To get good Indonesian food locally in Malaysia is not easy. Found good ones yet the price is slightly high and not till recently, found out one outlet Restaurant Waroeng Oma that serve authentic Javanese Food that is pretty good, located in Sunway Mentari. We order quite a lot and did not realise that the owner is sitting just right there and she came to our table and greet us. Along that, get to know she is from Indonesia and this outlet is a compilation of recepi.

java (1)

this outlet is pretty easy to find as its facing the main road and few doors away from McD.

java (2)

Then the owner told us, if we love spicy food we should try their own homemade sambal. 3 types available and really depends your kind of preference and taste. The first one is sour mild spicy, middle one is more aromatic spice taste with spicinesss kicks in after a few bite and last one with fiery red, that doesnt look very spicy yet we are wrong, it gives the after spiciness too.

java (3)

Tried out with their Soto Ayam and turns out to be good,  that came out the soup already pass our criteria that to be yellowish that can be done in 2 version, lontong or vermicelli. Served with hard-boiled eggs, chicken slices and bean sprout, turns out to be good and quite authentic. Then I added their fiery red sambal in to make it extra kick. Remark, do not put too much as its really spicy.

java (4)

 How can I resist Bakso, with the soup is serve pippin hot chewy springy beef balls that goes along with the soup.

java (5)

 Ayam Bakar is another version of their food, that its being grill till some parts are slightly burnt as it is and to eat with this, must eat along with their fiery red sambal.

java (6)

Ayam Goreng Penyet, does comes with rice but we told her we did not want it cuz we are ordering more food to try out. Live up the expectation of look and taste hail all they way from Indonesia, well season and fried. We ended up order another 2 more portion. – Recommended!

java (7)

This Fried Fish(I have forgotten what is the exact name) is introduce by the owner too, its fresh and the meat is soft yet  its pretty huge. For those who don really take chicken meat with fish is the option, then this would be recommended!

java (8)

Nasi Uduk was highly recommended by the owner and we ordered that. True enough, it surprise us with the fragrant santan rice top with egg slices, with the little side dish that compliments well with it and best of all is the chicken been season to perfection that its very fragrant with light ginger and fried till crisp. Top of that with crunchy flakes to make it compliments better.

java (9)

Their ABC special is presented very colourful with the syrup taste very unique. 😀

As I went back early for this dining and I must say, for CHEAP authentic Indonesian food, this is the place to be. Their main range from RM6.50-RM12. Cheap right, I plan to visit this outlet soon again along with the awesome Martabak Manis(click here) not to be miss. Highly Recommended outlet~


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Waroeng Oma
No. 42-1, Jalan PJS 8/2,
Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya,
46150, Selangor

Phone:03-5637 7255

It has been a while that we know Samsung going to launch their next generation of phone which is the 4th generation of Series that are now available in the market which is Samsung Galaxy S4. I was lucky enough to get hold of one unit and tried it myself over the past 2 weeks. Along with their new Tag line Life Companion seems to be a perfect fit into our new technology era lifestyle. Why is that so? This phone is design in a way to make it a perfect companion for us to access into things with just a few touches away.

s4 (1)

 This is what I have gotten on my hand with a new unit of Galaxy S4 and unboxing it.

s4 (2)

 Comes with a quick guide, charger, power adapter and the phone itself.

s4 (3)

This new S4 stand at its advantage with its super light weight that it almost doesnt felt like taking a phone. One of the most lightest phone I have had on my palm so far that weight 130g. Running on OS Android (4.2.2) on its 5.0 Super Amoled screen. Running on Quad core processor with build in 16 GB and 13 megapixel camera.

s4 (4)

 Size is the same as S3 just that the screen is slightly bigger with its dimension 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches (136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm)

s4 (5)

Design in a way that all the short cut key are easy access with one single finger sliding down the screen you will have the basic and as the picture above is the advance features screen just by sliding with 2 fingers down.

s4 (6)

Lets have some fun with one of their new features Group Play. That enable ues to play game/ photo/ file sharing and evn combine the rest of the S4 user phone to become a powerfull sound system. Impressive. Sound quality its above my expectation.

