How can it be not to have a great meal in Hong Kong Disneyland itself, after we check in our hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, we quickly take our free bus ride from our hotel to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel that have to make a transit change to another platform to transfer ourself to the hotel.

Meal (1)

Upon arrival for the first time in this hotel, the decoration and architecture capture our attention and their hotel lobby is elegant Victorian style  and will be greeted by two main Disney Character statue of Mickey and Minnie.

Meal (2)

Meal (4)

As we make our way for our first lunch of the day, we were taken to Crystal Lotus, only then I realise that its an award winning restaurant that offer outstanding cuisine from 4 districts of China, Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai & Guangdong.

Meal (3)

A contemporary dining experience that the place is very cosy and quite quiet even though many customers were in there.

Meal (5)

Meal (6)

Meal (7)

Meal (8)

Meal (11)

Lets take a peek what they have for us  . .

Meal (9)

This is our lunch that being organise and all look so yummy or I should say be prepare to be drool . .

Meal (10)

Meal (12)

Duck Breast with Cucumber and sweetens paste, in Steam Piggy Mask Bun. This is just so cute, with the pig character on the mask bun that capture all of our attention or would say the star for the moment? 😀

Meal (13)

Duck breast was prepare to perfection as the meat is chewy, mild in taste yet the layer of fats from skin pair with it very well. As we were saying, is 2 pieces enough for us? :p

Meal (14)

Meal (15)

Next we were greeted with Disney Dim Sum Platter

Meal (16)

“Swan” Vegetarian Toro Puff that they make it creative by using beansprout to make the head of the swan. Interesting.

Meal (17)

Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable dining

Meal (18)

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling

Meal (19)

Braised Seafood Soup with Mickey’s shape Pumpkinn

Meal (20)

This seafood soup certainly make our day a great start with its excellent ingredient they have in it and I also believe they do cook some of the soup base first before cooking along the whole portion. Sweet in seafood taste, yet smooth texture of crab and prawns detected and if you do go , this is one of a highly recommended dish! Just do not add vinegar, it will spoil the freshness and taste of the whole soup.

Meal (21)

Wok-Fried Shrimps and Disney Rot  Vegetabe mix fm

Meal (22)

Fried-Rice with Tasmanian Crabmeat stuff in whole Crab Shell

Meal (23)

I have never seen rice being serve like that, and its a unique way to present food in this food presentation. Gold crab that the shell can be open . .kekeke ..

Meal (24)

Rice fried to fragrant with egg which Hong Kong is famous for bake with cheeze on top and fresh crab was added in . .

Meal (25)

Its hard not to camwhore with this cute little gold crab.

Meal (26)

BabyVon also want to shot along .. kekek

Meal (27)

“Duffy” steamed Red BeaN Purree Bun and Double Boiled whole Chinese Pear tapped with old mandarin.

Double boil chinese pear will be one of the unique desert I have come accross so far, did not know that pear can be double boil. The filling is soft and its like the add on something like ginseng root and I love the juice of it. Some did not like it because of the taste and I find it nice cuz its something new to me.

Meal (28)

“Duffy” steamed Red BeaN Purree Bun too cute to be eaten. . .with the bun is soft and read bean purree had been mix well.

Cannot deny that this restaurant serve very good food and if you do visit or stay in here, do visit this restaurant as its worth trying.

Meal (29)

Then we are ready to go into Disneyland as this are our entrance ticket.

Meal (30)

If you are staying in this hotel then you get yourself to enjoy their huge souvenir shop, Kingdom Gifts for last minute shopping if you have miss out anything while you are in Disneyland. This will be the last big place you can get without paying any entrance fee. They have huge range of character for you to get.

Meal (31)

Meal (32)

Meal (33)

Meal (34)

Meal (35)

Meal (36)

Meal (37)

Our next meal is our breakfast on the very next day. As we head back to the hotel again and I am quite surprise on what I have discover next to the buffet spread right below the hotel lobby.

Meal (38)

This cute fun place is called The Little Princess that a room makeover for your kids. Parents gonna enjoy this and their kids will love them the most.

Meal (39)

A little room with photography session that they will turn your cute kids even  more cuter with all the costume. A few backdrop for you to choose.

