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Time really flies as when I received this invite I was a bit shock that it has already been a year that this outlet had been operating and it felt like I had just came here for their Oktoberfest few months back. Along with this big occasion comes with also Soul Out Ampang 1st Anniversary that this brand main branch is actually located in Hartamas (click here).

October Fest (1)

The whole place had converted to mini showcase of Masquerade party cross over with Oktoberfest. Something unique in its kind.

October Fest (2)

Lets welcome Oktoberfest before the months end.

October Fest (3)

As guest and media were pamper with nice selection of food. Roast Lamb, grill beef  . .. .

October Fest (4)

October Fest (5)

Little buffet selection  that filled with German food, those that not to be miss is German Sausages, potato

October Fest (6)

October Fest (8)

Me and the performer

October Fest (9)

On the night itself we were pamper with free flow beer, hard liquor, and wine.

October Fest (11)

This place not only have outdoor dining, they do have very comfy bar counter too . .

October Fest (13)

October Fest (14)

October Fest (12)

October Fest (15)

Selection of Draft that available for you . .

October Fest (16)

As both combination, happening at the same time, what can you expect. Of course lots of performance. There are some German traditional dance then slow dancing with the tunes of latest hit and as the performer changing their outfit to dance along one of crowds favorite is Oppa Gangnam Style.

October Fest (18)

Then we have sausage eating competition . . .Something new and filled with laughter . . .

October Fest (19)

Then we were being introduce to a great local band Mad Sally. We are certainly impress on how good the lead singer voice is. .

October Fest (20)

Last but not least of course here comes the main moment that cakes being push out and all performer follow by with a huge tower of 1 year old cake being push out.

October Fest (21)

With another great announcement of about 15 year old brand, they are announcing that, the brand Soul Out is ready to do franchise.

October Fest (22)

And of course guess what, we manage to celebrate birthday with Sharon  . . Happy Belated Birthday Sharon as for now . .:p

All of us had a great time and looking forward for another great event like this.


G1, Ground Floor, Menara HSC,
No. 187 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reservations : 03 2181 1626 / 012 655 7622

Email : [email protected]
Official website : www.souledout.com.my

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays : 7am till closing

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I still remember when I was very young, I have always wanted to eat Sushi King yet my dad stopped me from eating it for a reason, its raw not good for your stomach yet he tell me how nice and how nice when he went out with his client and that time I still remember I was like around 13 or 14 years old. Till the very first branch that open in Penang as I can remember it was at 1-Stop, Midlands Park which was the most hit mall for all the youngsters to hang out and the popularity of Sushi King grew from there till to date, Sushi King had establish in Malaysia for more than 13 years already. They had made themselves as the largest Japanese kaiten restaurant chain in Malaysia and have 57 branches nationwide and still expanding.

Then, they plan to organize a eating competition. I have always watch in youtube and my friend forward me a link that how the Japanese compete themselves in this kind of game show or eating competition yet a popular icon that know by many people around the globe Takeru Kobayashi one of the champion in eating competition and now I got this invited opportunity by Sidney(Bigboysoven) to witness myself on this very first eating competiton that going to be held here in Sushi King, Midvalley recently.

Sushi King would be the very first Japanese Restaurant that organizing Big Bowl Challenge. The aim is to take this opportunity of economic downturn by giving a chance to their value customer a taste of the competition who manage to finish the bowl in less than 10minutes. As the challenge for the Big Bowl contains 750g Japanese Buckweat noodles (soba) (equals to 5 portion compare with the normal Soba noodles-RM38.80) & 1200 ml shoyu based soup.

Due to overwhelming response that they previously organize in September 2009 now they are organizing 2nd round of Big Bowl Challenge Competition and had called upon the previous contestest that some participate before in the challenge during the campaign back for this round.

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? yess..I am dead serioussss, you need to compelete in 10 minutes.


and the champion stand a chance to walk away with RM1000 Sushi King Voucher + its name would be in Malaysia Book of Record with the title Fastest Japanese Noodle Eater.

Emcee announcing and warming up the environment.

Few words from the Vice President of Sushi King about why this competition and some history about Sushi King.

The arena of competition.

All the participants mingling around and warming up.

Battle arena that will be view by the Vice President and the lady from Malaysia book of Records.

Are you ready for the competition?

Ladies and Gentleman…. Let me welcome you the contestant for round one. Contestant 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5. They are small in size but is their stomach as big as a cow? you will find out……


Who would you think will hold the record?


Whom you think can pass this challenge? Whom you think will knock out?


Whom you think will knock out?


Revealing the item of the day


It might look small in this picture. Let me show you the size of it.

Nearly as wide as this guy’s chest. Ask you Sei mei….

Getting warm up and ready to go. Waiting for Emcee to put on the green flag.




Eating their way out and as fast as possible. Just to let you know that they are serve hot. Hot from the Kitchen and you can see the smoke coming out from the noodle when they took it up.

and we got our very first winnnerrrrrrrrrrrr……

This guy is crazeee, he eat dam fast and finish in very short period of time…….. wonder what is his throat and stomach is made off yet with his size you just have to believe it. Guess how fast he finish this bowl?

Next that finish in a very polite way as he was using a spoon to drink the soup and the Emcee ask him..dei, take la both of your hand and drink it all the way. It’s a time challenge. . .

Third contestant to finish comes to this guy…sweating all over and challenging himself to the max…
finishing it by topping and slamming the bowl on the table like WWF.

The 2 contestant that got knock out and the Emcee damm funny kutuk on the white t-shirt guy contestant and he got pai seh .. (great effort)

*********** Starting of round 2 *************

The second groups start to get intense as the first guy from the first group finish it quite fast and it’s a challenge for them to break his record.

Is any of them capable to break his record or is that guy going to hold onto his record to be a champion?

Is any of them capable to break his record or is that guy going to hold onto his record to be a champion?

They eat till standing up, learning the first guys secret tactic.

This thin guy first finishes the eating and he was very fast too. I was very eager to know who is faster as the champion emerges within this 2.

The first guy that got knock out for second round.

Then the real challenge begins and the Emcee goreng the environment that who would finish first. One of the guy finish the noodle left soup and the other guy is the other way.

and the winner is……………..(drumm rolling)

Finish first …………………..

Didnt finish as near to the end he suddenly stop and something happen to him but respect him as he tried his very best till to the very last drop.

The other contestant that knock out didnt manage to take their pic.

Time to announce the winner, as for those that didn’t manage to complete in the time limit or did not finish engage as a winner too, as they walk off with RM100 voucher each.

The Champion are (left to right)

(Champion) 1st Law Kim Wan – 3 min 58 sec
2nd Ng Kok Peng – 5 min 44 sec
3rd Ting Wei Kwan – 7 min 17 sec

and got his name into Malaysia Book of Records by presenting to the Vice President of Sushi King Malaysia.

The champion of all champion. After finish the event, we were all get to enjoy the food in the area and we were shock to see the contestant eating again. This time really makes me wonder what are their inner body parts made off.

At the end of the day we were given goodies bag filled with some voucher, calander, 2010 member card and a cute salt and pepper.

It was a great event and I was very happy to witness this event and thanks to you again Sid and Sushi King too. To all the contestant, you guys were great even though some of you did not finish but still a winner to me cuz I just cannot finish and enter the competition too.

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