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Last weekend we had a great time at Sunway Lagoon and all thanks to Coway. Coway is actually an establish company in Korea since 1989 that offers home appliances to meet consumer’s needs for better indoor environment, they are also known as the leading home-wellness appliances manufacturer and last weekend Saturday they launched its Coway Spa Water Softener by installing 48 units at Sunway Lagoon Theme park people experience the ‘wonders of soft water’.

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The launch is held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach . . . .

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According to Mr.Hoe Kian Choon, Senior Sales GM that this would be new thing in our Malaysian industry as this Water Softener is another healthier option for our home living as it gives us smoother and softer skins as it is design for a better shower experience and improves skin moisture levels within two weeks, besides that as it is equipped with a composite filter to remove chlorine germs and floating substances from tap water while its Ion Exchange Resin on function.

The company also achieved an impressive 100% sales growth for the year 2010 and its expecting to grow rapidly for upcoming years. As for now, you can try out the Spa Water Softener for free at your house with Coway exclusive 14 days trail period and do hurry up, as there are only 1000 units available.

check out their website: www.coway.com.my

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With Ning Baizura, 988 DJ Sam, Vanidah Imran & May June are there to hype it up . also gone through some questions espcially how do they feel after using the Coway soft water system.


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Then we head to Pergola B to see more of their other products which I did not even realise, as I always remember Coway are quite famous for their water filter machines. .

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This water purifier system from Coway was used in my ex company . ..

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Of course their feature product for this launch would be the soft water and another famous product I know on the company is the Air Purifier. .

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Coway Bidet System which is for toilet hygiene also Water Purifier .

(picture from Xiangcool)

The Coway Spa Water Softener is selling at retail RM1900 or you can opt for a rental plan with a monthly fee of RM70

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After the tour, we head to their mini pampering sessions that they had prepare for us.

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Of course I will be exicted to do foot reflexlogy as they give it free for 10 minutes . ..

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and like this guy Ben as his amount of energy pressing on my foot is just what I like. . of course it is pain since the last time I did it was 2 years ago?

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Girls do get their pampering too, with classic pedicure available for them . .

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What’s this? prefer tattoo on your hand? face paint?

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After I observe Caroline what the whole purpose only realise that its a blink blink mini tattoo . . can be on anywhere u like. .

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she and her blink blink tattoo . .

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Then my turn, is with this design I find it unique then the lady combines the colour for me..black and red blink blink . .

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Of course if you want to be more macho or sexier for the day that you do not want to have permanent tatto, this Air Brush Tattoo keeps you going or get you high for the day . . 😀

me and Caroline

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Of course funny people on the event are Lional Ong, Witch, Caroline and  Eric Lee..

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This fellow, can do any kind of baloon design you want. .

At the end of the session we were pamper with some food . . .

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Indeed it was another great weekend outing with all fellow bloggers and friends.. Its great to see all of you there~

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