Another place you must dine in when you stay in this hotel is their buffet breakfast at Enchanted Garden. One of the good reason that why you must dine in this breakfast buffet is that they have special guest appearence during the whole session of buffet which is, all of us are going to be greet by some Disney Character. Who? Find out at the end of my post .. 😀

Meal (40)

Meal (41)

The name of itself already make us looking forward to move into the restaurant as they have 2 sessions in this area and it is highly advise to book your slots as its usually fully book. They have first session from 7.30am – 9am, and 9.00 am to 11.30am.

Meal (42)

Then they have the marble slab with mickey logo on fountain of water flowing ..

Meal (43)

I love the whole ambiance of the area as they decorated it like a big indoor garden dining area .. .

Meal (44)

Meal (45)

Meal (46)

Even on its outdoor, I wish to sit here as that morning it was pretty cold and windy just as I like but not many people love that kind of weather so opted to be seated in . . .

Meal (47)

They have great range of selection for your breakfast and I believe before you enter theme park and you have a very heavy breakfast, could last you till end of the day . .:p It doesnt work on me tho . .

Meal (48)

Meal (49)

Meal (50)

Meal (51)

Meal (52)

Meal (53)

Meal (54)

Meal (55)

Meal (56)

I always enjoy my heavy breakfast buffet with western style, toast bread, yogurt, fruits and sunny side up . .Cereal with milk is the way how I get my day kick start off ..

Meal (57)

This is what I mean with special appearance of Disney Character that will be rooming around the restaurant for you to take pictures with them. One of the advantage is that you cut alot of long queue in the Disneyland whereby we can take it here fast and quick yet can chase after them for picture opportunity like other kids. . :p

Meal (58)

All set, satisfied and ready to play all day long in Disneyland. .

Meal (59)

Meal (60)

Let it all begin as the morning begins with a chill weather of 18 celcious which is just perfect for jeans and t-shirt. . 😀 all walking so fast as cant wait to put our feet in it.

So check it out on Disneyland (click here)

Besides that, good news to all Muslim friends that now inside one of the cafeteria inside Disneyland is offering HALAL food which they have obtain and check it out what are the food that they are offering which this Tahitian Terrace Restaurant outlet is located in Adventureland:



Chicken Curry


Korma Chicken

Middle East_Chicken

Middle East Chicken



Disneyland is a word that often rings in our mind since we were a child, hoping to go and get a chance to enjoy ourselves right at the castle itself to see all our beloved character and by taking a picture would make it a very memorable one. One that had made it more possible to many kids around South East Asia as Hong Kong Disneyland which had open few years ago that make a big impact around the region. as the nearest we visit is Japan (still one of my dream). Now they had build one in Hong Kong that is located at Nantau Island which is easily access with public transportation. One of the way to get there is by their very convenient MTR train that 1/3 of the population board on it daily.

You can also purchase the ticket in advance for cheaper pricing compare to the ticket counter.

  1. Hong Kong 4G wifi (Airport Pick Up)
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket
  3. Meal Coupon

*REMARK – This is a very very long post filled with lots of pictures. Ur fingers might get tired or numb from scrolling!

HK Disneyland (1)

If you are living around the city hotels you can easily access to  many of the MTR line available as just to switch to head there. So how we travel to Disneyland is either by MTR or by Taxi as there are 3 brands of it too. The common taxi is the red colour as what we usually see in TVB series which is the most expensive, another one is Lantau Taxi that take passenger to Disneyland or the cheapest brand of all. One of the catch is to take a cab in Hong Kong is pretty much expensive therefore I would advise on taking their MTR. (more details click  here)

HK Disneyland (1)

This is one of a cool train as the connecting train from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland, it is a special train that design to be more nice as the train is design in with Mickey Character. Mickey ears handle.  .

HK Disneyland (2)

Mickey Window Panel

HK Disneyland (3)

Mickey mini statue

HK Disneyland (4)

and here we arrive finally at Disneyland station . . .Well light up and look pretty modern with its architecture.

HK Disneyland (5)

Finally we are on the ground of Disneyland a place whereby many children wish to come including myself.

HK Disneyland (6)

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland and lets explore. . .

HK Disneyland (7)

Famous blogger Hanie and her bf Nasri one of a few videographer (point8cam) I admire

HK Disneyland (8)

Another couple sama sama hometown from Penang, Yvonne and her bf which is famous from the north on BabyVon

HK Disneyland (9)

And new found Hong Kong Friends. . .

HK Disneyland (10)

As you walk inside, this will be the first water fountain you will see before you head into the main entrance.