The new camera mode in it just make the pictures more interesting, with a features that you can capture on the scene by taking a few shots then you froze it and make some of the area or people you want it to move. Tadaaaa . .. . .  Wilson is pause, Wilee and her friend is moving including the guy behind.. hehe

s4 (7)

NExt fun mode is the camera that have dual Shot function that you wont miss any moments with this. It can capture both ways with many fun frame to choose on. Captures with two cameras in one extraordinary photo. just like above. Another cool features they have is Sound & Shot with capturing a picture and we are able to record about 8 seconds sound in it that makes the picture more alive.

s4 (8)

 AS a foodie, phone camera had often acted as my second camera now and it never dissapoint us with their new 13 megapixel camera.

s4 (9)

 With Kelly for Penang trip by using S4 on outdoor shoot.

s4 (10)

 Another shot of my food and with the detail of the food, its pretty impressive.

s4 (12)

Another cool feature of this phone is that I am going to head for healty diet for next 1 month and I was considering some devices to track on it and guess what. S4 comes with this S Health App. That tracks our daily activities, even can snap a picture of food and calculate its calories and what is the total distance I have walk and burn my calories in a day. This is exactly what I need to be embedded with my phone.

s4 (13)

Technology do evolve as with these few cool features that make S4 more outstanding, one of it is the Smart Pause. A function that follows you every move. For example, I just need to put the phone to a x distance that near my eye then it will auto detect it. After detection, I need not use my finger to scroll on the browser as I just need to move my eyes up and down then the page follow suits. Including when I am watching movie on this phone. It will detect my eyes then if I look away from the screen the movie will pause. (This happen in more dim /dark area, as broad day light it wont work).

s4 (14)

One more thing that I like about this phone is about their Air Gesture. Without touching the phone, I am able to answer call, browse pictures or read things without touching on the screen. This would be a great use when I am eating KFC or anything with my messy hand yet something is looking for me. With a quick video I did below, is how simple Air Gesture Work.


Overall I find that Samsung Galaxy S4 is not a bad phone as I expect more changes of the phone compare to S3. Just a minor tweak on the phone to make it more outstanding with its Airview/Air Gesture/S Health/Group Sharing features. Battery life is a little let down even with 2600 mAh.

If you were to ask me which phone of SAmsung series is the best. I would still vote for Note 2 at the moment for alot of heavy user out there.

To know more about S4 features, click onto their official webpage : SamsungGalaxy S4

otter (1)

Nevertheless if you do get Galaxy S4 and with its super light weight, I would recommend you to get this Otterbox casing that protect your phone even drop on the floor as with its unique technology that been research, as the phone fall that install with this casing, it will absorb x amount of pressure to make the phone less damage. Those who have their phone often damage then this is a good choice.

For more info click here for my review:

Click here for official website.

I am very sure that many of you or 90% of you out there have dine before in Old Town White Coffee, which I have one in my office area in Jaya One. We often have headache during lunch time and when I suggested Old Town White Coffee Signature for breakfast or lunch most of them reluctant to go along because of the food quality.

When I received an invitation to review on Old Town White coffee food I am very surprise and why do they need to do a review since its pretty well know. Then decided to give it a try to check what is going on.

Old town (1)

Heading to Old Town White Coffee Signature outlet in 1-Utama which, there are only limited outlet and food choices in here are more.

Old town (2)

They event do sell your favorite coffee pack and instant.

Old town (3)

Old town (4)

Menu in here is definately different compare to those normal Old Town White Coffee Outlet and pricing also different which is slightly more expensive.

Old town (5)

Range in here are 20% more . . .

This is one of their latest edition to their new range of food product.

Old town (6)

Ice blended range is very impressive which is totally out of my expectation. Flavors are blended well and not too sweet, surely for a price like that its worth recommending at RM7.90. I love their mint series.

Old town (7)

Garlic Butter Toast @ RM4.60. Sometimes I do take this for breakfast and its pretty much different compare to their normal outlet. Its much stronger in taste and the small of garlic while its serving already tempt us.

