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Shook Buffet Starhill have undergone a new outloook, with more luxury look. Offering eat all you can buffet with more than 100 choices for you to choose from.  Season from season, offering inspired gourmet experiences with an interactive kitchen and distinctive ingredients sourced from local purveyors and around the world, authentically prepared and immaculately presented.

DSC02738Shook Buffet in KL, offering On that month was variety of western, and local spread.
DSC02741 DSC02742 DSC02743
Some area of Italians.DSC02746DessertsDSC02747Some hot Teppanyaki for you on the spot.
DSC02748Or some Cheese as a starter.
DSC02750 DSC02753 DSC02754

Japanese is one of crowds favouriteDSC02756 DSC02757 DSC02760 DSC02761

Pick your fresh seafood or meat ingredients to be grill.



FoDSC02774What we had for the night.New1
starhill buffet starhill
For pricing and reservation you can find out more at Shook Offical Page: (click here)



Shook Starhill

181, Jln Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 K

Tel: 03-2719 8060

During pandemic like this, and there are shops like this open, I am certainly impress with their courage. It was a random walk in as were hunting food in Sri Petaling and found this new shop that just open with their special price. Eat all you can charcoal bbq buffet at RM 29.90 and with drinks is RM 34.90 as their opening special and was a too good bargain in this Meet-ing Point at Sri Petaling. What can you expect. Support new businesses , support Lokal.

meet-ing point (1)

bukit jalil

When we first stumble upon them, they were just 2 days old . Variety of meat that they offer is pretty decent and just a challenge on how you plan to fill up your stomach! Fresh meat that is prep on that day is ready to serve to you to the table. Pick your selection and get it ready to grill. Pork Belly, pork patty & curry beef was our favourite for the night.

cheap buffet


eat all you can buffet

With their special bbq pit, it is not as smokey as what we perceive. Could be also only 5 tables were on that day.

meet-ing point (8)

We were happy with the meat selection and marination werent the best but acceptable for the price we are paying.

meet-ing point (9)

We tried out some of their snacks too.

meeting point

variety of sauce were offered as they are still on R&D stages.

eat all you can buffet

the owner is pretty open as they ask about our opinion about their food and we gave them feedback accordingly. Of course they are more than happy to listen to most of us and looking forward to further improve their marination base on neighborhood feedback.

meet-ing point

Be kind to business owners, as it is not easy to spend money and run a business in this pandemic. Instead of criticize, why not give them a straight feedback where the owner can improve and we can come back an enjoy again. For the price we are paying with eat all you can bbq in KL, I have no complain at all. Just gave them some feedback what should be add on and also what could be further improve. For 2 days in operation, I certainly hope that they can thrive long for their business.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, dont mind to come back again for the price and variety of meat !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Meat-ing Point 燒烤屋
No.6-G, Jalan Radin Bagus 6,
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 5pm – 11pm

Tel: 03-9546 7888

Back in those days, how many buffet rounds can you hit up? I can do easily 8-10 rounds 5-8 years ago. Now? 3-4 maybe? If you are into buffet, Contango now is firing up back into operation with All-You-Can-Eat feast of a multitude of cuisines all under one roof. Starting From 15th August, Contango is serving up an exciting gastronomic adventure from
our live cooking stations, freshly prepared to order and served to your table. of course with the new norm in place, your buffet dining experience will be different.

Lunch | RM105 nett per person
Saturday and Sunday
12 noon – 3 pm
Dinner | RM125 nett per person
Friday and Saturday
6 pm – 10 pm

Majestic (5)

there are social distancing in tables and also can cater to large crowd with advance booking so the restaurant can arrange accordingly.

Majestic (1)

Instead of taking yourself a plate and move around, there will be ice cream sticks on your table and any dish that you see on the display counter, you just need to drop in your ice cream stick into the holder then food will be serve to your table.

Majestic (2)

Majestic (3)

Majestic (4)

Table numbering.

Majestic (7)

Drop of ice cream stick into it.

Majestic (8)

Some of the counters you still can take yourself like the sushi counter.

Majestic (9)

Majestic (10)

seafood counter with you saying what you need and chef will allocate for you.

Majestic (11)

Majestic (12)

Majestic (13)

coffee and ice cream.

Majestic (14)

Majestic (15)

Majestic (16)

the new norm of getting your food.

Majestic (17)

Majestic (18)

Majestic (19)

all my food being serve to the table.

Majestic (20)

Majestic (21)

Majestic (22)

Majestic (23)

Majestic (24)

Majestic (25)

Majestic (26)

Majestic (27)

Majestic (28)

Majestic (30)

Majestic (31)

Majestic (32)

Majestic (33)

Majestic (35)

Looking to enjoy buffet dinner in KL, you can researve your seats with us in advance through WhatsApp +60 11 2642 7815 or email [email protected].

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T +603 2785 8000
E [email protected]
W majestickl.com

牛摩 Wagyu More is a brand from Hong Kong and did make a huge buzz during their opening at The Gardens KL. IT is a hotpot place that offer buffet style or eat all you can starting from RM 36.80 onwards.  Serving you with variety of beef, pork, chicken and vegetables with hot food, sushi, meatballs, drinks and desserts.

