Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A review


Just right before MCO bought a new Air Fryer and less than 18 months have to grab another one. This Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A Unboxing & Review attracted my attention. One because is digital and I bought it from Shopee.

gaabor air fryer GA-E6A

What I feel that digital and non digital does not make any much difference. I find that those with the 2 turn knob is better. Reason is you can control. Here is more like touch screen. 

I think they also famous for Gaabor Rice Cooker and also Gaabor Cordless Vacumm Cleaner.


 Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A unboxing

Gaabor Electric Air Fryer GA-E6A obtain the SIRIM certificate. The old packaging has no SIRIM label, but it does not affect the overall use and after-sale. The new and old packaging will be shipped randomly.

【Product Description】


Product Name:Electric Oven (Air Fryer)


Rated capacity: 6.0L

Rated power:1700W

Rated voltage:220~240V

Rated frequency:50~60Hz

Plug Type: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

Color: White

Inner tank material: non-stick coating


🍚Controlled with PC, equipped with touch screen for precise temperature control;

🍚360 Degree 3D hot air circulation, heating evenly;

🍚Automatic power-off memory, energy saving, safe and assuring;

🍚Food grade non-stick frying basket, trouble-free cleaning;

🍚8 functional menus, easy mastery of various cuisines;

🍚 Anti-scalding one-key cover opening;

🍚 Low fat and oil-free, healthy and effortless cooking;


🍚Dikawal dengan PC, dilengkapi dengan skrin sentuh untuk kawalan suhu yang tepat;

🍚Peredaran udara panas 360 Darjah 3D, pemanasan sekata;

🍚Memori pemadam kuasa automatik, penjimatan tenaga, selamat dan terjamin;

🍚Bakul menggoreng tidak melekat gred makanan, pembersihan tanpa masalah;

🍚8 menu berfungsi, mudah menguasai pelbagai masakan;

🍚 Pembukaan penutup satu kunci anti-melecur;

🍚 Memasak rendah lemak dan bebas minyak, sihat dan mudah;


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I try it out with frozen scallop and turns out to be not too bad. I choose prawn as one of the setting with 200 degree and 8 minutes. I think can set it to be 12 minutes would be great. Gonna do some more experiment with some air fryer recipe. 

Simple review of Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A.


Can shop at Shopee :Air Fryer 6L

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