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In hunt for new hang out place during weekend? Well, there is much hype about this new establish place known as Plaza Arkadia located at Desa Park City. One of a new cool place that house many eatery in the area and Harumi 23 Tokyo Cuisine is one of the F&B player in the scene as they serve the latest modern-innovative Tokyo cuisine.

Harumi 23 (2)


“Harumi 23’s authentic Japanese-style cuisine will represent a sensational new dining option for the thousands of families, friends and workers that visit Plaza Arkadia regularly. It will add to the diverse range of cuisines available in Desa ParkCity and we are enthusiastically awaiting to see Malaysians’ reaction to new styles of Japanese food,” said Ms Yeap Hong Lee, owner of Harumi 23.

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As you are at outside the shop, they have a few mock up set that gives you the perspective of what kind of food that they are serving.

Harumi 23 (4)

Harumi 23 (5)

As a new player in the area, I am rather surprise to see the restaurant is in full house mode at 11am and also found out that they actually serve Japanese Style Breakfast, that had capture alot of the families attention in the area.

Harumi 23 (6)

Some of the item are being char on this pit.

Harumi 23 (7)

This shop indeed serve quite a classic Japanese menu that including breakfast which is quite rare in the market.

Harumi 23 (8)

One to enjoy something classic is by testing out Harumi Dobin Mushi @ RM 15 with prawn, chicken, maitake mushroom in superior clear dashi broth. We were thought on how to eat this is by squeeze a few drops of lime onto the bowl then pour the soup base. I would suggest the other way round where you pour the soup then only drip a few drops onto it, whereby you can control the sourness you need.

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For tea, there are two types of classic tea to order.

Harumi 23 (10)

Harumi 23 (11)

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Green Tea Latte is quite mild and fragrant in taste. Yet not too milky.

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Another classic tradition from Japan is their Tea Ceremony.. Harumi do bring in this form of art over were. We order a portion of  Ceremony Uji Matcha to share. Strong in matcha taste. Hojo Premium Mountain Hojicha from Uji Sencha Jubuzan @ RM11.90

Harumi 23 (14)

Harumi 23 (15)

Thats how you enjoy the matcha.

Harumi 23 (16)

In our crazy hot weather, this is certainly recommended.  Yuzu Freeze @ RM 14.90. Refreshing and thirst quencher.

Harumi 23 (17)

To start off with, we started off with Chef’s Selection (Omakase) Sashimi Moriawase and Mentai Tamago. Fresh Sashimi that air flown from Japan. Love the tamago as it is quite similiar to the taste in Japan. Fresh and slightly sweet at the end.

Harumi 23 (18)

Love their Japanese Omelette as it is prefer fresh and by batches or every 4 hours once depending on the demand. One of my personal favourite.

Harumi 23 (19)

  1. Toro Salmon Shio (Grilled Salmon Belly) @ RM 22
  2. My favourite big and juicy Mentai King Prawn @ RM 28. 
  3. Butakushi (Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly and Asparagus with Salt) @ RM5 per stick. Pork Belly is a perfect pairing with their Suntory fresh beer.

Harumi 23 (20)

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Prawn and Vegetable Tempura) @ RM 18 – Upon serving, it is quite impressive that the item is fried perfectly and was told that they use better quality Japanese tempura flour and ice-cold water, resulting in crips texture.  

Harumi 23 (21)

For a slight twist, they have this Mentaiko Spaghetti. Cook to al dante, gravy is slightly mild salty to my liking and quite a good dish.

Harumi 23 (22)

There are a few versions of Japanese Curry and as for here, it is cook with a hint of vegetable sweetness end and gravy is thick..

Harumi 23 (23)

Harumi 23 (24)

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For dessert, we tried The Matcha Kakigori @ RM 23.90 Love the snowy ice texture and has a decent amount of Green Tea in it that gives a nice well balance of sweet and bitter.

Harumi 23 (26)

One if a rare restaurant that serve pancake in Japanese Style. Starting from 8AM to 11AM. We shared a serving of Strawberry & Banana Souffle Pancakes.

Harumi 23 (27)

Another end is Shibuya Honey Toast served with a very generous amount of vanilla ice cream.

Harumi 23 (28)

As the place is pretty pack up and more families are coming in, we decided to chill a while outside by ordering their tap Suntory. It is just so good. Both draft of white and dark is available.

Harumi 23 (29)

Before we head off, we saw their  menu had Single Origin Hand Drip but we were so full and decided just to try out their Cold Brew @ RM 12.90. Love the aroma of it which is mild acidity and fragrant in coffee roast. Will be coming back to try out their breakfast and coffee.

Harumi 23
FG-02, Plaza Arkadia,
Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity
52200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 603-2710 9263
FB : Harumi 23

Business Hours :
Mon – Fri 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. ; Sat & Sun 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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