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When my best friend drop by in KL before heading back to Penang for preparation on his wedding, manage to have dinner with the rest of the group and some of them havent seen them quite a while. Then text him, where for dinner and he insisted I must dine at his hotel area whereby Prego Italian restaurant is one of his favourite restaurant. I have no doubt in his taste because when I was in Sydney, he brought me to all his favourite place and all are top notch.

prego (1)

Prego is one of the restaurant located at Ground Floor of Westin as we enter the restaurant I am surprise to see its pretty full for such restaurant on weekdays. Knowing the capacity, surely this place wont turn out in disappointed. Then only found out that they are one of a award winning restaurant. One of it is  “Best Italian Restaurant” in KL by Time Out KL for a few years

prego (2)

Classy interior with dim lights all the way, greetings from friendly staff  as you reach the entrance . ..

prego (3)

prego (4)

prego (5)

For smokers, you can opt to be seated outside and they have a coffee and cocktail bar for you ready outside to place your order.

prego (6)

 I find the pricing in this fine dine area, is pretty decent. Selection of food is pretty much the same with any other types of Italian dining. (Full Menu, click here)

prego (7)

Then we were greeted by their homemade complimentary bread with tomato dip. It was gone in seconds, that the bread is warm and the dip just pair very well with the bread. We requested for another round of bread. 😀

prego (8)

One of the recommendations from my friend that he will never miss whenever he dine at this restaurant is Mushroom Risotto @ RM 52. Pack with flavours and its quite thick and creamy. It was cook to perfection, with the cheese melted and texture light sticky as it is suppose to be. We ended up order another portion. – Highly recommended! 

prego (9)

Oxtail Rivioli as my another mischievous friend called it high class wantan. Light gravy sauce shower upon the rivioli and the @ RM 52

prego (11)

Braised Lamb Shank are decent as braised till the meat is soft and risotto at the bottom is too soft to my liking. @ RM 73

prego (12)

Another super star is Lasagne. Love the soft texture of layer in between that is not too thick, beef and tomato that is cook along is awesome! Highly recommended! @ RM 56

prego (13)

Saleme Pizza @ RM 49

prego (15)

This was our first round, and second round we went to Luna Bar for a drink, then they have third round that I did not follow  . ..

I would surely return for more, and its a perfect place to dine during any special occasion here.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 ,great food! Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 KL

Tel: 03-27738338

This little camera had follow me for many days now and by far most of the pictures I am taking starting to improve as getting to understand more of the functions in many area. If you have miss out the first 2 part of the camera, then you can read this wi-fi function (click here)  follow by Premium Metal Body (click here). Since I have gotten to know more of its function, then I set my camera setting my camera to take shots at 20.3MP APS-C sensor since first few days. Not only offering of NX210’s 20.3 Mp APS-C CMOS sensor, it also offer much finer detail in images, and features super-sonic dust reduction.

I have tested the camera in a few formats. . . .


These cakes are just colourfull and the middle Happy Birthday wordings look 3-D


Then saw this craft zone that children created out items base on recycle item.


Not only that, as I went over to wine tasting, I am impress with this AIX French wine and it turns out to be good. Its more like a desert wine actually and just love the simple colour combination.


Went to restaurant with dim lights and it still manage to balance the lighting in the area very well.


As few days back, it was weekend whereby I have attended Jim Liaw’s photography and its amazingly good. Then went in to take picture with my Samsung unit that makes me impress to take such gown  details which is very visible. Shooting portrait is good tho ..


A interior of the whole ambiance setting. Just soothing and nice.


Last but not least, I find this bar counter is very interesting. All sorts of tea  and minor coffee to place on your order..


Last but not least, to take the camera to slightly dark room which is filled with macaroons colours.

I even have blog accordingly with the camera as you can check out these few post. . .

1) Oktoberfest – Soul Out

2) Tiger Halloween Party 

3) Home Cook at Hong Kong Private Kitchen

4) Plan B at Paradigm

5) Indian Food Festival @ Mandarin Oriental

Overall, I am happy with the unit so far as it had produce nice pictures to my blog  ..  🙂

You can find out how’s video quality by clicking here

all shots taken with Samsung NX 210

Quite some time ago, me and my friend were lost and do not know what to eat while at Mid Valley, most of the time I can think of is only Kim Gary, Delicious or a few of my favourite then I saw this new shop opened and decided to give it a try.

