I am sure all of us want. To learn every little secrets of a successful person and combine it to suits on mindset or execution.


Please ignore my this post as I am going to RANT quite a bit on a Masterclass that I went over the weekend. It is a word that is so commonly use now and not too sure those speaker/trainer know what they are doing.

I am pretty sure many of you come across these ad in FB:

  1. Millionaire Strategy
  2. Millionaire this and that
  3. Quite your job work for something and bla bla

To be honest, I learn my lesson as for the first time I sign up stuff without doing a background check. Oh, well, everything happens to be at the right timing, right moment. I was being pushed to a corner in my work place for more strategy and well, went for this 2 hours preview. Shared his success story, apa also click click clik that just direct link from portal A to Portal B just like that. Then whoola, you can start selling which make the presenter was pretty amazing. Lets name this so called sifu “SY”. With the clik clik clik and direct link even watching tv you can export/import 40-60 link is like yes. This is the trick I want to learn. See what is the diff between I read and the actual from those links/youtube for Dropshipping Masterclass


Dropshipping was the category was told to explore and looking to fast track, which I thought I have miss out over my readings and research in Google over the past few months. Company not going to pay, Its okay as for my own knowledge, so I sign up for this RM4,000 (free 1 pax) course over a period of 3 days with 1 intention. ONLY 1 intention. What is the secret/formula behind to make a person success through this industry and the click click click strategy!!!

Sign up in July and course happened over last weekend. First day of arrival, got shock as it is hosted in a hotel and lots of people. I was like this sifu so geng. So many attending from near and far (Sabah, Sarawak). Alright.

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Day 1: 9am – 6pm

Morning session:

9am was the starting time! start late, neeeh mind. Come the crew suddenly run to the stage and start dancing. Alright every one layan and dance for morning exercise. Then starting off which is grandmonther story again for next 2 hours (which he share with us on the preview). Then break 15 minutes become 30 minutes.  Starting to get uncomfortable. Talk nonsense for another hour, then lunch for 90 minutes. (ecomm framework, 5 steps to do ecomm – how to choose winning product)

Afternoon session:

Then I found out lunch was not included is pissing me off (dah lah breakfast also don’t have) First of its kind class that you pay so much meals not included!!!!!!. After 90 mins back then late another 15 minutes to start. Then start off with some sharing by inviting another company up the stage, that took 2 hours. We are all impress as this is quite a prominent startup founder, he is quite humble to share his journey the Q&A was quite fruitful to many of the participants. Then break 20 minutes.

Evening session:

Show spy ware, how to spy other website that need to subscribe at x amount of money.  that become end of the day.

Day 1 just gone like that. Before it ends, Was told to come early as he got a prominent speaker, damm powderful all the way from Sydney and successful. Makes all of us excited and looking forward. Was told to come at 7.30am and to start at 8am.

Summary : we all went back blur, lost and like what the hell had just happen as we learn NUTS from the first day.

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Day 2:

Truly disappointed from Day 1 and with ending for such a invitation, most of the participant mood is looking forward. Most of us reach 7.30am and 8am door still have yet open. The whole thing drag till 9am to start. Late another 20 minutes again! Most of us already damm piss off because of effort that we came early and waited this long to get started.

Morning session:

Starting off again with “you know, I got a lot of info want to share with you guys (same as Friday) then the special guest on stage. To be honest, there is nothing to shout about on the invited presenter as I attended a lot of Forum over the past 18 months. The sharing lasted 1 hour. Following by sharing on Mindset, which already did mention on Day 1 morning session, solving problems and issues. Repeating again by showing some videos shown on day 1.

Before lunch break, selling us his upgrade other Masterclass like digital marketing and blab bla. I was like what the hell, izint that this is usually end of the class of 3rd day or during 3rd day lunch. Your first day sucks. Second day morning time wasted and he did this. I am impress.

