Flying Malaysia Airlines to Labuan


It has been a long time since I last fly with Malaysia Airlines. During my university time, this airline is my main traveling airline to travel with. Since then head back to Malaysia to start working budget was a constrain to go along with them till this year, I went on board again with them twice. Flying Malaysia Airlines to Labuan

With our currency now is packing lower, therefore traveling interstate would be more ideal at the moment. As many of you know that the national airlines had since then been privatize  and since  1 September 2015 they have launch a new sequal aims to enhance inflight experiences and to promote local and regional travels.

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This would be my first time heading to Labuan and MAB have 3 daily flights to the state. Flight to that state takes about 2hours and 30 minutes.

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For those of you whom are frequent flyers, you are able to enjoy Golden Lounge facilities as there are two of them actually. One domestic and one international.

Mas (3) For this round, we get to enjoy the domestic lounge, and being first time in this area got me excited too. Huge seating area, overlooking all the planes and kids would love it.  Mas (4)

Mas (5) For a stop by or coming early to enjoy the facilities is worth it as they have food & drinks available. Mas (6)

Mini buffet spread is prepared.

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Warm food to fill in your stomach from local Asian favourite to western.

Mas (11) Waiting to go on board with Joan, Bee Hong, Farez & Kattie.Mas (12)

Pilot Parker welcomes you on board to Malaysia Airlines which is actually one of their best seller merchandise.

Mas (13) Greeted by friendly air steward and stewardess. .  Right before you enter, you get to choose local newspaper dailies for your reading pleasure with 3 languages.Mas (14)

They sure do change their seating and interior compare to last round I was on board with them.

Mas (15) One of the paper that I always read. If you are keen to get other newspaper, you can request from the air steward.  Mas (16) All the seats are being place with a headphone and of course with in flight entertainment, my first priority is always looking at their most recent blockbuster movie. Pretty good selection for local flight. Mas (17) If you are looking for a place to charge your phone, a USB port is available next to the controller and if you are looking to charge your laptop with a plug, it is right below your seating frame.Mas 80 (3)

Mas (18)

For the flight, it comes with a warm meal and any soft drinks or juices which is available on the push cart.

Mas 80 (1) Love their seating area as always, they have comfortable leg roomMas 80 (2)

Do check out their website for promo and more details: Malaysia Airlines

FB Page: www.facebook.com/my.malaysiaairlines


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