HK Disneyland (11)

Ticketing entrance to head to Disneyland

HK Disneyland (12)

One of the Leng Chai in the ticketing counter according to some of the girls before passing thru here. .

HK Disneyland (13)

So how big is Disneyland Hong Kong, well here is the whole map for you to get a brief idea including the new section Toy Story Land.

(click here to check out the detail map on each section have to offer).

So we move in clockwise in the map starting from:

Main Street, then Adventureland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and lastly Tomorrowland

HK Disneyland (14)

Lets Head to Disneyland Main Street on next page.



As we walk to the main area, Main Street is the main area that offers us all customer service, lost and found and souvenir that you get most of it here.

HK Disneyland (16)

Love the whole architecture here that they build it so 70’s that is a perfect place to take alot of pictures and please do!

HK Disneyland (17)

HK Disneyland (18)

Now is the time that every one will be barred from walking in the center as every one is ready and will be standing and seated at the side walkway to welcome one of the main show in area.

HK Disneyland (19)

So its 3pm and its time for a street parade which is FANTASy PARADE that starts daily at 3pm by featuring all the Disney Character

HK Disneyland (20)

Keke, we were lucky as we do have a good spot and was already arrange . .

HK Disneyland (21)

and we do have a VIP tour guide for us with these 2 lovely girls to bring us around for the day, very friendly and informative. If you would want to have a private tour, you can email in and pick the package available too or pre-arrange early by emailing them. . .

HK Disneyland (22)

Tadaa…this is our spot. . heheh . .and the weather for the day is killing us. It was super hot and I bet you will find some where shady, guess it was suppose to be autumm weather that need to be at 17-22 for the day but on that day we were there it was like about 24.. melting. .  luckily did not sweat.

HK Disneyland (23)

Every one of us is excited and getting ready to snap lots of pics for the parade.

HK Disneyland (24)

See what I have.. Staff pass..:p I borrowed actually .. . The lanyard is nice as its filled with mickey mouse logo and sky blue~

HK Disneyland (25)

We are not allow to step even half food out as for safety measure for both public and the performer they have strict guideline that we public shall not cross the line!

HK Disneyland (26)

And the rest of the gang are here . . .

HK Disneyland (27)

Start with Dumboo . ..

HK Disneyland (44)

HK Disneyland (45)

HK Disneyland (28)

Famous character, Goofy and Donald Duck

HK Disneyland (29)


HK Disneyland (30)

Winnie the Pooh

HK Disneyland (31)

HK Disneyland (32)

HK Disneyland (33)

HK Disneyland (34)

HK Disneyland (36)

The performer will stop by at a certain routine and invites all the kids to dance with them then reward them with souvenir as token of appreciation . .

HK Disneyland (35)

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

HK Disneyland (37)

HK Disneyland (38)

HK Disneyland (39)

HK Disneyland (40)

Many of my friends Favourite. . . LILO

HK Disneyland (41)

HK Disneyland (42)

HK Disneyland (43)

HK Disneyland (46)

HK Disneyland (47)

Next Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

HK Disneyland (48)

HK Disneyland (49)

HK Disneyland (50)

Snow White

HK Disneyland (51)

Sleeping Beauty

HK Disneyland (52)

HK Disneyland (53)

HK Disneyland (54)

HK Disneyland (55)

HK Disneyland (56)

HK Disneyland (57)

HK Disneyland (58)

Toy Story

HK Disneyland (59)

HK Disneyland (60)

HK Disneyland (61)

lets go for an adventure at Advetureland. . .



HK Disneyland (62)

After the show we head to Adventureland which is on the left from the exit and you will head to another dimension more like Indiana Jones dimension

HK Disneyland (63)

Rafts and Tarzan Tree House

HK Disneyland (64)

One of the show that you must watch in Adventureland is Festival of the LION KING, that they have a schedule on every 2 hours if I am not mistaken and the show is about 30 minutes long. The time for the day is fixed and available in the map which is available at the main entrance.

HK Disneyland (65)

HK Disneyland (66)

Its a round stage and we calculate that can approximately host 1500 crowd at 1 show and its a round staging so feel free to choose to sit where you like, best view from our point of view is come in from the main entrance on turn LEFT that area as we find that most performer look towards that side.