Went lunch break 90 mins

Afternoon :

Came back with how to set :

  • pricing (failed pricing strategy, no comparison by just telling what you need to do this and that what is the proper pricing strategy or market standard),
  • then again showing some videos similar to day one.
  • Follow by how to Install Pixel (niamah, google stuff) – maybe good for uncle auntie that join the class (need to be considerate) – line was so bad that everyone got frustrated
  • Break 15 mins become 30 minutes
  • Come back learn how to track popular items (you need to know competitor shop then only can, one by 1 go search)
  • Follow by how to import items from Aliexpress (lasted 1 hour)
    • Everyone left half hanging
    • Import more, how to do your ecomm website bla bla
    • As he show more on the importing links, change some copy writing, delete some stuff, add some stuff in certain segment only I realise his secret of click click click is HOLLAND! No longer applicable to me as it is no difference from what I am doing which is spending extra 5 minutes to find better pictures. This click method is more like indirectly import all the nice pictures for you without searching more all over the web. The rest of the supported items need to be done manually. Assuming a post after import will take you another 10 minutes to get it nicer and publish! Not as simple as what he explain in his preview Class!
  • Break 20 minutes

Evening session:

  • Hook strategy
  • Invite another guest speaker up to share what is FREEmium marketing
  • Then go back do homework by downloading min 10-15 items into your store to have mini launch next morning
  • Teach you how to use a service to create brand logo
  • shit happens then have a long Q&A sessions and bye bye


  • Every one is frustrated, as every thing being thought is left half hanging especially those have not touch social media, digital marketing or ecommerce.
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Day 3:

Told to come early again to have Extended Q&A session continue from last night. AGAIN LATE! (message start to spread among each other not to arrive early as it is a waste of time)

Morning session:

Starting off with another guest speaker to talk about branding. Not relevant to me as I am already in the industry myself and from marketing background. It is very surface like year 1 uni homework. Relevant to a lot mature participants or those not in marketing.

Talking about launch: I thought it was what superb launch that he gonna do. Mana tau the mini launch is to share at your own personal FB post! At that point I want to flip table!

Cant really remember what happen next of the session. Lunch break with the table member to check on them how is their progress and feeling about this Masterclass workshop.

After lunch as usual 90 minutes become 100 minutes.

Afternoon session:

All about Sales funnel, group assignment – when I saw the thing, this is only applicable to foreign market. If we Malaysian market see this, will feel like total SCAM. Maybe I do not understand the foreign market mentality and learn accordingly.

– found out the software is freefor 14 days. Then have to pay USD 89 a month for subscription. Then the group assignment took 2 hours to do it and another2 hours to present. So there gone the whole afternoon till evening.


End with prize presentation, and cert ceremony (I left at 7.30pm as find it no longer relevant: as the cert was printed on the moment itself.


3 days course over. CELEBRTE!! YIPPY YAY YAY. My RM4k had now become my new term instead of my 2cents is #my4k thoughts /advise to the participants.


Those are the mini schedule of my time waste over 3 days course and RM4k wasted. WAnna Kisiau till niamah canot recognize. Why? Let me share with you more as below:


  1. The trainer slides is not in order, it is everywhere. Talk about topic A, go to Topic C, invite special presenter talk about Topic B then continue back his Topic A.
  2. A mess up presentation flow over 3 days.
  3. Never share with us what is the AGENDA of the DAY!
  4. Never keep track his timing
  5. I am so lost that I am not too sure I am in motivational class, uni class or Masterclass!


  1. As a professional presenter, you are required to honour on your timing to start on time or what so ever.
  2. Each of the break session all delayed.
  3. Total 3 days time wastage could accumulate to easily 4 hours down the drain.

Event Power Plug.

  1. Using your Backside to think and you are in this industry also conducted training classes over the past few years
    1. You gave us 1 extension cord shared by 3 tables
    1. 1 table 6 participants and some 7
    1. ASK US BRING OUR OWN EXTENTION (is the most niama of all)


  1. You are running a ecommerce/dropshipping masterclass which is the most important too/services of all.
  2. Was told to use our own HOTSPOT. I was like this damm TL!
  3. Worst of all, we are in LG in a hotel ballroom. Imagine that, my line is edge or no edge. Most of the participant signal is snail
  4. Reason given, if all of us jam into Aliexpress at one time, will suspect as hoax or spam. Will get block.
    1. Then you should break every one into groups.


  1. There is no meals provided – never mention in the first day – at least tell in advance
  2. You pay RM 4,000 no food provided, means
    1. No breakfast
    1. No lunch
    1. No tea time
    1. Only coffee, tea and water provided all day long.


