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Recently I got a new coffee machine from Taobao known as Donlim. After I posted in my story many asked me to do this coffee espresso Machine Review & unboxing. Alright. So, to begin with, here you go on a simple review after I have try it out for a month.

cheap coffee machine review

I bought this at RM 270 and + shipping to Malaysia is about RM 380. Yes shipping is RM 110. Stupid me! I was actually aiming this simiilar brand in Shopee known as Bs Boss Espresso Coffee Machine estimated at RM 343 (https://shp.ee/aftk576). You can get easily free shipping and also up to 88% coin cashback. If you look at it is kinda same model diff branding.

I was actually contemplating to buy this unit Petrus Coffee Machine PE3320 ( https://shp.ee/5uv578a) at RM 328 is one of Taobao best seller and now avail in Shopee and Lazada. I ended up got this unit because of only 1 thing. The middle eye temperature dial.


cheap coffee machine

In the box comes with thin 3 pin plug (not the Malaysian version) you definitely need to have multi plug. Comes with 1 coffee holder (PORTAFILTER.) and a plastic spoon cum temper.

Don lim Coffee Machine comes with only this.

donlim coffee machine review

For a cheap coffee machine at this price, I do not think I can complain much after using it for 1 month.

donlim coffee machine

there you to. The main dial eye that got me interested in the machine. Actually also the rose pink lining that makes it a cook machine. Also it is slim to compare to others, as I am left with only limited space in my kitchen. So by size wize, is the most perfect.

BS BOSS Espresso Coffee Machine

To do frothing, the dial is at the side. with direction of 12 – 6pm.

donlim coffee machine shopee

BS BOSS Espresso Coffee Machine reivew

As for water tank, it is at the back part. The only challenge is hard to wash cuz it is lim and deep in. You need to put the sponge in and use long chopstick to move it around.

BS BOSS Espresso Coffee Machine unboxing

Starting off the machine. when you on, make sure that the needle move to 12’o clock as there is where the espresso temperature is. At times it will over shoot till near to 2pm. It does not matter as, long you can press the button on the left (the little icon with coffee cup) the water flows out then it is good.

hot latte

Get your coffee powder to espresso grind. My first was not in espresso grind, it was more for coffee drip. So the crema comes out break.

cheap coffee

After you lock the portafilter (51mm), to straight

  1. press on the espresso icon
  2. it will have the machine breathing like twice then only water start ozzing thru.
  3. I usually let it flow for about 10 seconds before I manually stop it.

how to make milk froth

When move to frothing, remember to press on the right (the little icon with a milk cup) once it it 3-4pm direction then there is where you can star steaming milk. You might need a few practice to get use to the swirl of the milk as the steaming is smaller compare to commercial machine.

How to make Silky smooth froth with this DonLim Espresso Machine

you can make your home latte, long black and cappuccino. Froth is not disappointing as you can get the texture smoothness about 70% compare to commercial machine. BS Boss Coffee machine

overall my ratings for this machine is 8/10.  Pretty recommended cuz : After using this for 1 month with a price tag of RM 370 including shipping from China is actually not too bad.

    1. Froth can be silky and smooth
    2. still learning how to make nice froth to create latte art
    3. espresso cream is not to bad. average around 1.5cm – 2cm 4.
    4. Small and compact, that fit perfectly the gap in between my oven and microwave


    1. Plastic body
    2. No stop button for your Espresso .(currently I manually stop it at 12 seconds after I press the button)
    3. Froth to Espresso temperature (about 2 -4 minutes shift back) For basic model

I got no complain on the machine for the price I bought. can purchase here (https://shp.ee/aftk576) but one of the most sort after basic model is below: Petrus Coffee Machine PE3320 (https://shp.ee/5uv578a) at RM 328

Other Items I bought:

  1. Wood spoon : https://shp.ee/zn7fkxx / Lazada: https://bit.ly/3yhmYHK
  2. Milk frother jug 350ml : Shopee : https://shp.ee/rinvc4x / Lazada : https://bit.ly/3BUhCof
  3. Manual grinder : Shopee : https://shp.ee/38dkugf / Lazada: https://bit.ly/2V7J4y2

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