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I have always try to imagine myself on surfing, and really wish to get a chance to stand on the board and surf under the huge wave when I was studying in Melbourne. Well, that was all just a dream and ended up got a chance to try out Kite Surfing. Never been dissapointed, as when  I saw this news, that end of November there is going to be a surfing competition – Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) by Rip Curl Pro, and this is the first time I heard about it and I am getting excited as its happening at Terengganu, Batu Burok Beach on Nov 30th to Dec 2nd.

This competition is not only about local, as its held on international level whereby surfers around the world will be heading to that venue to compete and challenge on the wave. Its a monsoon season and I am sure its gonna be a great place for surfers.


Rip Curl is also one of my favorite surf brands starting my high school period as that was the era of crazy fashion over Surf Brands. As years pass by, fashion change also their outlet design and their latest shop outlook is nice. Besides that, hit out to their outlet to check out on their latest collection.

Emcee - Joey G

As one of a familiar faces on local scene is Joey G emcee the event.

Fashion Show by students frm Amber Chia Academy

Right after that, we were shown on the latest collection with fashion model walk by Amber Chia Academy. Like their latest collection.

emcee Mr James Hendy - Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA

After the fashion show, Mr James Handy – Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA mention that Rip Curl (Malaysia) is proud to be the brand partnership with the State Government of Terengganu as Terengganu Rip Curl Pro surf contest 2012 is a surf event sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC). Which is a 6 star Pro Event.

Media QnA Session from left Ayin JonLee BryanNg BrendaLee VivianChew JamesHendy Semmy

As the Q&A session took place, here is what we can expect from the 3 days 6-star pro event along with many surfers hails from different regions of South East Asia are expected to compete in five different divisions:

– Men’s Open,
– Women’s Open
– Master Division
– Bodyboard Open
– Longboard Open

Well well, guess what? There are total estimated over RM 40,000 worth of prizes up for grabs for the participant’s surfers. Besides that, there’ll be other specialty awards such as “Best Malaysian Surfer” & “Best Surfer Wipeout”. For the finalist, they will be walking away with RM22,500 worth of Rip Curl Products.

Rip Curl Malaysia sees there are a lots of potential and strongly believes that both top surfers could grow together with the brand in terms of reaching out to the ladies target audience and educating the female on what is surfing is all about as our local talent Brenda Lee will be one of the competing participant, growing the local surfing community, providing a great opportunity to all Malaysian and serving as platform to anyone’s who is willing to give surfing a go and up scaling the surfing sports in our country.

From left - Jon Lee BryanNg BrendaLee VivianChew JamesHendy Semmy

Ahhh, since its on international level event, do we have our local talent to be compete in the category?  Yes and we sure do have our local talent to be competing are – second from left Bryan Ng which is he is Official Rip Curl Riders  follow by Brenda Lee (next) being the top lady surfer in Malaysia. The young kid on far right is only 17 years old and Rip Curl had just renew his official rider contracts.

Official Announcement of Terrenganu Rip Curl Pro 2012

Well, what do normal people like us are going to do when we are there? Of course it will be a great holiday gateway and not only that, people like me enjoy sunshine, looking at surfers and I will be checking out several fun-filled yet educational activities had been planned for the public with the aim to educate people from all walks of life about surfing activities. Indonesia top surfboard artists, Mr. Rizald from Bali will be the guest artists for the Surfboard Art Exhibition.  Also, there will be a booth with live demonstration of the overall actual process on making a surfboard. A surf clinic will be set-up for public to experience and learn how to surf. Jonni Morrison – Deaker, from the Rip Curl Bali Surf School, will conduct the surf clinic.

The Kronenbourg 1664 recently held a week long French Fashion Soiree in Pavilion with many members of media, bloggers and celebrity were invited to this French affair.

All of us were treated with the latest clothing fashion  showcase from Morgan de Toi, Celio and Theirry Mugler, while watching the show, we were given the exquisite taste of Kronenbourg 1664 beer to enjoy.

The center court of Pavilion were transform into Parisian street with Eiffel Tower stood stall behind as the background.

Let the fashion show begin . .

It was a great night to be there to see the latest collection and with many people dress impressively and there were also a winner of best dress as for ladies Stephanie Chua won it.

Definitely I am looking forward for more fashion shows. .