  1. No professionalism of all
  2. Time management SUCKS!
  3. Getting frustrated as speaker
    1. Some participant ask similar questions then tell them aiyo izint that I answer d just now or this morning or yesterday
    1. Hellow, you are like a teacher to us and you think every one listens to your talk?
      1. Some of the participants already left behind with lack of understanding
  4. Participants ask for help,
    1. Keep saying kambing back. Never come back
  5. Avoiding responsibility by guiding or answering questions on certain tables
  6. First day, ask us about our Goals by asking us to fill in the blanks, written and left it on table. After 3rd day the questionaire still on the table. (this tells how serious are you towards us!) – to me is no manners!
  7. Tell us how he work through the night for us, didn’t sleep.
    1. Our problem iziit?
  8. A lot of participants only get their website user and ID on 2nd day evening. Many of them miss out how to do it on the spot. (some of the participants already sign up early of the year.)
    1. You got more than 2-6  months to get it done. WHY ON THAT DAY?



  1. No communications at all with us participants
  2. We were given a free URL (which I thought only for the 3 days seminar)
    1. Chose a url from the excel sheet. All the name is so doggy and I just randomly picked 1. So my URL is yourbestsale.com
    1. Never knew that it is going to be 1 year free hosting and I am stick with this stupid URL naming. A
      1. Common, at least tell us in advance that you got hosting and free URL for 1 year and do come bck with 2-3 names that we can help you to register.
      1. With this stupid name how to work on it? Whats your url, yourbestsale.com (This 1 I DAMM PISS OFF.) as comes with WOOCOMMERCE backend.
      1. Ask them can I change to another URL the team upsell me to get 2nd url package.  Really???!!!
download (2)
  1. Overpromised.
    1. Some of the participants are angry because was promised a 30-40 pax class. Turns out to be about 150 pax. (imagine that)
    1. A lot over promise like lots of content, lots of this and that. Even in his preview class

Overall, I only learn nuts from this RM4,000 seminar.

  1. It is all so basic
  2. All Google materials
  3. I do not even need to on my Laptop for the 3 days. (bad coverage) nothing important as most of it quite similar like my blogging, Lazada or Shopee upload.
  4. No technical details, all very surface, more like 101 rather than masterclass
  5. No secrets being shared
    • Like what is his best sales item
    • How many did he sold
    • During his start up, how  much did he spend in FB marketing to generate the best sale
    • In his years of exp, what had done right and wrong
    • What is the best FB marketing budget for allocation for first timer to learn to gather data?
    • How do you read FB basic data
    • What is his best content to generate a huge viral sale
    • Right content wrong content in his exp
    • He mentioned he sold everything under the sun
      • Never show what is his best performing category
    • Other case study
  6. I am not too sure is this a uni tuition class or what
  7. Learn the presenter flow, the master strategy of 3 days, TIME DRAGGING!

With such attitude, mentality and material, I guess I am also qualified to run Ecommerce Masterclass by charging RM 1,500 (meals included) – want to sign up PM me hahahhahahaha…. (joking)

download (1)

Day 1: Shopee
Day 2: Lazada
Day 3: Dropshipping/Ecommerce website

Do you know that RM 4,000 can do so many things for a lot of people. Some could be their 2-3 months medical supplements. The course attended by all walks of life as everyone looking for that 10% of what they thought they are lacking. Mana tau, is a waste of time. Imagine those that travel from Sabah and Sarawak with travel expenses, hotels and others. I felt pity.

I know not all speaker/trainer are like that. What I am trying to say is, do your homework on that speaker that you have chosen to attend. Do not sign up blindly. You rather pay RM 300-RM500 more than sign up a course that is down the drain. Their sales strategy is always there. Do not sign up now then no more. It is okay, you go their other preview class and sign it there 2nd time. Their promo will always be there.

So #my4k … Money hard to earn as I was saving this money for travel to pamper myself with good food and leisure instead decided to invest into myself for this. I invest wrongly and got burned. Well, not all investment gives you return.

I have burned myself, so do not wish many of you get burn just like that.

#my4k ! So choose wisely!

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