Did tried twice to walk in and was told fully booked. So we have to call for reservation. Calling 1 week in advance and was told it is all fully book only left 10am. So decided to give it a try and was told, walk in will take about average 2 hours waiting time.

Wagyu More (1)

Wagyu More’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is priced at :
Lunch (11am to 5pm) : RM 36.80++ per person
Dinner (5pm to 10pm) RM 44.80++ per person
additional RM3.00++ for weekends and public holidays.

Wagyu More (2)

The queue at 10am already making a bee line of diners that made reservation to head in.

Wagyu More (3)

Wagyu More (4)

Wagyu More (5)

Wagyu More (6)

Here you go on the counter. Pick up any vegetable or noodle as you go in.

Wagyu More (7)

Sauces for you

Wagyu More (8)

Soft Drinks counter.

Wagyu More (9)

Ice cream. .

Wagyu More (10)

Fresh chicken bits . . .

Wagyu More (11)

Beef, pork, lamb slices for your order.

Wagyu More (12)

There are 8 types of soup ranging from : Kombu, Sukiyaki, Miso, Tomato, Pork Bone, Spicy Pork Bone, Kimchi and Japanese Curry. We order Kimchi and Sukiyaki.

Both soup are so so only. Personally think Kimchi could been better and sukiyaki is lack of flavour.

Wagyu More (14)

For diners whom wish to have more premium meat then Wagyu More also serves three Premium Buffets (All Day) that are bound to further elevating customers’ dining experience:

  1. Spanish Iberico Pork Buffet at RM98.80++
  2. Australian Wagyu Buffet at RM148.80++
  3. Japanese A5 Wagyu Buffet at RM388.80++

For children below the age of 12 and within the height of 90cm – 120cm will enjoy a 50 percent off for all packages.

Overall, the steamboat is not too bad as would not stay it is fantastic. The time limit of dining is 120 minutes. For the price I am paying, I will opt for Suki-ya or Mikoshi at Uptown.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, okok la !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

牛摩 Wagyu More, Malaysia
T-216-B, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Email (Enquiry) : [email protected]
Email (Reservation) : [email protected]
Mobile (Reservation) : +6012 601 3398 (Call or WhatsApp)

Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm Daily (Last Order @ 9.30pm)

Plaza Arkadia is becoming a new F&B hub to the area. Always wanted to try this outlet Kuro Japanese Steamboat Buffet in Desa Park City. Quite sort of similiar to Sukiya but price range from RM 49.90 weekdays and about RM 64.90++ per pax for weekend rate. The temptation to try out is also they added unlimited Haagen Daz Ice cream as their dessert.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (1)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (2)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (3)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (4)

Center island is fill with variety of frozen foods and fresh greens for you to choose from.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (5)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (6)

No special sauce mixture for this outlet, just choose what you like.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (7)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (8)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (9)

Best of all they have this version of Hong Kong Fu Chuk. Not the best but decent enough for steamboat.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (12)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (13)

For our soupbase, they have total 6 types of soup to chose from. Of course the classic is Suki-ya and tried their Pork Bone soup or so called (tonkatsu).

Sukiya turns out to be quite good as with the soy sauce base that they are using and also the soup being boiled quite a while.

Tonkatsu turns out to be quite mild to near pale taste. Maybe you can try other soup before hitting on this.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (15)

Quite alot of variety meats for you to choose from and also seafood. Seafood they have fish, squid, octopus, and small lala. For meat, they have variety of cut available. from belly, lean meat, lamb, beef and chicken.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (16)

Their chicken is being cut to very thin slice thru machine.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (17)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (18)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (19)

Beef is so called from Australia which I doubt so. If it is maybe is the lower grade as the beef slices after put into the soup turns out to be quite chewy and slightly hard.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (22)

their pork cut is quite good!

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (23)

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (24)

Garlic fried rice is good too.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (25)

Here you go on unlimited refill of Haagen Dazs ice cream which is base on flavour of the day.

Kuro Japanese Steamboat (26)

Flavour of the day turns out to be too sweet to my liking. Thought of having 4 scoop but then 2 is my max.

If you dine on the weekend, it is slightly on the steep side cuz with GST and service tax all is about RM 80 per pax. Well good news is that 1st June onwards is without GST so slightly cheaper. Do come weekdays or weekend lunch. Then it will be quite worth it.

It is advisable to make booking before heading over and per seating session is 90 minutes only, additional charges for 30mins cap. 

Lunch: RM 49.90 ++
Dinner: RM 59.90++

Weekend :
Lunch : RM 54.90 ++
Dinner: RM 64.90++

There are others Japanese buffet steamboat which is worth it too:

  1. Mo-Mo Paradise,Lot 10
  2. Mikoshi Shabu Shabu, Uptown Damansara
  3. Sukiya


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not too bad ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kuro Japanese Steamboat
F-G-03, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 11pm

Tel: 03-2778 4370

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