On my first night of arrival, my best friend directly drove me to one of his favourite Fish and Chip place Kailis Fish Market Cafe which have more local diners compare to the other one right opposite. This restaurant is also known for their award winning fish and chips and recipe since 1928.

Kailis (1)

Moving from Fishing business to restaurant where since the opening of Kailis’ Fish Market Café in December 1986, turnover has more than trebled and the business has garnered numerous accolades. It has won on 3 occasions the coveted “Sir David Brand Award for Best Popular Restaurant & Food Service for Tourists” and has been inducted into the State’s Tourism Hall of Fame. Victor was named ‘Employer of the Year’ by the Restaurant & Catering Association and, most recently, Kailis’ Fish Market Café was voted ‘Best Fish and Chips in the Metropolitan Area’ at the Western Australian Fishing Industry Awards.

Kailis (2)

This place sure do give me the feeling of classic fast food chain like our A&W at Amcorp Mall or KFC lot in Penang nearby Penang Plaza. Of course the ambiance here is much better and they have 2 counters. One is for you to choose on all your favourite fresh seafood and cook accordingly after that. Another counter is where you place the order of all classic fried items.

Kailis (3)

Kailis (4)

Kailis (5)

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After you pick up your order, you can hit into their condiments counter.

Kailis (7)

This is their first counter as you walked in you will be greeted with all this fresh seafood.

Kailis (8)

Kailis (9)

Their pastries and dessert counter. So tempting.

Kailis (10)

Kailis (11)

Gelato Taste good too as I tried some by testers.

Kailis (12)

Ordered Traditional Fish & Chips Family Meal (4 pieces of fish) @ AUD  28.90 and a bowl of seafood Chowder @ AUD 12.70. Love the classic fish and chips where it did not over fried the fish yet fish is fresh, soft, juicy and do eat along with their tartar sauce. Seafood Chowder is quite decent too as it is quite thick in flavour and thick in where it is more like a gravy instead of soup.

Kailis (13)


Kailis (14)

Ordered pan fried scallop with chips at the fresh seafood counter and a bowl of marinated octopus with olive seasoning @ AUD 6.90 per serving. Scallop is so fresh and cook to perfection.

Kailis (15)

Kailis (16)

Try out some of the beers. Pipsqueak Apple Cider.

Kailis (17)

3 of us finish the whole ordered and we were too full. Was tour around the area and it is very windy that night. Love the cold wind.

Kailis (18)

Kailis (19)

Kailis Fish Market Cafe
46 Mews Rd, Fremantle
WA 6160, Australia

Operating hours:
Sat & Sun : 8AM–9PM
Mon-Fri : 8AM–8:30PM

Website: kailis.com/fremantle

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One of my purpose by travelling to Perth is to visit one of my favourite boutique beer, Little Creatures Brewery that located at Fremantle. This suburb is also one of my favourite suburb that is filled with many nice scenery and food. This micro-brewery has built a strong reputation, being one of the largest you can find in the area. This micro brewery also turn into one of my favourite hang out spot where I drop by here 3 times for their beers.

Little Creature (3)

It is hard for you to miss them when you are at the fishing village area.

Little Creature (4)

Love this kind of set up as the interior is a huge warehouse setting being situated right next to the large brewing containers, and all the beers are from this huge barrels.

Little Creature (25)

For visitors/ travelers like me, drop by Little Creatures Brewery Brewhouse first where you can get a tester set for free and they are pretty generous over it as they gave you a full platter of their series in shot glass. Besides that, it is also a purchasing warehouse where you can buy off all their beers back home and also their merchandise.

Little Creature (26)


Little Creature (27)

Little Creature (16)


Little Creature (17)

Little Creature (18)

Little Creature (19)

Little Creature (20)

this is what I mean generous as there are 4 of us, we got four platters.

Little Creature (22)

Yum Seng!

Little Creature (23)

Little Creature (5)

After that, I head over to their restaurant and bar area which is located directly next door to grab my beer and snacks. There are quite number of the items in the menu are fairly interesting.

Little Creature (7)

Little Creature (8)

Little Creature (9)

My first glass Winter Solstice – Brown IPA

Little Creature (11)

During my last visit, they have seasonal special brew beers as I tried both. This was during their Winter 2015.

Little Creature (12)

Little Creature (10)

Love their seasonal stout – Return of the Dread – Extra Stout. Not to bitter yet it is creamy on the top and smooth finishing. Love the after taste that give you a little hint of coffee.

Little Creature (13)

Little Creature (6)

Little Creature (14)

One of my favourite spot with chill wind and facing the sea and dock.

Little Creature (15)

Little Creature (24)

During night, it is pack with hungry diners and on that night it was very cold with strong wind, where there are no one sitting outside.

Indeed one of a craft brewery that you should drop by.

40 Mews Rd, Fremantle
WA 6160, Australia

Operating Hours:
Little Creatures Brewery
Saturday : 9AM–12AM
Sunday : 9AM–11PM
Monday – Friday 10AM–12AM

Tel: +61 8 6215 1000

Website: littlecreatures.com.au

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