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During my trip for one of the best dinner food would be The Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall. Love their ambiance where it certainly do reflect those Hollywood movie or a night in the museum kind of interior, not to mention the outlet is huge too.

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Right at their front, their cake counter is filled with alot different types of cakes that just make you drool. Every cake of it is well decorated and you can just see the amazing texture on it. The only thing that we are not used to is the size of the cake. It is quite gigantic where a slice over there can consider 2 slices of our cake back in Malaysia.

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In  The Cheesecake Factory, we are all then being hosted in this private room where you will be enjoying their ski slope view. This room can easily fit around 50-60 pax per seating.

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Menu is pretty crazy huge as there are alot of pages for you to browse through.

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This is certainly the American version of milkshake where you will be instantly hit with sugar rush, and their milkshake is addictive. Thick, flavourful and it is about a size of a Carlsberg pint.

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nachos  with in house special sauce dip is a snack that you should hunt for.

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Their beef straganof is done to perfection where it is cook medium to my liking and the gravy just balance it off nicely without overpowering the beef taste.

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Here comes our favourite which is the Cake part. Every bite is filled with satisfaction, as the density of cake is just nice yet not too solid.

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Food here is just amazing, and we highly recoomended the owner to bring this brand over to Malaysia as this will easily beat TGI Fridays and Chilis Grill and Bar. If you are around Dubai, one of a recommended restaurant.

The Cheesecake Factory
Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE


P.F Chang’s is one of the most successful Chinese Bistro brand in Middle East. Making its wave into the market four years back had since quite become a place for most Dubai folks to patron on this.

Constantly this outlet is pack with customers from it open its door till late night. It is also a very well known brand in the States as this is an American owned restaurant with Chinese Cuisine menu that I would say its a fusion Chinese Menu.


In the menu, it is not your typical Chinese menu as they have pretty good mix from char grilled duck, from hong kong with a fine twist and many other more.



Upon stepping into the outlet, it certainly feels that you are actually stepping into a fine dine restaurant as the ambiance is quite porch, with some classic Chinese art on the ceiling, lovely dim lights, nice plate setting as it bends towards more contemporary dining. So fear not, as the pricing is not as high as what you thought.




Apparently, if you are a single or a pair diners, you can get to choose to sit at the bar as it is nicely set up and you can see the bar tender in action. Friendly staff too.


Menu is pretty straight forward as its one pager and next columm will be their American version dessert which is more on cakes. (click here for more)


Being served with 3 types of sauces, we were thought how to mix it and follow the explanation, it end up to be good as the spicy you add in last.


This is totally another dimension of Sweet & Sour Soup. All I can say that it is not taste as what we used to have, I would say its quite a Middle East version.


Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps @ Dhs 44 is another popular starter here. Scoop a spoonful and place it on lettuce is the way how to eat on this this. Sweet in taste for first bite, then slowly the aroma of spiciness slowly builds up. 


Upon ordering, I also do notice this Dynamite Shrimp @ Dhs 47 is being ordered on nearly every table as not only that. It is ordered by every individual per portion each, that turns out to be their best seller. Serve in a tall martini glass, as how it is presented that the aroma of the mild spicy is there and the shrimps are extremely fresh, nicely battered with a crunchy texture. Love the spiciness of it as they infuse with some Sriracha chili sauce in it. Pretty good stuff. No wonder so many people are ordering it.

Salt and pepper calamari might work well with a glass of beer


Looks fantastic when it was served and smells very good. Wok Charred Beef @ DHS 71 is done pretty well as Sauce is painted to perfection on the outer area as when you bite, its soft and juicy. After awhile towards the end, the taste went off.

Star of the night is this Oolong Seabass @ Dhs 134 which do import their fish and Cook to perfection, that its well merited on the outer layer yet not too salty and just perfect. One catch is, did not taste any hint of Oolong .


Wok Charred Beef is another of my favourite as this is not your typical Asian dish. Beef is cook nicely as its still very soft and juicy, and to go along with a bowl of rice would be great.

Sweet and sour chicken is something quite good. Eatch of the pop corn cubes uses chicken breast/ surprisingly, they still manage to cook with the chicken not too dry yet still moist. Taste is pretty interesting as can tasted, garlic, fresh other ingredients.


Lo Mein @ Dhs 51 is not bad for a fusion restaurant. It would be much better if it was fried slightly longer and with ‘wok hei’.

VIP DUCK @ Dhs 85 is another underdog that caught our attention after we tried. Both part are well season and marinated. I would want to say I highly recommended this as its not an ordinary duck. This is PF Chang special Duck range.



Kung Po Shrimp is quite a westernize version. Salty in first bite with mild spicy end. Still prefer our local ones.


Hot fish is rather interesting as they are using groper fish as cook along with black bean sauce turns out to be alright.

Overall for a American restaurant with Chinese concept, they are not bad. The only catch will be there are quite number of items to fine tune if they were to penetrate Malaysia market and definitely will be a big market for our Muslim friends. A pretty good fusion dining. 


P.F Chang’s Chinese Bistro

Waterfall Promenade, Lower Ground Level, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Phone: +971 4 325 3341

Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm


Texas RoadHouse sounds pretty interesting and with the word Texas certainly gives you a certain expectation to lift up. Outside do look pretty decent and upon walking into the outlet, you will be transporting into another dimension with their nice cowboy town interior look and it would be certainly better if some of the staff wear cowboy/cowgirl outfit.

