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Few weeks back while waiting for movie, saw this new ice cream stall located infront of GSC 1-Utama ticketing counter with many people flocking around. Then only realise its something new. Just Like It

[No longer operate]

When I was travelling last year to Sydney, I did saw this concept of ice-cream and thought it would be very interesting or something new to me. With all the dry ice type smoke flowing out from the stand mixer. Just Like It! Ice cream is another revolutionary of F&B.

just like it (1)

just like it (2)

The concept of the outlet is rather unique and impressive with chilling nitrogen gas, all the staff looks like lab technicians with lab coats, beakers, volumetric flasks….

just like it (3)

Well, if they are not ice cream then what are those? hmmm . .. Their offering of flavours are pretty unique with New Popcorn, Durian Durian, chocolate flakes or as above the menu you can see.

just like it (4)

 Can see that all the flavours are pretty concentrated.

just like it (5)

 and the add ons that we choose to blend along ..

just like it (6)

just like it (7)

 Their process of ice-cream is rather interesting by pouring their N2 liquid and also the puree that they have.. .

just like it (8)

just like it (9)

just like it (10)

This is how interesting as it would get with so much smoke from the mixer ..

just like it (11)

 After a while it became into solid form and tadaa.. our ice cream is made. . .

just like it (12)

The process continues if you order other flavour, as they wash the item and prepare for next.

just like it (13)

just like it (14)

just like it (15)

Tried both their Mango and Durian durian. The texture is smooth and taste of both flavour is not bad. Durian have the strong durian taste as they do add on little durian meat in it, yet I still find that overall mouthful taste, flavour and smoothness of it, still Sydney much better.

Nevertheless, its still one of the new concept in town that did make a buzz out of it. . Price at RM 7.90 – RM11.90. Still worth for you to try it out at least once, to see what is the difference between the rest of the ice cream.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, good also la, worth to try on new concept at least once -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Just Like It! Ice Cream A Revolutionary F&B
infront of GSC ticketing Counter – 1 Utama

Operation Hours –

Since I started blogging not long ago, I have heard this famous shop for its millie crepes in Melaka for quite some time already not till few months back I get to visit this shop which is like, Finally! I am here.. that I have to thank to Ken to bring us here. Nadeje Cafe

Nadese (1)

My friend told me that they previously started off with a shoplot then they gain their popularity very fast with its first of its kind to offer multi layer thin cakes in chill that had attracted alot local and inter states crowd, then they have took over another outlet that now people can dine in too.

Nadese (2)

People only come here for their cakes, which is in the version of millie crepes which made bythe owner which is from Japan if I am not mistaken. Crepes means a very thin pancake that made from flour top with many layers ontop which is origins from French. Since then, the crepes had evolve to suits local taste of each countries with the chef creativity.

Nadese (3)

The cafe is always jam pack with people from most of their operating hours. . .

Nadese (4)

this is what they are famous for.

Nadese (5)

This is what we ordered with 6 version of crepes to be enjoyed

Nadese (8)

Mocha @ RM 8.50

Nadese (9)

Mocha Slice @ RM 8.50

Nadese (10)

Mango Yogurt @ RM 9

Nadese (11)

Original @ RM 8.50

Nadese (13)

Strawberry @ RM 9.50

Nadese (12)

Double Chocolate @ RM 9

Nadese (14)

This is what I mean with the crepes with very thin layer in between with cream and crepes, cream and crepes, that just melts in your mouth ..

Nadese (15)

We all had fun . . with our food hunt in Melaka

Nadese (16)

Ester in da house . ..

Nadese (17)

and of course me, enjoying my every bite of the crepes. The best I would recommend is Original, Double Choco and Cheeze slice. . .

of course you can tapau back to KL as they do sell ice bag for additional RM 5 for 1 bag and some dry ice which can last for 3 hours.

Ps: it really depends on individual taste some find it milky and some find it nice.. for me I find it a bit milky but still nice. Also note on their service as it might be slow ..

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, quite good, i don mind to come again~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nadeje Cafe – Millie Crepes
G-23 & 25, Jln PM4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.

Tel : 06 – 283 8750


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Tell me, who doesn’t loves ice-cream especially with your favorite brand. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, Baskin Robin cakes will make this even special by adding personal touch and celebrate this year with a special treat for your beloved mom! Show your love by surprising her with Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes, custom-made only to her liking.

With so many signature designs to choose from, you can mix and match with the selection of ice cream flavors and combine it with delectable cakes to surprise your mom.  It is very easy, that just takes you three simple steps to do it:

1st: pick a design

2nd: pick the right size with servings ranging from 2 up to 36 servings.

3rd: Lastly, customize your ice cream cake with selection of flavours (up to 2 flavors for one cake)

FA_BR ice cream Broc_01 NEW OP

Mothers Day Love Cake

Mothers Day Love Cake

Almond Bon-Bon

Almond Bon-Bon

Bouquet Of Love

Brownie Bunch

Brownie Bunch


Candy Crazy

Candy Crazy



Chocolate tuxedo

Chocolate tuxedo

Cupid's Romance

Cupid’s Romance

Daisy Mate

Daisy Mate

Fruit Rapsody

Fruit Rapsody

Guardian Heart

Guardian Heart

Majestic Scoop

Majestic Scoop


Oreo Cake

Oreo Cake

Party Round

Party Round

Say U Love Me

Say U Love Me



What you waiting for.. make your order at their nearest outlet to customize this cake for your mom . .  you get to enjoy a taste of it toooo . . .:)

You are required to order the customized cake at least 3 days in advance. It is always best to consult with the staff of Baskin-Robbins prior to ordering. Orders can be made at all Baskin Robbins stores except for the highway stores and promotional kiosks. Surcharge is applicable for additional or change of topping/ingredients as well as certain cake designs. For those who opt for immediate takeout, ready-made ice cream cakes are available off the shelves.

The price of the ice cream cakes ranges from RM55 to RM318. All prices are subject to 6% government service tax. Complimentary dry ice, which lasts up to one hour, will be provided upon collection of the ice cream cakes, hence customers need not worry about keeping the right temperature at all times. In addition, there are 46 Baskin-Robbins stores located in close proximity to almost every home all over Peninsular Malaysia.

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