Old town (8)

Fried Dumpling @ RM5.90

Old town (14)

One of my favourite when I was introduce by my colleague during tea time is their  Curry Puff @ RM4.90 as she bought as many as 20 pieces to treat all of us. Its slightly pricey of course but when you have the nearest outlet then this is one of the obtion. Ingredient in there is pretty generous.

Old town (10)

This is the first time I see they do have Tomyam Rice in the menu and decided to try it out. Smells good and taste nice, not to strong of tomyum spices which is just nice and rice is fried with wok hei. @ RM 11.90

Old town (11)

Their signature item which is Supreme Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak @ RM13.50

Old town (12)

Supreme Javanese Mee is pretty good too. Gravy is thick enough and well presented, surely I wont mind to order again.@ RM9.50

Old town (13)

oh, this is the star dish of the night that caught many of our atttention, even with some say you serious wanna order this. I say why not give it a try. Came out every one finish this dish within seconds. For a Halal Fried Kuey Teow in Egg Gravy/”Wat Tan Hor” @ RM10.90 it taste marvelous. Fill with ‘wok hei’ with gravy just thick enough to pair along with the koey teow. Surely one of the best this in the whole menu and I did came back dine again on this dish after our review. It still taste good in this 1-U outlet. (others I have no idea) – highly recommended~

Old town (16)

Strawberry Snow Ice @ RM6.90

Old town (18)

Peanut Snow Ice @ RM6.90

Old town (17)

Mango Snow Ice @ RM6.90

 With their new desert on the menu not long ago, its a great addtion and among 3 flavours I like Peanut and Mango. Soft shave ice, just nice for our hot weather (opps not, rainy season)

Signature branches
@1 Utama New Wing

@ Taipan, Subang
@ Sungai Wang Plaza
@ Pavillion Shopping Mall
@ Solaris Dutamas
Old Town White Coffee Signature
Lot LG312, LG Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

Finally, I am able to take some time out to write about one of my trip this year. (its a long post with many pictures). It was a great deal that we have gotten for Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa that located at Sepang which is about 1hour drive from KL city.

In Malaysia, we sure do have one of the most pretegious hotel that have attracted many people around the region local and near. This resort had capture my attention for quite a while with its iconic the Palm Tree that is similar to another mega development in Dubai also known as Palm Tree.

Our Malaysia version is much smaller scale than the one they had there. Nevertheless, this resort had also gain many recognition such as The Malaysia Book of Record and CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2008 for Best Interior design. I did my homework before I came here and with such recognition being awarded, of course expectation had being set high.

Palm Spring (1)

It is only about 1 hour drive away from busy district of Kuala Lumpur City or its very nearby Air Asia LCCT airport. Golden Palm Tree is a huge project that that contain 4 types of water villa which is Royale Palm Villa, Ivory Palm Villa, Canary Palm Villa, Travelers Palm Villa and Premier Travelers Palm Villa that have about 400 rooms in total.

Its A five-star sea resort, the our villas stretch out nearly a kilometer into the sea facing the sheltered waters of the straits of Malacca. Blending Polynesian-Maldivian style and décor with local kelong-style stilts, we offer you a choice of nearly 400 villas in five distinctive types. (source from swiss-belhotel)

Right when we reach here, we are all excited to visit this place as we even have count down in our chatroom for this trip.

Palm Spring (2)

As you arrive you will be greeted with guard post, as the main lobby area are for drop off and pick up only. There are designated parking area for guest and public whereby a service van will pick up to head to the main area.

Palm Spring (21)

Palm Spring (5)

It was public holiday when we visit this place, and the place is pack with visitors which I am totally surprise  then found out that it was fully book another surprise.

Palm Spring (3)

We bring snacks and what we can think of to ensure we wont be hungry at night.

Palm Spring (4)

Wakaka, we found out that there are noting much to do around the area, then not to bored ourself, we brought our own game, Drinking Roullette Set. . :p

Palm Spring (20)

As we wait in the main lobby, ,waiting for the buggy service to travel us to the next main check point right at the heart of the resort to head to our respective room.

