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To some of the folks that stays in this area, famous Johnny’s Prawn Mee at Fullhouse Cafe is no stranger to many . He is known to serve nice Prawn Noodle (Har Mee) in this neighborhood. As what I have been told, He had now move to a new premises that operating the whole kopitiam by himself.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (2)

Do come here early as his Penang hokkien mee solds out before 1.30pm as it really depends on your luck on the amount of crowd on that day.

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There are other food stalls for you to try it out too. As been here couple of times for their food and turns out to be not too bad.

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Fried chicken smells good but have yet try before.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (7)

The colour seems legit and smells good.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (15)

Full House Cafe in Taman Subang Murni is quite comfy and clean. The owner pack nearly every wall with fan.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (12)

Here you go on Johnny Famous Prawn Noodle in Subang. Been here couple of times as the ingredient put along in it is very inconstant. Believe is due to the stock of the day. Sometimes you got shell prawns, sometimes you got other prawns. So this is just for reference purpose.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (11)

Soup is quite solid, thick and pack with flavour. I do love my prawn noodle with 1 full spoonful of chilli to enhance the spiciness and flavour of it. Quite generaous for a prawn noodle stall to give you 2 big prawns and it is only RM 8 per bowl. 

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Johnny Hokkien MEe (14)

Noodle texture he is quite different as the yellow thick noodle is slightly more chewy in texture that give you a nice chewing bite that is near to al dante spaghetti. Loving it.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (9)

He is also well know for his Koey Teow soup. Available in Duck meat or Chicken meat. The soup base is pack with flavour too and wont be disappointing for your appetite in breakfast or lunch. Quite generous in ingredient too. Ranging from RM 7 onwards.

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Johnny Hokkien MEe (10)

The new comer is Chicken Rice stall, turns out to be above expectation. Gravy is on point, rice do have the chicken stock flavour and roast pork is worth to order. Not the best but the better ones.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (18)

Bak Kut teh turns out to be good too. Taste of the soup is not too strong with herbs taste which many will like it and gives you the slight dry orangy skin and mild herb aftertaste. @ RM 12 (ala carte)

Johnny Hokkien MEe (19)

Char Koey Teow smells good upon frying, but it is just below average. Lack of wok hei as it needed and if the owner can fry it slightly longer then would be perfect.

Johnny Hokkien MEe (1)


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, food below average~ Love the prawn noodle here -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fullhouse Cafe
27-1 & 29, 1, Jalan Zuhrah BH U5/BH,
Taman Subang Murni,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.162310, 101.544326
Tel: 011-2319 0288

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