I always love fashion show, like the one what we get to see in fashion industry, part of it, I just love to take photo on this kind of events which recently one of the fashion event that I attend was organize by Lim Kok Wing University  for the final year 2010 students graduation showcase their creation and designs which is theme Creativity in Motion with involve students from 15 countries.

lim kok wing

Creativity in Motion is the fashion event that created to gives fashion students from School of Fashion and Retail Design to a chance to showcase stunning and glittering designs.

lim kok wing (2)

The catwalk runway for the night .. .  with more than 40 models involved.

lim kok wing (3)

lim kok wing (5)

lim kok wing (6)

lim kok wing (9)

lim kok wing (10)

lim kok wing (11)

lim kok wing (14)

lim kok wing (15)

lim kok wing (16)

lim kok wing (17)

lim kok wing (18)

lim kok wing (19)

lim kok wing (20)

lim kok wing (21)

lim kok wing (26)

lim kok wing (27)

lim kok wing (28)

lim kok wing (29)

lim kok wing (30)

lim kok wing (31)

lim kok wing (32)

lim kok wing (33)

lim kok wing (34)

lim kok wing (35)

lim kok wing (36)

lim kok wing (39)

lim kok wing (40)

So I tag along Esther and Shantee as one of the fashion blogger into this great event.

lim kok wing (41)

lim kok wing (45)

Thanks to Kah Wai for the great invites.

Recently Tai Zhi Heen had re-launch their restaurant with a new look that add on a new facelift that was close down for business for the renovation and now, with its new opening, lion dance group had been invited to add more ‘Ong’ to the restaurant and Carven Ong our local famous clothing designer had come out with a new design specifically just for this launch.


Mr Tim, General Manager of the hotel officiating the reopening of the restaurant

carven (2)

For busineses Chinese would always start off with Lion Dance to make the whole place more ‘Ong’ for the business.

carven (4)

After the lion dance kick start with fashion show by Carven Ong and his special design clothing just for this launch.

carven (5)

carven (6)

carven (7)

carven (8)

carven (9)

carven (3)

carven (10)

One of the main model that is no stranger to most of us is Miss Soo Win Ci

carven (11)

Another collection.

carven (12)

carven (13)

carven (14)


carven (15)

carven (16)

carven (17)

carven (18)

carven (19)

carven (20)

carven (21)

Miss Soo Win Ci and Carven Ong

carven (22)

Continue on wedding season for all the love birds and congratulations to all the newly weds as for my self, I still got a few wedding cards invites on hand. I guess when reach around my age, the red bomb that I received is going up which indicates that my pocket hole is burning. How big the damage did not know yet but recently I get a glimpse of what Princely Wedding Fair is all bout. The fair was participated with more than 26 wedding partners that covers from groom’s suites, photography, video, cakes, gifts and decorations.

Bridal Fair

One of the local talent on wedding cake baker which is no longer a stranger to the local market that some media had showcase on his work which is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (2)

Yet with macarons is quite famous in foreign countries and unique at local market, he would be one of the few that made this in local.

Bridal Fair (3)

This is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (4)

Besides that, one of our lucky friend, ‘Cheong Man Yuk’ got selected to be one of the models for the day with make up from bubblybrides.com and gown from De Rain Atelier.

Bridal Fair (6)

At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur had what it takes to transform your wedding into a memorable event. The Prince offers you a host of specially tailored wedding packages and benefits that will definitely lend a touch of class and elegance to your wedding. In addition, there is also the choice of orchestrating the whole event to suit your taste and requirements. Which ever you choose, you are assured of the Prince’s special Touch.

Bridal Fair (7)

With a many of the designs and packages to choose from.

Bridal Fair (8)
Types of wedding deco for tables.

Bridal Fair (5)

Then we head for the lunch that had prepared and the desert area that tempt me the most with the deliciously looking cakes.

Bridal Fair (10)

This two was caught in action for eating too much..keke

Bridal Fair (11)

Ken, Carven Ong and his friends.

Bridal Fair (12)
Start off the fashion show with Carven Ong Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. To view more click here.

Bridal Fair (13)

Bridal Fair (14)
Carven Ong’s latest design for wedding gawns.

Bridal Fair (15)

Bridal Fair (16)

Bridal Fair (17)

Bridal Fair (18)

Bridal Fair (20)

Bridal Fair (21)

Bridal Fair (22)
Love this piece with its nice fabric and design.

Bridal Fair (24)

Bridal Fair (25)
Miss Malaysia and Carven

Bridal Fair (26)

Bridal Fair (27)
His design never fails to impress.

Bridal Fair (28)
Besides that, if you were to put a Just Married sign behind this car, its just as good as it seen on cartoons. :p

Bridal Fair (29)
This is the lucky with that had transform to a pretty Witch and another lucky lady got chosen to be a model too.

Bridal Fair (30)
This are the two couples are going to get married very soon.

Bridal Fair (31)
Of course must camwhore with her a bit.

Bridal Fair (32)
bubblybrides.com the owner that put on the make up for Witch. Its simple that doesnt look like put on heavy make up yet bring up her features or I would say, simple and nice.

Bridal Fair (33)

Bridal Fair (34)
Then we got a chance to shoot them for their Beta version of wedding.

Bridal Fair (35)

Bridal Fair (36)
Head onto one of the Honeymoon suits that offer by Price.