BOK_4216 Love the props that they have on the wall with deer head wooden barrels on the side and other wood elements build up seating area and others is certainly a great way to emphasis on a cowboy town.  You know what will be great? A birthday celebration as they have a unique way of celebrating it with the Birthday boy/girl.


Not only that, as the waitress told us that we can choose any of a nice Texas songs from the jukebox.

BOK_4217 In the display fridge you are greeted with a nice cut quality of beef .  .







For their signature, every table is place with a mini bucket of home roasted peanuts. Peanuts are kinda big with slight salty end, go along with beer will be perfect.


While waiting for your food, they serve you with their signature freshly baked bread rolls with their signature cinnamon honey butter which is so addictive. Bread is soft and warm that you cant stop spreading the butter and munch it.


Then during every 30 minutes I believe you will be greeted with Texas line dancing from the floor staff.


Smoked Buffalo Wings @ Dhs 39 is also know as one of their signature, at first bite it is quite salty but you have to dip with their sauce provided to tone it down and will give you extra flavour balances over it.


Love their Chicken Tortila soup. Pretty dense yet pungent in taste. Would say it’s a concentrated version, just nice for a small bowl.


Since I am pretty full from my brunch, I decided to go along with their Ribeye Steak Combo. Love their rib eye cut with some fats in between that cook to perfection from my request medium rare. Meat is still juicy, as for the ribs they are just good, soft, aromatic with the sauce, and meat is easily fall off from the bone. 

Got mushroom as one of the sides, which I think I still should choose on my classic option – Fries.



Fillet cut is one of the outlet top seller, as I still prefer my ribeye cut.



Another which is their Jalepeno Burger. Will be slightly salty if you eat it on the meat but if you eat it one mouth full you will get a full blast of flavours. Love their homemade bun which slight crips on the surface and soft.


Steak lovers might fall in love with this as Ribeye with bone is one of their top seller that is serve at least 550g and trust me, its pretty huge that it can be shared by 2 easily from our end. According to the manager, it is a single portion for most of their customer. 



For the end, we chose another dish Grilled Shrimp @ Dhs 34 (single skewer) that’s seasoned with garlic lemon pepper butter. Great simple dish where prawn is fresh, big and suculent. Love thier 2 simple slices of garlic bread too.

A great place to be for hangout and if you would want a change of ambiance. Yeehaa. . .

Texas Roadhouse
The Dubai Mall (LG112-2)
Fountain Restaurant Area
Lower Ground Level UAE

Operating Hours: 10am-11pm

Contact :+97144190266


Burger joint hit our market big and hard, as you did see it mushroom every where about 2-3 years ago and now it is only left a handful. Got to learn that Shake Shack is quite a prominent brand in the States and seems that quite number of my friends are a big fan of this brand.

Certainly this brand currently is not available in Malaysia as I enjoy this outlet in Dubai Mall. Upon entering the outlet, you will be greeted and assist by their friendly staff as this outlet is a self service outlet.


Menu is pretty simple and straight forward as everything is just plastered on the wall with price are quite reasonable in Dubai.


Check out their Specials as they do change from time to time. 


I am amazed with the spirit of their staff and the amount of staff they have for ordering and kitchen. It’s a self service outlet where you place your order then you will be given the electronic device caller. Once it beep head over to collection counter for your food. Hard copy menu is place at their counter if you are unable to read on the board.




The Beeper


Ready to collect and move enjoy my meal.  At the sauce counter, there will be some one assisting you in all your sauce, which is good for especially a person with full of tray. The girl at the sauce counter will be able to assist much.


This is what I mean, where the staff at the sauce counter had help me to collect all the necessary things that I need and place it on my tray.



Love their interior too as its pretty simple, contemporary and direct yet cozy.


Meals for 2 person.


Got their cheese fries. Simple and direct with a great cut, wish that I could have more cheese sauce. It taste best when you add in the chilli to make it extra umph!



Their classic - Shake Burger @ AED 42 (on the top) with double patty is something that you would not want to miss. It is something very classic, direct as I love their patty, and top it with cheese as will be in my recommended item in this whole menu.


Shack Meister @ AED 32 is topped with crispy marinated shallots and Shack Sauce.


If you prefer something juicy would be Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) - i requested to add ina slice of meat to make it better. Indeed, its something you would not want to miss.


Veal bacon cheese burger, is something another unique combination as it’s a limited edition series.


Shack-Cago Hotdog @ AED 25.


Love their lemonade as I thought that my sourness taste bud is pretty strong, indeed theirs is stronger. Refreshing!


Another type of rootbeer that I am trying. Love the gas and best of all its not too sweet.


Their ice cream is amazing which is also known as Concrete, where red velvet and vanilla custard ice cream certainly is my favourite among the list, its so addictive that you cant really stop. Next would be their chocolate series (Dubai Malt) that the girls love it and keep digging in.

Certainly will be a great place for family and friends for such a simple meal where their cheese burger is pretty outstanding.


The Dubai Mall

(First Floor, Near The Waterfall)

Doha Street

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(+974) 04 – 4190370

[email protected]

Operation Hours: 10am - 12am.

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