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Mid Valley or The Gardens shopping mall is one of the places that most people hang around and shop, but when it comes to food, this mall also do offer a huge range of food and there are a few famous one too, one of it would be Ko Hyang, that it had a few months I had read in blog about this place, many bloggers mention about how good the food here.

It was not until recently I drop by and decided to give it a try.

Kho HYang

It was the usual, that its always packed with people to wait on this small little stall, that is owned by Koreans.

Kho HYang (2)

One of the drinks that I enjoy when comes to Korean food which is ‘Sik Hye’ that I called it barley in korean style, some people might not like it but I do enjoy this drink alot of its taste wise. RM 3.80

Kho HYang (4)

Usually you eat in big restaurant or small restaurant you will be given appetizer first, just that restaurant have huge range of it and can refill.

Kho HYang (5)

One of the thing that I seldom miss is to keep trying out on ‘Pancake’ RM9.80. It was completely cook with the edge are crispy but it still had strong taste of flour in it, by dipping the with the sauce a bit only can eliminate the taste of it. I would say, I had better ones before.

Kho HYang (6)

Kho HYang (7)

One of the normal dish to choose that not to go wrong is their ‘Ji Gye’ RM14.90. Spicy in taste that the expecatation is there and its always cook with taufu.

Kho HYang (9)

‘Bul go Gi’ is one of my favorite in Korean range, although the beef texture been cook very well, just that if the taste wise been improve or they do have spicy range, it would taste even better.

Kho HYang (10)

This set is price at RM16.90

For me, I think my taste is different from others or the food that day it tasted so so only with different chef or people preparing it.-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not bad lah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ko Hyang
LG-K05, The Gardens

(in front of Cold Storage)


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