Ford Fiesta Sports 1.5L Ti-VCT


It is a great weekend and did got a pleasure to test drink for this Ford Fiesta Sports 1.5L Ti-VCT Edition. So since its a weekend and got this car for 3 days, taking it further to and maximizin  the capability of this car. Oh well, before this, I did drove my best friends car also Ford Fiesta few years back when on a road trip from Kelantan back to KL, do love the car handling in highway. Heavy and steady!

Fiesta (1)

For all this Ford Fiesta definitely Sports Edition is one of the edition which is more eye catchy as that makes them one of the reason as one of a top seller range among the younger driver.

Fiesta (1)

Comes with sleek curvy back edge and 16″inch alloy rims.

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Fiesta (3)

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With its body kit is integrated with LED day-time running lights, SE decals, Philips Vision Ultra light bulbs, scuff plates and a Blaupunkt Blue Magic Subwoofer.

Fiesta (5.1)

When first saw this car, the front look of it do tell me it looks like another car till it hit me on the movie James Bond when he was driving Aston Martin. The grill front do give those impression with its combination of sharp end on the headlights.

Fiesta (6)

Fiesta (8)

Fiesta (9)

The body of the car sure do feel solid even as when you close the door. You do feel it, its much heavier or solid compare to many car brands out there under similar range.


Fiesta 2 (2)

Love the interior inside, as everything seems logic and pretty advance to me. It is all carefully place and does not look weird. One of the cool factor that many cars have now is the keyless entry with push start button.

Fiesta 2 (4)

To make it more cool, it comes with keyless entry and the button on the bottom left is the button to push start the engine.

Fiesta 2 (3)

I might be new to all this new technology as find this SYNC Audio System, Bluetooth Connectivity & Voice Command is pretty cool. Just turn on your phone bluetooth then if you choose to sync it with your phone, all details in phonebook will be paired and the rest you just use your voice to look for your phonebook data, voice to call or reject call.

Besides that, they have include, the brand’s in-car connectivity system that connects mobile devices to the car via Bluetooth or USB. The build in EcoMode software application is to measure on your driving patterns.

Fiesta 2 (5)

Fiesta 2 (6)

On the door window button it do not feel plasticity at all, .

Fiesta 2 (7)

Although its a pretty compact car, passenger on behind sure do have a small leg room space, needless to say those who sit behind me will be even worst as I am standing at 185cm, leg room left will be good for kids.

Fiesta 2 (9)


Fiesta 2 (10)

What was given on small leg room do give another option that they do have a pretty huge car boot, looking at a car such as this.

Fiesta 2 (11)

Taking a ride with this car is exiciting with its awesome pick up, smooth transition of gears that do not really jerk as you drive per other car. Pressing on full acceleration for pick up upon passing another car is amazing on the sound of dropping gears and pick up is just right. This is the power of Powershift that build into it.

Fiesta 2 (13)

Suspension build in car do amaze me as with this slightly bumpy terrain, with path holes here and there we do not really feel it as shaky though.

Fiesta 2 (14)

Handling of car is amazing, as I can feel it is heavy which I believe from its body condition itself and turning a 70% degree at 80kmh to 100kmh is not really a problem or without your heart pounding is it gonna skied.

Fiesta 2 (1)

For a car with 1,498cc and cruising at highway at 150 kmh does not feel anything as its still pretty quiet from the wind factor and I have brought it to 180kmh and its still solid steady. Loving it. (at the speed is only demo meant for this test drive.)



Its a nice car to drive around city, as I have always love small compact cars for one reason. Easy parking. Even off to Cafe Hopping, its pretty convenient to find a car park slot with the size of the car. Not only that, as the car comes with 6 Speakers which is just nice for audio. Add in a amp I believe it will be a pretty decent sound system.

Fiesta 2 (15)


During rain, it do trigger their a rain sensor/auto wiper system and as over safety precaution, comes with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), traction control, ABS with EBD, emergency brake assist, rear Isofix mounts and hill launch assist which prevent the car from declining when you are in slop condition for a few seconds before it move back. and a Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) with Immobilizer

Fiesta 2 (16)

During night, the colour combination for the car meter and the rest of the colour is pleasant. Cleverly they have 2 mini lights that build on the main lighting area that shine very dimply to the handbrake which makes it slightly easy to find things without putting on the lights.

Fiesta 2 (17)

Too add in cool factor for the car exterior, they do have a mini LED light build upon at both side mirror that shine on the floor. Think its kinda petrol savvy as RM60 will takes you to about 400-500km (depending how you drive).

Why not check out yourself for this car by test drive at their nearest outlet. Price on Road are as below for 2 variants, with 1.0 Ecoboost & Ford Fiesta 1.5.

Ford Fiesta 1.0Ford Fiesta 1.5

Ford Fiesta Warrenty

Comes with pretty decent warranty.

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