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Remark: This post is inspired by a #kopitiam series I heard over BFM – scarcity of seafood, some reality food show and some of my experience that I encountered over past years.

Who do not love seafood? Malaysia certainly being blessed with many type of food that we can enjoy, not only with one cooking method but with a few varieties from different races. Before an actual meal is cooked, it involves processes such as buying the best ingredients from wet market.

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Wet market. Whom of you out there have not visited one. I remember back in those days when I was a kid, I was constantly drag by my grandma or mom to accompany them to market as part of more like a person to help them carry staff which they bought. It can be very heavy with some purchase of meat and seafood item.

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During the processes, you will certainly hear the most famous phrase from most buyers or auntie after checking out the price display on the deck which will the bargaining process. Most of these housewife,auntie, grandma have great bargaining skills that they are able to bargain either from price or if there are no discounts, they would get one or two items extra.

I was also constantly taught by both my grandma and mom that everything you buy from market must look at their weight when putting it on the weighing machine to ensure you get what you are looking for.  This is natural human behavior when we were at wet market at that time as thru the environmental influence.


What about when we go to fancy restaurant? We often got carried off on a great meal that we are looking forward after long day or a great gathering with friends and families. Upon ordering, we always order on what recommendation from the restaurant manager themselves and we just placed the order happily till we forgot the processes when I was thought in market where the environmental influence kicks in.

There are certain restaurant that will show you the seafood that you have ordered along with a scale before putting into cooking and some they just came out such as one of the restaurant that me and my best friend visited, we know they charged premium and we are happily being charged by it because of the quality and services. I am sure some of you felt  ripped off on certain occasions.

For me it is such as this two occasions:

1: traveling to Johor and my friend introduce me one her favourite place. Then by looking so many people ordering crab, we have decided to order and our carelessness was did not ask for the pricing per kg before ordering. When paying for our bills, it is sky rocket and we got no choice but have to pay (which I did not blog about it).

2: Used to be one of my favourite all time place to be, till I pay a visit back to them early 2015 and since then have promise not to go back because of quality of crab and price, where we felt the amount we ordered do not justify on the amount that came out (review).


It was not until this experiment kicks in, where I hunt a few restaurants and the results got my eyebrows raised as high as the sky through this findings. I am not too sure what had happen during the process, where now I am just as curious as a 3 year old kid on this.

  1. Crab Factory

crab factory (5.0)

crab factory (5)

2. Crab Hut

crab hut (2)

crab hut (5)

crab hut (4)

3. Crazy Crab


Crazy Crab 1

Crazy Crab 2

4. Just Seafood


Just Seafood 1

Just Seafood 2

5. Shell Out


shell out (2)

shell out (3)

6. Fatty Crab

Fatty Crab (2)

Fatty Crab (3)

Out of nowhere my friend, suddenly suggest go eat Fei Lou Hai or known as Fatty Crab Restaurant. Cuz she mention that has been long long time didnt go eat arleady.

[Its funny to read back how I wrote 5 years ago]

fattycrab (1)

Her last visit was last year. My last was like about 1 year ago. It was a crave for them last year(their season) can say like the go every 2-3 weeks once but cannot be denied that the crowd there is always full. The best time to go is around 7pm and bad time to go is 7.30pm-9.00pm whereby you have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table(depends on the amount of ppl) usually big group have to wait longer.

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This is their favourite ‘Century Eggs’ where they never miss. Taste good for this. Do not know how to describe. Know how to put into my mouth only for this 1. RM 6 each.

I still remember when I watch Fear Factor last year in AXN which this is one of the dish that they have to eat and that host was telling them that this egg had been stored for century already. It was funny that they way how he describe it but turns out to be one of the dish that we are eating today.

fattycrab (3)

One of their famous ‘Chicken Wings. It was perfectly fried with golden brown layer and the softness of the meat in there is still been preserve. The taste goes very well with the cili sauce provided. RM 24 for this with 2 plates of the same amount(cannot remember how many pieces we ordered).

fattycrab (8)

fattycrab (4)

fattycrab (6)

Satay turns out to be not bad. Well marinated and peanut gravy sauce is more towards sweet end.

fattycrab (7)

Knowing that we are all hungry people, so start off with ‘Fried Rice’ RM20 each for this and can you believe that it is a plate for 10 people to eat. After giving every one small bowl, it is just not enough. Can onli fit a small small portion in our stomac. So order another 1.

Never fail to order the ‘R00oti Bakar, looks plain but sure do it is very crispy till like eating crackers on the edge, abit soft on the middle. RM1.50

The purpose of the roti bakar is to eat along with the gravy of the sweet and sour sauce. To make it more interesting and tasty, order a extra bowl of gravy and also request for the chili. Depends on your lvl of spiciness then you mix both of it into 1 bowl and eat along with the roti. Surely you will be satisfied.
fattycrab (9)
Cheng cheng cheng…here comes the main dish of the night whereby every 1 look at it by licking their saliva in their mouth. The ‘Sour and Spicy Crab’ Then we were suddenly told to stop!!!
Yeong trying to check whether the crab is fresh or not by poking on it how she does it I have no idea but she sure do have her own skill as her parents used to run a restaurant before. After QC check got pass from the tester and the crab just gone in seconds.
Cannot be denied that they still have their quality there. The freshness of the crab whereby the meat is hard and u tear it out it is in slices. The gravy of it of course it is spicy, sweet and abit sour. As expected. You will suck every last drop of the gravy on the crab and on your finger but of course a bit disappointed of the size of the crab for that day. It is a bit small compare to last time. Maybe just the season.

fattycrab (10)

Next is the ‘Steam Crab’ which I prefer the most. They add in some chinese wine, and the soup base that had been created out during the steaming process is very nice to be slurp with. You can taste the freshness of a crab in this steam style rather than the spicy and sour crab. Because that style can cover up some bad taste crabs. Total for the crab for 10 person is around RM224


Of course usually if you want to have fresh crabs, it is advisable to go as early as possible whereby they will take from the most fresh to start off with and to the worst. Go early is also to avoid the long wait.

The total bill comes to RM340 inclusive of 5% gov tax. The service is not bad with such a high pace environment they are able to provide you the things as requested.

A very satisfied meal.

[Repost & Updated 15/1/2015] – Ori post is Apr 28th 2009 –

Used to be one of my recommended place for crab and I came back to visit this place again last week and glad I was early to avoid those crazy long queue. Usual, would be ordering those crabs and guess what, the next 2 days 4 of us end up running toilet numerous times. Posted in FB, and a few of my friend also had similiar cases. Price had been expensive and crab serve is not that fresh. WONT be returning again. From ratings of 10, now I give you 5. Now 4 person cost RM 304 with a total of 3 kg crab (if I remember correctly) + chicken wings and small fried rice.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , not so good as it used to be –

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Restaurant Fatty Crab
No.2, Jalan SS24/13,
Taman Megah,
47301 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03.7804 5758

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