Prefer a driver during peak hours or food hunt? Well, driving in kl during peak hours is indeed testing your patient level. Most of us will have our first shocking experience at Federal Highway or MRR2 which is the signature highway for crazy traffic. Stress level is high and it hit the roof when it is Friday and raining!


After settling with that, next is a very challenging situation when you would want to hunt for your favorite food and some location is always filled with very limited parking.

One of the most common issues with some area that is lack of parking, you will encounter on the double parkers!


Issue with double park is most of them just park there and dissapear for hours. Standing there under the hot sun, honking like mad person and cursing all the way for those not considerate peeps whom never leave their numbers at dashboard. The whole neighbourhood is annoyed at this situation! Only then the driver realise their car is blocking you or slowly strolling out after their meals.


There are few places of restaurant that I like but rarely head over cuz of crazy parking situation. Whenever I thought of Burgertory or Outdark, next thing came into my mind is parking! Or other places like Ss2 or Bangsar for Hong Kong Hotpot is like have to think twice.


Limited parking space also gives me a second thought where, to head for a review to places like Uptown Damsara will have to think twice as the amount of time to look for a spot can be estimated 10-20 minutes depending on luck. Dislike being late but this is one of the causes!


One or my big no no when my friend “jio” to yum cha at SS15 or Puchong area. It is a big no no to me.

Not too sure is that what you guys feel or having the same thought as me. What are your favourite eatery area that you love and always have to think twice when comes to this problem.


“According to Uber Malaysia (tag Uber FB) research says that we Malaysians each spends 152 hours a year finding parking, don’t you want those hours back to do something better? – Imagine what you could do with 152 hours!!! Watch 75 movies maybe. . .

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