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Marrybrown Salted Egg Meal is BACK!!!

Slowly I am turning into a fan of Marrybrown. A local brand that had been in our market since 1981. To surprise you, they have 500 restaurants across 16 countries . The group been growing steadily and getting hyped up over their egg-cited Salted egg yolk series. Carefully curated and R&D over the years had make a huge come back with a slight twist on this new Marybrown Salted Egg Meals. Available in two options. Diners can hit on their…

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Chicken House (치킨하우스) at Solaris KL

There were once a Korean Chicken fever, where with two main franchise chain in the big hit. It was not until Rif asked me, Hey! Have you tried this place before?” they serve one of the best Korean fried Chicken. I was like “nope” proudly. Till recently I gave it a try. Indeed, I vouch that what he said its true. Chicken House, located at Solaris KL is currently sits top in my list for best Korean Fried Chicken. Found…

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Best Nasi Lemak @ Restaurant Wong Soon Kee, SS14,PJ

[Repost cause old pictures were deleted accidentally] Restaurant Wong Soon Kee is one of my place that I used to eat alot during when I was studying at Metropolitan College back in those very long long time ago. Let me seee…I think should have been around 6 years already as I left Metro was year 2003.hmmmmm….back in those days, would eat late lunch if we crave to go here makan. Cuz they start operating after 2pm. Go too early also…

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Famous Anuar’s Fish Head Curry & Indian Apam @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Past weekend, I get a chance to follow BangsarBabe for lunch outing. Then she introduce us one of her favourite spot in Lucky Garden that she come very often which is Anuar’s Kari Kepala Ikan (Anuar’s Fish Head Curry)/ Bangsar Fish Head corner. On this spot, its hard for you to miss as during lunch time, it will be very pack and long queue. Then only get to know that, he is no stranger to many local residence there and…

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Village Park Nasi Lemak @ Damansara Uptown

This place is totally new to me as Nicole told me she is gonna bring me to her favourite nasi lemak stall in Uptown I was like, “huh, there got famous Nasi Lemak one meh?” she said yes! just meet her there and I could not even remember there was one located along the stretch of HSBC. Have not met her in ages as she is busy travelling around and its a great to see her again. Village Park Nasi Lemak…

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Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar @ Wangsa Maju

Many of us know Ramlee Burger is a little stall that operate by road side or in neighborhood area to cater small little demand around the place and not many burger stall actually are good and to hunt for really nice one, is just a few. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar is taking the lead for burger evolve. Well, I should say that burger do evolve and we do know that alot restaurant do their burger patties to be unique from other restaurant and this is…

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