HK Disneyland (67)

HK Disneyland (68)

HK Disneyland (69)

HK Disneyland (70)

HK Disneyland (71)

HK Disneyland (72)

HK Disneyland (73)

HK Disneyland (74)

HK Disneyland (75)

HK Disneyland (76)

HK Disneyland (77)

Indeed its a great musical show that involve many performer and if you do have time in Adventure land I would Recommend to WAtch this LION KING show as it certainly suits all adults and kids

HK Disneyland (78)

Next we head to Jungle River Cruise which will suit kids, cruising on the river to check out many animal and hunter.

HK Disneyland (79)

Lets go, as you get to choose either Cantonese or English Speaker before you go on board.

HK Disneyland (80)

this is the English speaker guide for the day . ..

HK Disneyland (81)

Let the journey start and one of the way to go over to the tree house is you have to come to this dock take the raft over to the other side!

HK Disneyland (82)

HK Disneyland (84)

HK Disneyland (83)

HK Disneyland (85)

HK Disneyland (86)

HK Disneyland (87)

I am fascinated by the gloves as they have variety of it and I have Mickey’s palm now .. 😀

For all Muslim Friends if you are looking for a HALAL food great news to all of you that in Tahitian Terrace Restaurant is offering great menu for all of you. (click here)


Next section let head to FANTASYLAND


HK Disneyland (88)

Its a Small World  . ..

HK Disneyland (89)

HK Disneyland (90)

Hehehe, since we have 2 VIP host that bring us around here are our short cut.. :p

HK Disneyland (91)

Getting ready to jump into the ride to view a Its a Small World. ..

HK Disneyland (92)

Its a very colourful world in there and it makes you feel like a kid again with the background song then after went out, the song is stuck in your head. . .lol~

HK Disneyland (93)

HK Disneyland (94)

HK Disneyland (95)

HK Disneyland (96)

HK Disneyland (97)

HK Disneyland (98)

HK Disneyland (123)

We had a quick one and we are rushing to catch another show~ The Golden Mickey a live stage performance show. . .

HK Disneyland (99)

Starting to introduce all the main character Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse. . .

HK Disneyland (100)

Donald Duck

HK Disneyland (101)

HK Disneyland (102)

Toy story performance

HK Disneyland (103)

HK Disneyland (104)

Hunchback of Notre Dame

HK Disneyland (105)


HK Disneyland (106)


HK Disneyland (107)

HK Disneyland (108)

Lilo & Stitch

HK Disneyland (109)

HK Disneyland (110)

HK Disneyland (111)

Little Mermaid

HK Disneyland (112)

HK Disneyland (113)

I just love this crab character -Sebastian that this guy portray . . damm cute ehhh . . .

HK Disneyland (114)

Under the sea.. . lalalalallala. . . . . .

HK Disneyland (115)

Beauty and the Beast Scene pretty impressive. . .

HK Disneyland (116)

HK Disneyland (117)

HK Disneyland (118)

HK Disneyland (119)

HK Disneyland (122)

And all of them . . ..

If you lack of time and I must tell you, this is one of the best show of all, it makes you happy, come out cheerfull and makes you feel like a kid again. Certainly one of the best show to watch and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

HK Disneyland (124)


HK Disneyland (125)

Then we head to try out their 4-D theater  . .. give you the pleasure of sense, feeling, taste and  . ..

HK Disneyland (126)

Advise to sit half row towards the back as the screen is huge.. If you sit on the front, its hard for us to focus the whole screen as the show playing it gets wider. . .

HK Disneyland (127)

HK Disneyland (128)

Winnie the Pooh World. .

HK Disneyland (129)

tells you the story of Winnie the Pooh as actually I have not really read the whole story before. . .

HK Disneyland (130)

Next we are heading to their new zone which is Toystoryland~



HK Disneyland (131)

that features a few new attraction . . .

HK Disneyland (132)

HK Disneyland (133)

HK Disneyland (134)

This is one of the main attraction in Toy Story Land – RC RACER which is Andy’s speediest toy car to zoom you up to the height of 27 meters

HK Disneyland (135)

HK Disneyland (143)

HK Disneyland (136)

Slinky Dog Spin

HK Disneyland (137)

HK Disneyland (138)

HK Disneyland (139)

HK Disneyland (140)

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

HK Disneyland (141)

HK Disneyland (142)

HK Disneyland (144)

Then we head to Tomorowland. . NEXT PAGE



HK Disneyland (145)

HK Disneyland (146)

HK Disneyland (147)

HK Disneyland (148)

Astro Blasters

HK Disneyland (149)

Stictch Encounter is another place you should visit with your kid as it is very smart technology they implement in there with VOIP and body movement technology detected.

