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Update – 27/12/2015 – Uncle Lim Fish Ball 


On the way to find my brother and thought of this shop that serve pretty good fish ball noodle and decided to pay them a visit again, only realize that they have changed their name to Restaurant 38 for now as previously their details is as below with Uncle Lim Fish ball. As for now, not too sure is it still the same owner. However the quality of fish ball still remains the same.

In a beautiful Sunday morning where I took my car for a car wash, while waiting and I was hungry then me and my friend walked around and discover a shop that sell fish ball. We were deciding which shop to dine at, either this and the one opposite but this shop looks better and classic as its more pack with customer. After seated, only realize this shop only sells fish ball (my thought – I don prefer fish ball) but since we are here, why not give it a try.

fish bal

A shop that hidden at Taman United that drawn its own crowd, which had been operating for many years around this neighborhood.

fish bal (2)

fish bal (3)

When I saw this logo, I thought it would be a famous shop as the recent trend, alot of people are using their grandparents picture to put as their shop logo.

fish bal (4)

Two of them were busy preparing orders for dine in and also take away. Then I place the order for one soup base and one dry. After that I walked to the toilet and only discover something at the back of the shop.

fish bal (7)

‘Fishball Noodles Soup with Fish Ball and Minced Pork’ @ RM5.00

The order came, it do look plain which I thought it would not taste nice, my friend said, try la since got mixed pork sure would taste better that prove her right, I had underestimate it. Hot clear soup with hint of fish taste (as they cook the fish ball in it) taste mild and sweet after mixing in the mince meat it taste even better, a bit more saltier and aromatic.

Fish ball sure do look tempting to me, as it is white smooth round balls in my bowl and once I bite it I finish the whole 4 at one shot. It was springy, chewy and love the not so solid texture of it.

fish bal (8)

For the dry version, we find that the sesame oil is a bit strong that over power most of the taste in noodle and also mince pork.

fish bal (5)

My discovery at the back of the shop that I had a short coversation with him. He is friendly and I only realise the logo of the shop, Uncle Lim is him. He told me, most of the morning he spend time sitting there skinning all the meat of the fresh fish which he bought from the market. Those fish that are not fresh wont make a perfect fish ball.

fish bal (6)

His business were so good that, he mention daily he sell about 100kg of fish meat and he told me must write about his another branch which is at Mid Valley Food Court on Level 2 which caught me by suprise too. These are the fish meat that will mince with some ingredient and hand beaten by them to create a springy fish ball that can bounce (like Chow Sing Chi Movie – which I forgot what is the title of it)

For me, this shop would be one of the best fish ball noodle shop I have come accross so far in KL area. My friend and me are looking forward to go again for such a lovely breakfast which is not so heavy yet perfect worth recomending.

*remarks: soup base is recommended

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Very Good ah~ Recommended~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kedai Kopi Song Wan (松园茶餐室)
No 38, Jalan Sepadu,
Batu 5, Taman United,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 KL
Tel: 03- 7982 1021
Rest day: Wednesday

Mid Valley
2nd floor Food Court

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