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Fahrenheit 600 and a few other eateries in Publika is one of the longest standing outlet to be in this area, as I remember they were one of the first few to start operate in this block. Since then, this outlet is gaining its popularity over their pizza and some other Italian cuisine that they are offering, with that they have expended a coffee section too.

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I have visited this outlet numerous times over the years as their quality and pricing is there.

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fahrenheit 600 stands for their oven temperature and also found out that this outlet concept is inspired from US.

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This is their Coffee section with some cakes available too.

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Menu are pretty direct, ranging from All day Breakfast (which is a great bargain with their gigantic portion), signature pizza and pasta is pretty good too.

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Tried their Wood Fired @ RM 23.90 – wood fired roasted of pumpkins, smoked duck, on the bed of in house garlic brioche, topped with 2 poached egg.Sprinkled with feta cheeze, and drizzled with balsamic reduction. Indeed its a hearty breakfast to hit off with. Simple, and spot on.

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This portion I consider very generous as at the price of RM 24.90 with a serving that can be shared by 2 is their I Love NY. Oven Baked homemade chicken sausage, baked beans in tomato sauce, beef bacon, sauteed mushroom&  oven baked eggs  & Roasted sweet potatoes.

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Their Calzone is another pretty well know item in this restaurant as we try out Spinach Ham @ RM 20.90 – Turkey Ham, Spinach, Caramelize Onions, cream cheeze & Cheese.

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Love their latte too as it is a pretty strong coffee with tasting notes behind, where they do change their blend every now and then. It seems a lil robust to me where it is quite acceptable with a hint of acidity. Its a Brazilian and Mexican bean mix.

Somtimes when I am out of choices to eat and cravings for pizza, this is one of a place that I would turn to.

Recommended range: Any of their pizza & spaghetti (their new brunch menu is pretty good too)

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , one of a better kopitiam food for lunch! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fahrenheit 600

Solaris Dutamas
1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6206 3417
(Just off the main square of Publika, below the Red Bean Bag, across from Ben’s.)


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