The whole ambiance had attracted me to in as softly lit with orange dim lights around the area with Japanese like paper light box is a very comfy . . . .

In the menu, it is more like a Japanese Fushion food and all the pictures in the menu attracted me alot and I wanted to test most of it.. Too bad there were only 2 of us ..

Normally green tea to start off with and in their menu they do have quite unique range of drinks to go after. . . Mine is not normal green tea it is ‘Green Tea Sugar Cane’ and its my favourite drink in the shop. Not too sweet in sugar cane taste and aroma of green tea is there. . .loving it. . RM 3.80

I forgot what name is this dish i think its hotplate chicken katsudon . .

IT is abit soupy on the base with hot plate boiling then pour on an egg then stir it in.. .  filled with a bit salty taste goes on very well . . .

Then followed by ‘Teppanyaki Pork Mayo Fried Rice’ @ RM 14.80, pork pan grill till its just nice not too soft and chewy, n the sauce is well coated to the meat . ..  goes along with rice is perfect combination . .

Then my order came ‘Spicy Pork Mayo Ramen’ and just by the surface with the smell of it, I just cant wait to use my chopstick  poke poke thru the noodle and slurp it up into my mouth. Just as I expected with the kind of soup base that I have long search for, not too salty, just peftect in taste, abit clear in soup and spiciness is at the end with springy Ramen which is not over cook. Just Perfect to my likings as I miss it when I was at Melbourne. The portion might look small but the portion is just nice to fit myself and gives me satisfaction. RM 14.80

After the first try, I went couple of times with my friend and the quality is there and most of the time I forgot to bring my camera along that turns out this picture was taken few months back and decided to blog bout it now . . If you do not know what to eat in Mid Valley, this is one of the recommended shop from me as it is now one of my favourite Japanese Fushion shop. .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, Recommended and one of my favourite shoop. . ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Unit G(E)010, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact No: 03 – 22841311

Straits Quay is one of the latest attraction in Penang that located itself at Tanjung Tokong which can be access thru Island Plaza as it had just open for around 2 months and I believe it is going soon to be a popular place among all the locals and outstations. This place is build by the sea area that going to host alot of Restaurant and Bars to operate it. To me, this place is definately will boost Penang F&B industry to another level with its classy English look. Alot of Penang bloggers had flock and blogged about this place, now including me too. Hang out at Berlin’s Bier Houz .

berlin (1)

A huge center area that in the future can host many events here and with seriously high ceilings that enable it to be more cooling.

berlin (2)

I guess in this alley, if cafe’s and some fashion boutique open in this area, gonna make it more like foreign shopping feel.

berlin (3)

When I walked in, I just got to know that, they have indoor shopping that only have 2 levels which more like other countries are doing.

berlin (4)

For night view, I am certainly impress with the feel of it as in the future, in this middle area, all those nice and exclusive yatch are going to dock here, and at the last 6 levels are residential area that have its own style which is quite unique in interior.

berlin (5)

At the side walk, it gives me the feeling more like a modern type of Gurney with its huge sidewalk and of course there are a few Bar already operating around this area like Finnegans Bar and not to be miss this German Bar.

berlin (6)

Berlin’s Bier Houz is a German & European Bistro is one of the few bar is currently operating in the area.

berlin (7)

A very cosy feel with wooden table, floor and dim lights on the ceiling with old style building painting at the wall do stir the ambiance up.

berlin (8)

berlin (9)

If you are looking for nice German Draft Beer to hunt for, I would say this is one of the bar to consider as they offer quite a range.

berlin (10)

With at least 5 on draft to offer for German Beer Range, with the likes of Erdinger Weissbier, Erdinger Weissbier Dark, Erdinger Dunkel and a few more.

berlin (11)

berlin (12)

This is the pricing of their beer yet it is still cheaper than the one’s offering in KL. They do have happy hour rate and if you are looking for all night long, Sunday is their Happy Hour all day long. Hoegarden is available too but in bottle.

berlin (13)

This is our 1 pint of beer and I brought Esther here as she was in Penang for a few days. ..  We are happy with our Happy Hour Deal that comes to around RM26 for 1 pint. For those who love lighter beer and more aromatic and a bit sweet in taste, I would suggest to go after Erdinger more like our Tiger as in light in taste and those who love a bit more bitter and stronger taste, go for Weissbier more like Carlsberg.