HK Disneyland (150)

this is how I got busted from Stitch!

HK Disneyland (151)

HK Disneyland (152)

HK Disneyland (153)

Autopia to drive around alien landscape

HK Disneyland (154)

HK Disneyland (155)

HK Disneyland (156)

lets see how fast I can drive with this car. . .

HK Disneyland (157)

60km/h ..

HK Disneyland (158)

HK Disneyland (159)

110km/h is the max I can go! hehehe

HK Disneyland (160)

As the night falls, we quickly head back to the Main Street and manage to catch the Disney castle on dawn  .. .

HK Disneyland (161)

Main Street during night .. . As there are one show that every one is hopping for at 8pm is the magnificent musical fireworks

HK Disneyland (162)

We walked quickly to Corner Cafe to have our dinner as we are left with 45 minutes before the fireworks starts.

HK Disneyland (163)

Love the ambiance of the restaurant as its very English heritage style with indoor classic decor and outdoor garden like  . .

HK Disneyland (164)

HK Disneyland (165)

HK Disneyland (166)

HK Disneyland (167)

HK Disneyland (168)

HK Disneyland (169)

as the end of the tour package that we got, we were given a token gift from them on Toy Story character and each of us get to choose one.

HK Disneyland (170)

Its great that this trip get to meet alot of new friends  . . Cheers to all of you~

HK Disneyland (171)

HK Disneyland (172)

The menu offers limited choices of food as we just need a quick one will do. . .

HK Disneyland (173)

Before the meals are served, fresh bread of the day with oat and plain bread. . . Its fresh and served warm too. I ate 3 of these.  .:D

HK Disneyland (174)

HK Disneyland (175)

HK Disneyland (176)

Pork Burger . ..

HK Disneyland (177)

HK Disneyland (178)

HK Disneyland (179)

Here it is, the moment of truth, Disney in the Stars Fireworks Show the whole place had off the light left the castle, with nice Disney music tone as the background and story telling behind it . . It would be the musical fireworks  . . .  MUST NOT MISS!!!!

HK Disneyland (180)

HK Disneyland (181)

HK Disneyland (182)

HK Disneyland (183)

If you need the full footage of the fireworks check it out on Foodpoi video . .

After the 15 minutes fireworks show, we head to the souvenir shop to buy lots of stuff

HK Disneyland (184)

heheh. .. I love this Stitch hat too . . cute weih`

HK Disneyland (185)

Some night shots of Main Street

HK Disneyland (186)
HK Disneyland (187)

Just love this fountain during at night, as its musical fountain . .

HK Disneyland (188)

HK Disneyland (189)

Its a great day to be at Hong Kong Disneyland finally and I had a lot of fun myself by taking lots of pictures and it certainly make me a very happy person when I left after enjoy all the great performers, songs and dance. . I find that their entrance fees is very reasonable . .

HK Disneyland (190)You can buy at 1 day Pass or 2 Day pass  . . As I find that if you plan to explore every corner of Disneyland then would advise you to get 2 days pass and if you want to get the experience of it just spend one full day there and just do not miss out my recommended shows n

Rides below:

Main Street Parade – 3pm 

Adventureland – Lion King Show

Fantasy Land – The Golden Mickey

Toy Story Land – RC Racer Ride

Tomorrowland – Space Mountain Ride – fast track roller coaster in the dark

Tomorrowland – Stitch Encounter

also alot interesting and hidden places in Adventureland… discover yourself~

for more information check out on Hong Kong Disneyland Website

Check out this Short clip that done by Point8cam.com


Whatever There Was in Hong Kong (Disney Land) from point8cam on Vimeo.

Also check out our hotel that we stay, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel (click here)

I have been to Hong Kong a few times already and here is one of my past places that I have visited (click here) Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the latest attraction in Asia yet if you are heading here with family and have not plan for your accommodation, there are 2 options that either you can stay at hotel at Disneyland where one of it is Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or you can opt to stay some where a bit far which is in the Hong Kong city itself as either way, it is very convenient with their available MRT public transportation.

