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When a gathering with friends and their theme is pot luck, I will be always lost of what to bring over. While doing some research of what to cook, then come across an article that mention World Pulses Day which is quite interesting. I read further, this global event happening on 10th February since 2018 is actually design by United Nations to share the importance of pulses like chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, dry peas and others.

It is rather simple after reading this article. Making a salad with pulses. Went to Village Grocer and start hunting for beans and to my surprise, there are actually lots of beans out there.

While I was standing there blankly on what kind of brands and beans to choose from, I saw quite number of shoppers picked up this brand S&W and then I narrow down to them. S&W uses U.S. Pulses products. Among all the cans of beans, capturing my attention is this U.S. Baby Limas Beans (Butter Beans) which I think would easily make a salad out of it.

S&W (1)

Exploring further about this U.S. Baby Limas Beans (Butter Beans), is actually one of a large produce coming from the United States of America. Little did I know that, they are actually one of the largest exporters of dry beans into Southeast Asia. It is like some of the U.S. potato breed taste better in French fries in texture.

S&W (2)

Last round I did created my own grilled water melon salad and many of you asked for the recipe. The results were overwhelming as most of my friends finish the first dish among the rest.

This round, these are some of the ingredients that I have chosen to create this salad out. A salad that give you a nice bite in both texture and flavours.

Recipe as below for serving of 2 pax:

  1. 1 can of U.S. Baby Limas Beans (Butter Bean)
  2. 1 x Australian Avocado : about 150 g
  3. 1 x box of Red and green coral vegetable : 50g
  4. 1 x orange : using half only
  5. Edamame: 70g
  6. Honey Cherry tomato: 150g
  7. Red Onion: 30g
  8. Garlic: 10g
  9. Edible flowers: few petals
  10. White feta cheese

S&W (5)

S&W (6)

S&W (7)

Steps are rather simple. Finely cut 10 gram of red onion into small cubes and another 20 gram into slices.

S&W (8)

S&W (9)

Just open up the avocado and cut into any sizes that you like.

S&W (10)

Then for the Butter Beans, just rinse with cold water, strain to dry. Try one to eat it right out from the can, it does give you a nice sweet, smooth beans texture and aromatic too.

S&W (11)

S&W (12)

I decided to pan fried it to give a nice slight burnt dry taste to bring up the beans flavour.

Add a dash of olive oil into the heat pan. Just slightly toss and pan fried for about 3 minutes.

S&W (13)

Assemble all the ingredients into the plate and I finish it off by squeezing half orange to give a zesty flavour and dash of olive oil.

S&W (14)

S&W (15)

This is my butter beans salad.

S&W (18)

Here you go. A salad for 2 pax.

S&W (19)

S&W (21)

My salad was gone in 5 minutes, as the feedback given was simply addictive, fresh ingredients punch with flavours. A good mix of salty, bitter, sour and sweet. The butter beans just pairs well that give a soft texture from the crunchy element of veggie.

S&W (24)

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