Non Happy Hour is around RM30 per pint.

berlin (14)

If you dont like to be seated in there and prefer some where outside to enjoy the sea breeze if it is windy day, then consider outside especially with smokers. I spend 3 nights over here and it is always near full house.

I guess this is one of the new place that I will stick on when I am back to Penang and going to be one of my recommended place for a bar to hang out at the moment. Food I have just not yet try. You guys try it out then share with all of us. 🙂

Berlin’s Bier Houz – German and European Bistro
3E-G-3B Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Pulau Pinang

Tel: 04-899 8887


View Berlin’s Bier Houz – German and European Bistro in a larger map

KL Hilton is one of the participants in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2010 for the 6th consecutive year as they join the 10th successive event with Chynna, Iketeru and Senses serving a variety of Oriental and Western Flavours from 1st to 31st October 2010.

Hilton MIGF

As for this festive season menu, I am heading to Iketeru at Hilton Kuala Lumpur for my very first experience on Japanese food in this menu. I never knew that there is one hidden restaurant located at the 8th floor which at the swimming pool area of the hotel, as I always thought that it’s all located at ground and 1st floor.

On this dining, I just got to know there is one special guest is joining us tonight too. One  TV Host.

Hilton MIGF (2)

Right before the entrance of the restaurant, its decorated with traditional mini Japanese garden landscape with fountain, wooden hut placed next to it.

Hilton MIGF (3)

2 weeks ago, when I was working half way, then suddenly my email pop outs, an invitation. Instantly, I click to view it to see what was it about, and to my surprise got invited for a Tequila and Mezcal Tasting at Bentley’s Pub, Hotel Nikko. Many thanks that they had made one part of my wish come true that alcohol tasting is one of my wish as a foodie.


Tequila (2)

I just like the bar which is very classic, old english style with dim lights and wooden pieces of ceiling. A very comfortable place to be.

Tequila (3)

Tequila (4)

This is where the session’s is going to be.

Tequila (5)

This is the orignal Tequila that flown all the way from Mexico. From front to back (Tequila Tizoc Anejo, Tequila Tizoc Reposado, and Tequila Tizoc Blanco)

Tequila (6)

and Mezcal all prepared and ready to be tasted by us. (Mezcal of Espadin Maguey, Mezcal of Wild Bicuixe Maguey, Mezcal of wild Tobashiche)

Tequila (7)

What I get to know that, in Mexico there are around 35 states and only 5 states are able to produce tequila that cannot be produce elsewhere in the world, which makes them so exclusive.

Tequila (8)

With the sheets of paper for us to learn on each individual flavors how it is different from.

Tequila (9)

All of the tables were preared with 6 piece of glasses as there are 3 flavors each for Tequila and Mezcal and water is for you to rince our mouth. When we were all seated, then Kevin the Sommelier tell us about himself and also ask us to help ourself at the food area that had been prepared. One little advice from him that, never take alcohol with an empty stomach.

Then we hurried and help ourself with prepared Mexican finger food.

Tequila (10)

1. Breaded goat cheese ball with wormseed and bean sauce
2. Duck in green pipian with red onion
3. Octopus crousillant with quajillo chile
4. Small plaintain quesadilla, beans

Tequila (11)

The sauces that need to dip with. Unique in taste which do not get to eat everyday.

Tequila (12)

Small Caramel flan on sweet croquant, Churritos with caramel, Puff pastry roll filled with mamey custard

Tequila (13)

My finger food for the night

Tequila (15)

Kevin Tapia the Sommelier
At Paxia Restaurant which is one of the finest restaurant in Mexico. He had been into restaurant business for more than 19 years start from waiter to manager and he had work in the best restaurant before from Barraca Orraca of the famed Anderson Restaurant Group to the internationally known Izote owned by chef Patricia Quintana, where he was a manager.

Then he started his sommelier studies in 2008 with sommelier Pedro Poncelis at one of the universities. He had also judge the “Ensenada, Tierra del Vino” XV, XVI, XVII editions for 3 consecutive years and the last one was in August 2009. Till now, he had earned a first Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator for maintaining one of the best wine list in the country. With the chain he is wearing, represents that he is a Sommelier

With his record, certainly I am going to enjoy myself learning to drink.

Tequila (14)

Kevin and Me

And let the class begin.