As for this round before we head back to our country, we decided to change our accommodation and stay at this Disney’s Hollywood Hotel as Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is fully booked. One of the reason we choose to stay here as Disneyland is pretty near the airport therefore after we check out we can direct head to the airport by MRT or taxi which save our time.

hollywood hotel (1)

As we arrive at the hotel, the hotel concierge is very friendly by greetting us and helping to unload all our luggage from taxi and told us to check in leave our luggage here as once check in from the front desk, just provide our room number then they will send our luggage up,

hollywood hotel (2)

This is cool, for the first time I see my room key with Toy Story, Woody pic in it. Was told by the front desk the key is for us to kept after checking out as a token of souvenir. I am gonna make it like my instant camera version by writting at the bottom when I am back.

hollywood hotel (3)

There are 2 wings in this hotel . . . .

hollywood hotel (4)

Even the lift panel button is with Mickey’s outline, really makes you like you are in Disneyland already even before you enter.

hollywood hotel (5)

In the hotel, one thing I love also is the lift, filled with marble panel on the wall and blue glass frame as in when you are standing inside the lift in 3 dimension feeling.

hollywood hotel (6)

hollywood hotel (7)

Walkway brightly lit up and the room service crew were very friendly asking us need any assistance and just buzz them when need any.

hollywood hotel (8)

Tadaaa.. this is our room, as I did not know that our room is filled with 2 queen size bed. Brightly light up, fill with all the room necessity we need, and the room come along with broadband and if you need WI-Fi its available at the lobby only. The internet connection in this hotel is super fast with 50MB speed provided even in lobby.

hollywood hotel (9)

hollywood hotel (10)

Mickey on the wall . .

hollywood hotel (11)

32 inch flat tv provided and first 10 channel are all on cartoons.. I think total there are about 50 channels for you to watch . .

hollywood hotel (12)

Toilet is pretty spacious with clean and simple interior

hollywood hotel (13)

Mickey paper cup for you if you bring any drink along with Mickey Lid  ..

hollywood hotel (14)

Even Conditioner and Bath Gel with Mickey cap. .

hollywood hotel (15)

hollywood hotel (16)

Not only that, in the room they provide good tea brand Dilmah . .and didnt know Nescafe is in the room too . .I thought would be another brand. :p

hollywood hotel (17)

Disneyland sugar. . :d

hollywood hotel (18)_resize

hollywood hotel (19)

These slipper were given to us and also were ask to take it home.. now become my room slipper. . yay~

hollywood hotel (20)

Oh ya, I choose the sea view and had a great view out from my room window .  just perfect for every morning when I wake up . .

hollywood hotel (21)

This is the pool view or garden view that my friend book themselves for ..

hollywood hotel (22)

On our hotel lobby, they have souvenir shop if you forgot or need to grab more items, this would be the last destination for you to do so.

hollywood hotel (23)

and check out my hotel night view, with mickey logo glowing .. .

hollywood hotel (24)

Overall, it was a pleasant stay with great hotel service staff as they are very helpful in  many manner. Our hotel room rate is HKD 1700 = about RM 850.

Besides that, to go to Disneyland they have Disney bus to take you there from all hotels with every 10-15 minutes per bus, and to head to Disneyland it is just 5 minits bus ride which is FOC. A service provided by the hotel.

For more info checkout their website – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 

Next round  if I do come again, one of my dream is target to stay Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, with cheapest room rate starting from HKD 1900. check it out their website how cool this hotel is. (click here)

Want to know more about Hong Kong Disneyland (click here for lots of picture)

After our satisfying dinner, then the first thing that came in my friends mind was ‘ Lai lai…cepat!! Pong sui, Pong sui’ to combine and go gamble. On that day itself, who ever say things that lose lah, things that go against the luck kena Tiau.
But actually our very original schedule was to head to ‘Hong Kong Disneyland’ but it was me that influence them to change their mind to go Macau. All the while I know that Macau is just a gambling island or I would rate it as mini Vegas but I did not know that they had develop till so nice. I got inspired that I must visit this island when I was watching this romantic movie acted by Andy Lau and Shu Qi – Look for a Star. Cannot deny that it was a great movie and also the whole film mostly film at Macau that they film it so nice till I wanna to there so badly. How I influence them was most of my friend did watch this movie, so just relate and describe..kekek
Our dress code for the day, White and Blue.
So every 1 contributed HKD 100 each and created a mini tou san group.
We are on our way…Macauzzzz…. And my friend were asking auntie Cyndy whether she can vomit a not..cuz she so old liau. Can tahan or not. Then gave her a pill and told her its ‘Feng Tau Yuen’.

The seating in the ferry and we have the front row. Cant really see the view as the front part is kinda high. This is how much it cost to go Macau for 1 way.