Palm Spring (19)

I was told that the main lobby the long stretch that ferrying us to our main hotel room area is about 800m in stretch and have yet calculate the branches out. That could be easily 1km walk if right from main lobby to your room.

Palm Spring (6)

Our hotel room reservation for the trip is  Canary Palm Villa that is about RM1800 per night if I am not mistaken. (rates changes on season)

Palm Spring (7)

As we enter our room, we love our room turning our air condition into full blast in this hot weather .

Palm Spring (8)

This magnificent villa with 82 square meters of space comes with two bedrooms with a combination of a queen-sized bed and twin beds, a separate luxurious marble four-fixture bathroom, and a lounge with spacious living areas. With its high thatched roof and warm wooden paneling, the villas exude rustic charm, a comforting and languid setting in the midst of natural beauty. Chill out on one of the two private terraces overlooking the sea. Peace and tranquility welcome you with their gentle hands. (source From Swiss-bellhotel)

Palm Spring (9)

Living room is pretty big also that easily accommodate 4 pax at 1 time.

Palm Spring (10)

View from my little balcony ..

Palm Spring (11)

and my neighbor .. 😀

Palm Spring (12)

   I have a huge toilet with rain shower head that I have no complain

Palm Spring (13)

Palm Spring (14)

This is the toilet in my friends room that occupy the queensize bed that have shower room and also a bath tub for you to enjoy your evening.

Palm Spring (15)

Palm Spring (16)

Palm Spring (17)

As we quickly change and head out to check what are the facilities that they have to offer.

Palm Spring (18)

View from the second lobby area.

Palm Spring (22)

We head back out to the main lobby area and took service van head to their extreme park. To have fun on the go cart ride is RM30 for 5  minutes if I am not mistaken.

Palm Spring (23)

We are all gear up with Tatt’s little cheeky nephew.

Palm Spring (24)

Ready to go . . and for children that under height or age, they have a pair seating whereby they can enjoy the race with more mature people to be driving the cart. Kids get to enjoy too . .

Palm Spring (25)

We were brief with safety measures before the start of the race and this round we have at least 8 riders.

Palm Spring (26)

Gentleman, please start your engine ..

Palm Spring (27)

5 minutes is really fast.. a few laps habis ..

Palm Spring (28)

Palm Spring (29)

Next all of us head to ATV ride where by is also about RM20 or RM30 for 1 lap, since all of us did not ride before we decided to make it a group trip. . .

Palm Spring (30)

Its a quick one lap like duck walking in a line, slow and being control by the warden. Not so fun as I thought. Apparently, if you want to have a ride with yourself, you can also challenge on the rider there.

Palm Spring (31)

Palm Spring (32)

Palm Spring (33)

Heading back to our hotel for a quick swim, with Ling and Collen

Palm Spring (34)

Infinity pool is pack with people and definitely not suitable to come during public holiday.

Palm Spring (35)

Rule number 1 is to have a quick shower only jump to the pool.

Palm Spring (36)

Right after quick swim we change and prepare to head for dinner as all of us are freaking hungry.

Palm Spring (41)

Then my friend didnt book the restaurant, and its full. Then we walk back to Sepoi Sepoi Cafe for a quick dining as we need to wait for 2 hours before our turn.

Palm Spring (42)

Nice cafe to sunk ourself onto to take a break . .

Palm Spring (43)

Food price is not cheap in this restaurant. .

Palm Spring (44)

Nan and Me

Palm Spring (45)

Tatt and nephew are very hungry so the dine first, best food (opps not best food, edible food is Chicken Rice)

Palm Spring (46)

this is my seafood spaghetti which is very disappointed. After one bite, none of us would want to continue further. Other food that the rest order, never bother to write about it.

Palm Spring (37)

Then we walk back to Stimboat Food Garden for our main meal.

