Genting Skyworlds Theme Park


One of the most anticipated theme park in  Malaysia Asia is now open its door to public after 10 years of renovation. Genting Skyworlds Theme Park starting its Soft launch from 8th February 2022 onwards.

What can public expect from this soft launch is, of course there wont be fully operational park and with the term soft launch means there are rides would not be fully running and of course you get a glimpse of preview the whole park and perhaps selected rides base on your luck on the day.

genting theme park ticket

of course this comes with a Genting Skyworld Ticket price special pricing of Soft launch from:

  1. Kids/ Old folks : RM 128

  2. Adults : RM 151

you can purchase your tickets in Genting Skyworlds Theme Park website

Actually the park is not small, and if not mistaken is about 25 acre. this is the first park that I took 4 hours to walk around, move around, minimal ride, some video and picture taking here and there.

4 hours just gone down the drain and I would highly advise all of you to go to the park early. IT IS BECAUSE alot of CORNERS FOR NICE PICTURE TAKING. very instagramble. 

genting skyworlds theme park

upon entering from the Genting outdoor Theme Park Skyworlds, you will be greeted with this super fragrant popcornlicious booth.


Andromeda Base (2)

then you will reach the main attraction of Andromeda Base.

Andromeda Base (3)

Andromeda Base (4)

andromeda base (5)

Andromeda Base


boot camp training

Boot Camp training is very interesting. Do head for this

bluesky carousel

Blue Sky carousel which is merry go round ride.

central park

Genting Skyworld Central Park which is also do open to public after the park is close. For stroll and picture purposes.


Including this colour full area which will be one of the main attraction for tiktokers


jetpack skyworlds

Surprisingly, the pastry here is pretty good. Did grab their sandwich, and egg tart.


liberty lane (1)

The Planet of the Apes attraction is not yet ready. Believe will be done after few months.

liberty lane (2)

an area which is great for picture purposes.

independence day defiance
Independence Day

Independence Day

eagle moutain (1)

eagle moutain (2)

Many commented that this burger place is pretty good. I did not try personally.

eagle moutain (3)

Epic Skyworlds

Epic waffle is not bad. very fragrant that will certainly attract you. The Kai Dan Zhai so so only.

Skyworlds Epic (2)

Skyworlds Epic (3)

Skyworlds Epic (4)

food in genting theme park

Genting Theme park food menu

genting skyworld ticket price

Genting Skyworlds Epic


genting theme park food menu

If you are looking for theme park food more atas, here you go  and I think price is quite reasonable.

Golden Gate Garage

ice age genting

The signature Ice Age scene

ice age kids play land

I think kids will go yaya in this play land. Parents can easily take care of them as it is only 1 singular entrance and they can run around the whole place.

ice age

sids playhouse (1)

Sids Playhouse is more for kids with the signature character singing and dancing.

sids playhouse (2)

new edut

rio animation

If you want to feel happy, go to RIO. Colourful town and happy background tunes.

rio theme park


night at the museum

What about Night at the Musuem?

liberty lane (3)

If you are the last to leave the theme park, you will be accompany by the Police Bantuan to escort you out.

skyworlds locker

Genting Skyworlds locker facilities

starbucks skyworlds

If you forgot your coffee dosage, then the only Starbucks coffee place in Genting Skyworld Theme park.

skytropolis indoor theme park

If you lazy walk all the way to the main entrance, then you can go access to the nearest theme park entrance thru Skytroplolis Indoor Theme Park in Skye Avenue. 

Headown the escalator from the restaurant nearby.

Skyworld second entrance

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