Tequila (21)

Start off with the first glass, Blanco. Hold your glass and tilt it till 45 degree as shown on the picture below and swirl it around. What we need to do next is to observe the colour and clarity.

Tequila (19)

After Swirl, we were suppose to smell on the Tequila, trying to get the scent of it.

Tequila (20)

If the layer of alcohol is clear and flowed down from the wall of the glass quickly, it shows that, take more a few glasses, you can park yourself for the rest of the night (indicates high level of alcohol content)

Tequila (22)

We was told that temparature is also one play one of the important role in preserving tip top taste of it, that it must always kept in cool temperature in between 14-17C, fridge is not advisable.

After trying all the glasses, I find it, it is pretty similar to wine tasting, but the amazing part is, how is the process they brew on it and the scent and taste been created out. For our very first sip, we were asked to swirl in our mouth to ensure the taste flavor the mouth and swallow it after that. After it travels down the throat, it was very spicy and strong. For girls to drink that, their face will definitely smirk! As told by him, the first taste is usually taste stronger as our tongue is still very mild and to taste on our tongue palate. Second sip, taste much better or the aroma and flavours. Then comes the mischievous Ken, teach us another way how to drink it, that after the sip and you tarik kuat kuat, : results: makes us lagi high, with the strong taste of spiciness shot up to our brain and nose.

‘Tequila Tizoc Reposado’ that been store (4-6 months) age in barrel, taste better compare to the first one, it taste milder and not that spicy that slides down my throat easily. I felt the after taste of mint flavor after it, chilling and cool.

Moving to third range, ‘Tequila Tizoc Anejo’ age at 14-16 months in a barrel had made me fall in lurve with tequila, with the first sip, I taste some earth and woody scent after the sip, but the overall balance is much creamier and smooth. This is one of the popular selection by the women as it is the strongest in alcohol level, taste better and just don play play with the girls in Mexico.

As the first range finishes, we were requested to eat or filled our stomach again and be prepared for round 2. Ting ting ting!

I find that Mezcal range is even more interesting that I have never tried before. The taste of it is surprisingly different and of course with alcohol lovers or those who are stress most of the time, this is the bottle that you might not want to miss with alcohol content of 48%-53%. Give me 3 shots and I will be done for the night, or I will start to talk nonsense with you. 🙂

Start testing with ‘Mezcal, Mezcal of Espadin Maguey’ (aged 9 to 12 years), slightly woody in flavors, not so spicy yet filled with citrus and some spices. Strong in first sip but soft after swallow.

Second glass ‘Mezcal of Wild Tobasiche’ (12 to 15 years) which I think it’s a bit similar to the first one and to end with Mexicano (13-16 years) and ‘Bicuixe Maguey’ (12 to 15 years) that contain the highest alcohol level. 53%! The taste is amazingly good! Not that spicy yet after effect is minty, but strong wood taste and aroma yet smooth and thicker too as I find that Mezcal is spicier and strong in wood aroma. When my first sip of Mezcal also makes me recall back some of my childhood memories, as its taste is very unique that end with wood, dusty, soil, ashes taste and smell. This scent is more obvious that Kevin request us to pour abit on our palm and rub against with both hands till it dry up then inhales. Amazingly, that’s the kind of scent that we are smelling.

As he mention to us how the scent come from was during the aging process that been stored in a area, it actually absorb the scent from the environment that make the drinks taste so natural. Mezcal do not comes cheap too as ONLY 130 bottles were produce each year as it is blend 100% from a plant that needed 30kg to produce one bottle and with the plant of 10 years old. With its limitation in the market, the price could easily rake up USD 160 per bottle.

I guess that, no matter what kind of alcohol, the older it is, it always taste the best!

Tequila (23)

With the Mexican Embassador.

Tequila (24)

Trying to pose had to be the embassador~

Tequila (25)

A tip from Kevin that how do we know it is good tequila or bad, that during your purchase, just shake hard on the bottle, and if the Tequila or Mezcal create a lot of bubble like when you shake a coke, it means that is a great bottle!

Never drink tequila with lemon and salt which is not the proper way, that is what you seen on Hollywood movies and out in the market there are alot are for commercial production which do not use 100% of the plant.

Tequila (26)

Our gift for the night a double shot tequila glass which I have been wanting to buy for long time. So till next round… Kampaaiiiii~~~~~~

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