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Solaris KL had suddenly revive back to life where now it has florish to be the next new Little Korea where so many Korean restaurants are popping out. One of my latest discovery is this place, Duksune Fresh Meat Store where they offer both ala-carte or Korean BBQ Buffet @ RM 32.90.

[update: 1st March 2020] close down 

Duksune (1)

Duksune (2)

It is very pack when you are here during peak dinner hours and if you do not mind late dinner which is after 9pm, the crowd is much lesser by that time. Typical ambiance that you will encounter.

Duksune (3)

Duksune (4)

You can put in some side order if you feel like to order more.

Duksune (5)

For me, this would be first of its kind where you take yourself from the counter. What is available is 6 different types of meat where Henry attack Sangyseopal the most, where the next fridge is all the marinated version.

Choices of meat available is 5 types of Pork + marination and 1 chicken only.

Duksune (6)

Duksune (7)

Duksune (8)

This is how we maximise the full bbq pit.

Duksune (9)

Duksune (10)

Duksune (11)

We had alot of meat that night where we were particularly eating for 2 hours non stop. Went back home “food koma”.

It is a great place for Korean BBQ if you do not mind the limeted choices and this shop is one of the better ones that is currently offering int his area.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , for the kind of price tag, its consider good! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Duksune Fresh Meat Store (덕수네 정육점)
Jalan Solaris 5
(same row as Cold Storage / Behind Brewman)

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