Discover the Soul of Toyosu


It was indeed honour to attend this event as I get to Discover the Soul of Toyosu that took place at The Ruma, KL.

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Marking this event as a significant wholesale food markets in the world, local fish and seafood distributor Sendo Ichi Seafood (M) Sdn Bhd, together with its partner wholesaler Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd. based in Toyosu, Japan, hosted an appreciation dinner which features the freshest Japanese food and ingredients themed ‘Discover the Soul of Toyosu’.

Toyosu Market is the largest wholesale fish and seafood hub in the world located on the Bay of Tokyo. Construction for the site started in 2016 and officially opened in October 2018, where about 900 businesses relocated from Tsukiji Market in Chūō, Tokyo, thus becoming Japan’s new central wholesale food distribution center. Located in the neighboring city of Koto, the 4.4 million square feet Toyosu is 1.7 times larger than Tsukiji.

Just imagine that.

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Apart from being much larger than its predecessor, Toyosu offers a much more experiential environment with its state-of-the-art complex to ensure efficient operation and food quality control for all of the wholesalers that operate in the market. One of the key fish and seafood wholesalers in Toyosu that has benefited from this upgrade is Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

“In October 2018, Japan’s most iconic fish market, Tsukiji Market, had closed their doors and moved to a new location into a new state-of-the-art facility, the Toyosu Market with a whooping USD 5bil constrution into this project. It is a temperature-controlled indoor facility which helps ensure that the safety of food products and strict hygiene standards are implemented. With this, we are proud to say that we can provide much higher quality seafood to the people of Malaysia,” said Hiroyuki Taguchi, President of Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

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Why do I say I am honoured for this event as the ingredient is freshly flow in a day before. Chef Makoto Saito Sam and his team from the renowned Sushi Hibiki, and also pastry chef Chef Shigeru that is preparing the dinner tonight.

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A great Capane Appetizer to begin with:
– toumosokoshi Tofu
– Satsumaimo
– Chamame
– Amela Rubins Ohitashi

Very simple dish as you get to taste the freshness of each ingredient. Not the usual that I had in sushi chain and indeed unique by itself.

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Sashimi – Katsuo Tataki is so fresh that the cut of the meat is so nice, fresh and little frosty upon chewing. Love the soy sauce that they used as it is so fragrant, clear and nice.

Soul of Toyosu (13)
Soul of Toyosu (14)
Oyster Chawanmushi

This is not the usual chawanmushi that we usually have. Pack with its own unique flavour from steaming. Freshness and hit of oyster is in the soup. Chawanmushi is silky smooth!

Soul of Toyosu (16)

– Miyabi Tai
– Botan Ebi (Spot Shrimp)
– Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

The best way to enjoy sushi is just by eating it raw like that. Taste the meat and enjoy the texture.

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Main Course – Sawara Warayaki is pretty unique fish. The meat texture is slightly soft yet chewy. A bit nice burnt aroma from the blow torch do lift up the flavour of it and a special mix of miso paste give it a hint of creamy taste. Feels like do mix with peanut butter too.

Soul of Toyosu (19)

Sake Platter :
– Nuta Ae
– Satsuma Age
– Ni Tako

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Soul of Toyosu (21)

– Hon Maguro (Farmed Blue Fin Tuna)
– Hokkaido Murasaki Uni
– Saba Fukin Maki

Soul of Toyosu (22)

Shijimi Miso Soup – my first time having a soup with very small mini lala.

Soul of Toyosu (23)

Special Dessert with Seasonal Fruit – Housui Nashi

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Indeed it was a great night, enjoy all the freshness quality of ingredient from the supplier themselves. Marks one of the best omakase dinner that I have come across.

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