Bridal Fair (37)

Bridal Fair (40)
and also get pampered at Mandara Spa at Prince. Just love the ambiance in it, relaxing yet soothing and just makes me feel like I am at another dimension.

Bridal Fair (39)

Bridal Fair (38)

Bridal Fair (41)

Not only that, all the couples that had made a reservation and hosting their wedding dinner at Prince Hotel will stand a chance to walk away with the exclusive prize that had arrange by Prince.

Princely Wedding Contest 2010 Prizes


1st Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel Waikiki Hawaii2nd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel New Takanawa Tokyo

3rd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Khum Phaya Resorts & Spa Chiang Mai

* Vacation is inclusive of a 3 days/2 nights stay accommodation at the said hotels with return air-tickets for two persons. Other terms and conditions apply.

In addition to that, a total worth of RM30,000 cash vouchers sponsored by the wedding fair partners are up for grabs and are exclusively available to couples who sign up and confirm their wedding dinner reception at Prince held from January to December 2010!

The wide range of facilities offered in this Wedding Fair makes it a perfect place to hold a wedding reception. If you are planning to pop the question this year, do check out with the hotel’s wedding planner at [email protected].

Every Princely wedding package includes a complimentary one-night stay in the romantic heavenly decorated Bridal Suite complete with complimentary wedding gifts followed with a Princely Wedding Breakfast the next morning.


I have witness on that day for the draw of 2009 and one of the lucky couple that host their wedding dinner at the hotel got their whole dinner package refunded which is around RM50 000. I believe that couple really had an awesome wedding dinner yet being this lucky. Congrats to them.

* I am giving away a voucher worth RM600 (tnc) to be redeem at Carven Ong Couture Botique with one conditions: what is your most romantic marriage proposal? ( can be imaginative, or real experience) the most romantic comment will walk away with the voucher.
Prince Hotel
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2170 8634

Carven Ong – Year 2010 is another brand new year yet could not be be better that I actually got invited to Carven Ong’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection fashion show. It was truly amazing and impress to feel how actually a real stage of fashion is all about. Truely take my breath away for my year 2009 for the very first fashion show I attended. Besides showcasing Carven’s collection, it also part of Carven Ong’s Academy graduation with his students showcasing their masterpiece.

As in fashion show, so this post will load with a lot of pictures.

Carven Ong name which is no stranger to anyone in the fashion industry as he had made his name well know thru his hardship and great designs that amaze people as a local designer with international standard. He start to made his name at MODA Wanita Fashion show in 1991 and since then he had grow till today as a great designer and great entrepreneur.


Being too happy to first attend a fashion show which is always one of my dream.
All of us getting ready to get a glimpse of the show.
GM of Prince Hotel and Residence Mr Lyndon Discombe and Shirley Hoo Director of PR Marketing.
A Cut Above lady boss.
The guy in the middle is a famous fashion writer for The Star and his outfit is specially design by Carven himself.
A lot of VIP’s were invited to attend this great show and ambassador
The panel judges for Carven Ongs Academy.

The preview of the students work.
Quite impressive.

and lets start the fashion show for tonight with students collection first.

Could not deny more that with a great mentor, produce great students. I am totally impress with how the creativity the students are.
The event was also perform by Soo Win Ci Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009. She has the talent for singing.
Right after the performance, this were the moment that we were waiting for, Carven Ong’s Spring/Summer collation, that I have always thought he only does wedding dress. His design is always impressive.

With The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is called Snacas’ Spell” (snaca old English word of ’snake’) – an inspiration like mimicking human mutating into cold-blooded creatures: a tiny step toward the dark side. The long evening gowns are electrifying sexy and elegant with the snake design coil around the heads, clasping through waists, entwined on body and throats as a symbol of Eve’s temptation and of elegance, as it’s seen in Greek Mythology.

I am truely amazed and very impress with his collection with such a great colour combination and potray with his theme very well.

With the ceremony of the student’s graduation.
Met one of my friend Karl Ng also another great local designer.
Amber Chia and me
Famous Radio DJ KK and me
Naz, Shirley and his wife.
This of course the glamour pic. 🙂
Sunny one of the upcoming star. Kekeke….
The great people in year 2009. Sidney, me and Shirley.
Me and Coco
of course Sunny(BigBoysOven) and his cakes collection.
Not to be miss, Carven himself.
my great group of friends for year 2009 where are friendship started.

Naz and Me
Naz with the rest.
The friends that I really have to thank for. Thank you guys!~!@~
and with the rest of us, signing out with thanks to Shirley, Ken, Carven and Sidney for this great opportunity and great evening with astonishing show. Surely signing off with great 2009 and looking for more in year 2010.
Note: CK, Ken and the rest…Thanks for the photosssss!~@!~!@~

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