Palm Spring (38)

Love the restaurant ambiance here, pleasant with peaceful environment

Palm Spring (39)

Palm Spring (40)

Palm Spring (47)

Palm Spring (48)

our steamboat set. Seafood is not fresh, soup is tasteless that we have to modified ourself, waiter and waitress here is very slow and we pity on the Manager as he have to work double hard as the rest are just plain lazy or don wan to ‘LAYAN’.

Palm Spring (49)

Palm Spring (50)

Palm Spring (50).0

the panoramic view of the area. . .

Palm Spring (51)

Some night shots. .

Palm Spring (52)

Palm Spring (53)

Buluh Bar

Palm Spring (54)

Palm Spring (55)

Palm Spring (56)

Palm Spring (57)

Palm Spring (58)

Palm Spring (59)

Of course  after dinner, rest a while and lets start our game. Finish 2 bottle and half of them KO…wkakaka

Palm Spring (60)

Wake up early next day to get my breakfast which I wont miss and do wake up early if you come here during public holiday as its gonna be filled with heavy crowd.

Palm Spring (61)

Food in here do not expect that much . . as long as it can fill your stomach then okay-lah!

Palm Spring (62)

Palm Spring (63)

Palm Spring (64)

Palm Spring (65)

Palm Spring (66)

Palm Spring (67)

Overall of the stay in this resort, wasnt so pleasant as the room is hot, and only single air condition being-used which is not enough to generate the coolness for the room. Most of us woke up middle of the night and complain why is it so hot!

With a 5 star resort and awards being won, dining was a bad experience especially on food quality with the price being charge is way too expensive along with their service. My friend event commented on the structural quality that they have.

To pay ourselves for a room RM1800 surely we would not, its because we manage to grab a good deal over a website, yet its still far expensive. I find that many other resorts in Malaysia will offer more and better service and with that rate I can easily compare to Pangkor Laut or any 5 star Hotel in Langkawi that worth every penny.

I will spend my money some where else but of course everyone will have different experience.

Remark: do bring Mee in the cup there as it taste much better than any of the hotels offering that I have dine, (comparing to the 3 dining area I have been)

For more rates and info, you can check it out here – http://www.swiss-belhotel.com

Sepang Goldcoast
No. 67 Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg. Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek,
43950 Sepang, Selangor

Genre: Horror/ Martial Arts

One of the reason for me to catch this  movie is the trailer seems not bad, and I have never watch any China Films before and decided to give it a try.

A film addapted by a famous Wu-Xia series, “The Great Four Detectives”, that Gordan Chan now will  film it in sequal. This will be part 1. This first part is about, solving a case on fake coins that floating in the market. The emperor had send their secret service team to find what is happening in the town and to trace some mystery too.

It is a movie that you have to watch with your imagination as they are fighting with super powers. A Drama and some of you might find it boring as I am impress to see a few famous line up too, like Colin Chou, Anthony Wong, Crystal Liu, Deng Chao and Ronald Cheng.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 7/10, not bad pun, watch it with low expectation :D. . . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Genre: Action

Guess another Hong Kong production as lately I have never put high hope from them anymore as it is quite disappointing on their production and story line.

with the latest movie Motorway about Hong Kong policeman pursuit team crack down against a syndicate that trying to rob a jewelry distributor. With star like Antony Wong and Shawn Yue are in the act that the nearly retired policeman were once aftering them and fail, with now his partner fighting so hard to go after them. Much to anticipation, he thought his partner on how to drive.

One very impressive part is how they manage to get thru on the alley with sharp 90degree turning escape from the police also in car park.

Not a bad movie afterall if you watch without expectation.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 6.5/10, okay lah . .  . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Genre: Animation/ Action/ Adventure

A young princess, being thought how to become a lady like princess by her mom, as she loves adventure and archery is her main fun game. As she grow older she dislikes everything that her mom being arrange for her, met a witch and told her she would like a change. Her wish was granted with a piece of cake with spell being cast upon.

Her mom turn into a bear and things happen between both of them. HAve to get rid of the curse at a certain time if not it will be permanent.

Quite okay to watch. I think watch in 3-D better.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 6.5/10, i find it okay lah . .  . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

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