Finally, excitement mode on, reaching the new Pier as what the Macau tour guide told us and in front of us is the Macau International Air Port. Where he ask us where are we from, told him that from Malaysia and he directly mention that Air Asia also fly in here very frequent and a lot of his client take Air Asia. Something should be proud off.

When we learn to pronounce the word in the board, it totally sounds ugly, funny and damm weird, we were laughing all the way with our stupid facial expression and tongue twisting.

From far, that building with 3 colours, is one of a building that I am amaze off, its MGM Grand Macau Hotel which is very famous in Las Vegas and now in Macau.

One of the place that we will be heading with all classic Portuguese style building are in there. Picturessssss….
One of the old Pier that previously all the ferry and boats from China and Hong Kong would stop by. Now they have diverted to the new Pier.

I didn’t know that Macau have Grand Prix till the tour guide told us. That its one of a famous event that held over here annually. Its something like Singapore, they are using the normal road as their track.
When no more grand prix event, so what do they normally do with the track? It’s a grand prix for busses.
This is their starting point.

Ladies and Gentleman, please start your engine. . . . . . Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts.

Those who have high blood pressure, heart attack, pregnant women, old folks above 55 and other sickness, please choose another alternative public transport. Your safety and after effect, we will not be responsible.


Then after this, normally for a tour guide, they will bring you to a particular shop for you to stop by and buy souvenir. In this shop we bought a interesting lighter which is a size of a chip the I forgot to take a pic but will later posted under souvenir post. Found out that in the very back part of the shop in a small cupboard I found this little cute souvenir.

Tadaaa….learn your skilss. . . .

Next destination. . .

One of Macau’s most famous landmarks, whereby every 1 that visited the island will NEVER miss this historic place. It’s the ‘St’Paul Church’ which was build on 1582 by the Portuguese and be one as the largest Catholic church in Asia at that time. 300 years later around 1835 was burn down by fire during a typhoon.

Till today, what is standing tall is the main part of the church and behind it had become a historic place to be visited.

I like the style of the surroundings, where at the bottom of the church, their building style is so classic and feel like you are in Europe like something similar in the movie of Angel and Demon which they show more about Rome.

From these moments onwards, we were jumping like hooligans to take the best pic. Just from this point, I think we jump quite a lot of times till the tourist scratch their head and thinking what they hell are this group of ppl trying to do.

This is what they have behind the main entrance, a heritage site that mention about how the church grow and so fort. As we were given limited time, so this is the onli pic I took.

Inside with this priest.

One of the best traveling vehicle in Macau is motorcycle. The tour guide told us, if you lost your key or don need a transportation, just simply use a key and open one of these bike, just pump and ride. Lol…that’s mean stealing. He said no. Just borrow to get to destination A to B.

After he mention that, there is a couple and the guy with a hot chick and the girl just put on helmet, took off with that guy. In Malaysia, if you were to ask a girl to ride on a bike with you for a date, I think they rather go back to their house or fine, this will be the last time I am going to see you.

They only have 1 way street and the street is damm narrow just enough for fei hai like me to walk.

After jumping and running around that makes us sweating like hell or the weather in Macau is just killing us even though that the weather for the day is cloudy. Thank God! We are heading to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. A place for dining, Shopping, Convention, Fun and Hotel’s are located in this mini area. Click on the link, it’s a cool website to visit.

Our lunch had been arrange and was eating in this restaurant. The food was totally disappointed and I never careless even to take a picture. The only thing that interests me to take the pic is the 70’s car concept dining area.

A safari if not mistaken.

Then we trail down the road on the side and lead us to Rocks Hotel. After I came back from the trip and read in the newspaper that Star Metro was featuring this hotel I was impress as it is a 5 star hotel. They have very cool classic room interior design. The find out more about the hotel click here Rocks Hotel.

 I don know which part is consider which part. The back or the front.

Trying to act cute infront of the hotel. So all ended up Hamster style~

After photo shooting there a lot and slowly trail back to the other end. We reach back here which is the Babylon Casino which is the restaurant that we had lunch and this building was next to it.

It’s a long way to reach to the there end which had a mini Coliseum. The weather that day, is seriously killing us.

This area was build upon to very Portuguese style.

This is one the scene where the movie of ‘Look for a Star’ by Andy Lau took place.

Non stop of taking pictures all the way~
A gila pic took place when can come out with something weird by trying hard to polute the water.
Finally we had reach the Coliseum, and my very first pic, running and jumping around…weeeeeee~~~~!!!
Another pic we trying to create.

