaming to play with or when you head over to Universal Studio, you can spam all your live feed in FB or Instagram.

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The data roaming also available in another four countries besides Singapore is Thailand, Indonesia, Myammar and Brunei. I certainly do not have to worry about data if I do any Facebook Live when I am in Thailand and can even do more.

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Besides that, I work on the go as at times when I am out from my office, I rely a lot on café wi-fi connection. With many café recently starting to collect data before hooking into their wifi, I have directly turn on my personal hotspot to hit onto the web. This also gives a slight advantage when there are moments when I need to download massive data or visuals when the connection of wifi of that café Is not fast enough. Youtube streaming is also very important to keep my pace of working where now, do not have to worry on the wifi availability or stability.

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With this Crazy RM 110 plan that not only gives you unlimited weekend data also you will be left with 25GB data for the rest of the month. That is an average of 1.1GB data a day on weekday (with an average calculation by removing Weekend Sat and Sunday). At times, I am not a massive data user and this is where the slight advantage to me where The New Digi Postpaid plans is rewarding us with additional of 3GB internet data from the internet rollover of your unused internet data from the previous month. Now I can even share my data with my friends whenever they need.

Log on to Digi website at bit.ly/2g1Iurl to find out more details about the new Digi Postpaid plan!

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