One of the alley.

When me and my friend saw this lady, I fast fast took the pic of her and my friend were saying, she must be ‘Ngor Tai’ standing here pretending to hold the broom and look at opposite. Come come, faster take, the feeling of ngor tai police in action mode.
While walking back to our bus, then the tour guide suddenly tell us about her daughter, that to maintain a girl in Macau is the same as the 1 in Hong Kong which Sg’rean have their 5c’s but them are even worst, head to toe all branded, go holiday this and that. Then ask us any 1 interested in her daughter or not. Lol. Forgot to take the pic of her daughter, but her daughter is quite pretty. Then one of my friend like wahhhh..uncle, correct 1 or not, or you download from the net and put in your pic. Then the tour guide like suddenly, U dou chi sin ge! She is 19 years old this year. A funny old guy, like that promote the daughter.

After this place, we were so freaking tired. Wanted to bring us to a temple and we just cancel it, lazy to walk, jump and run anymore. Tour us to Li Ka Sing very first house in the island. Then told us about his 3rd wife, how he manage to marry this wife as before marriage, he gave the wife a blank cheque and ask her to write what ever figure you want. Then if not mistaken she tore it off and told Li Ka Sing something touching that is how she is one of Li Ka Sing wife’s today. To know more about the story, please google up.
Quickly ask the tour guide bring us to casino. Then suddenly my friends eye like ‘ting ting ting’ with stars at the side, no longer feel tired. Straight away *gambling mode on. On the way, she was telling us how to bet, what to do when win, what to do when lose. Then I said ok ok.. No problem. I asked her, got wear red pantie boh? She said no. Then I said haiya…how to win like dat.. No Ong la!!!

On the way saw this building which looks like bottle, the tour guide told us that the building was build with a feng shui purpose. To ‘Ong’ the company. In Macau you will get to see a lot of nice and weird building because its all about feng shui and all gambling area where Chinese believe.

The tour guide bring us to the biggest Casino, Hotel and Shopping area in Macau which is ‘The Venetians’. All in one area. You can gamble and you can shop and you can stay The pricing in the mall is not cheap even for food. Its like Genting, when you go up there everything increase in price.

But I was totally impress at the place, they had make it a mini Venice in there. The sky on top is fake but it looks bloody real. The sky color changes accordingly to outside. If its cloudy outside then it’s the same in here.

They had a lot of performance in Italian style exactly you are in Venice. Singing, street performing really an eye catching mall. Looks very plain from the building outside but once you step inside, its another world. It was weekend and the place is full of ppl especially the casino.

This is how it looks like with the sky on top. Does it look real like you are outside?

One of the main area and this is the south gate if I am not mistaken. After taking some basic pic, all my friends are ready to go in and gamble. Lai Lai lai..huat ah…Then I told them I do not wan to follow them, I want to walk around, taking pics and do some shopping. So left a few person with me as the Malay cant go in so I am with them.

I told my Malay friends, see now they go in so excited. Ask them they must see the after effect which is I told them, if you see they all talk very happily and come out excited means the win. If the come out look very tired and speechless means the lose. Of course I hope them they win cuz my share is in there.

Then I make my mark in the toilet by taking my very own sweet time baking my hot chocolate cakes. When I was sitting in there, I knock on the toilet door, it was a solid sound on it and the thought in my mind how nice if I can steal this door and sell it.

This is the boat that they use to take the tourist or the passenger around the mall and the guy that row the boat will sing all the way. Forgot to take that pic with the guy in it.

One of the shop that I came across which find it pretty interesting is, by knowing that how crazee of the people to Hello Kitty, there is actually the whole shop selling the items. Its very nice. Should check this out.

This is the human statue. They are so proffesional till that no matter how or what kind of reaction you did to them they wont laugh, unless you use your finger to poke them. The catch is you put money he will dance for bout 30 sec then stop.
In this pic he close his eyes what right, how to catch he open his eyes is you stuck your hand towards the money area, then he will suddenly stare at you. Damm geng.. He also can know~!
Camwhore around the shopping mall.
One of the coffee area.
Inside the mall walkway.
For all the Man U fans out there, please do not miss this shop. Its a very huge shoopppp with all Man U items.
After this place, we head back to the pier around 4.30 pm to catch our 5 pm boat and head to Avenue of stars~

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