Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park which had just recently open its door since this school holiday which operating from 8th December is making a huge buzz all over Malaysia. This Genting new theme park span over 400,000 squarefeet that makes me feel like I am in Tron movie. We all know that the park had been close for renovation and looking forward for a new park to hit on.

Skytropolis (5)

This school holiday, they are opening up 70% of Skytropolis Funpark rides to public and there are some rides which that will be coming soon.

currently the park operates by PER RIDE:

Weekdays: RM 10 per ride
Weekends (Friday – Sunday/Eve/Public Holidays/School Holidays) : RM 15 per ride
Or preview pass @ RM 60 (unlimited fun ride)

Checkout more of their ticketing details here.

Full Video:

Genting Pikachu Festival

Skytropolis (6)

Starting off with a few rides that making bee lines for all the teenagers and kids. Balloon Race.

Skytropolis (7)

Sky Towers

Skytropolis (8)

Skytropolis (9)

Loop de Loop more like for kids and quite similiar to the previous one they had in First World.

Skytropolis (10)

One of a new ride – Disco-i

Skytropolis (11)

bumper car for teenagers and they do have mini bumper car for kids too.

Skytropolis (12)

One of a thrill ride in this park – Spin Crazy. Looking at it spinning and turn 360 degree indeed will become crazy after the ride.

Skytropolis (13)

One of my classic favourite ride when I was a kid.

Skytropolis (14)

Skytropolis (15)

Stormy Voyage – coming soon

Skytropolis (16)

Skytropolis (17)

Royale Carousel – coming soon

Skytropolis (18)

Skytropolis (20)

this ride is also coming soon


Then there is this new AR game seems pretty cool. I would want to try it out on my next visit. Would be great if come with a group of friends to be  Storm Troupers in the war scene of Star Wars – Secrets of the Empire. RM 130 per game. Can purchase here.

Skytropolis (21)

BigTop is one of their new arcade center that there are a few gaming machine with actual experience.

Skytropolis (22)

Spacetime is an AR gaming experience

Skytropolis (23)

A funpark gaming area that looks like a fun fair

Skytropolis (24)

The unicorn just too cute.

Skytropolis (25)

Skytropolis (27)

Skytropolis (26)

Skytropolis indeed looks like a fun place to be, with colourful neon lightning up all over the place. For us adults, wait for the main outdoor theme park to operate and home that there will be a new theme to be taking over. I guess we can forget FOX theme park that we have been anticipating all over the years that will be operating year 2019 but I guess have to wait till 2020 to see what’s going on.

Skytropolis (28)

Hit up to level 3 there will be other area for you to explore. Eaglelanding Zipline will be coming soon. Zip away and enjoy the colour of neon lights from the above .

Skytropolis (29)

If you walk further in, then you will be checking out ghost house that will thrill you off your feet. Be prepare to get chase by zombies in Zombie Outbreak.

Skytropolis (30)

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium is still there.

Skytropolis (1)

Then there is this cute Pokemon Festival in Genting that will be running from 1st December to 28th February 2019. (click here for more info) Then there is this Pikachu Parade and dance which is cute. Do check them out on selected timing.

Skytropolis (3)

Skytropolis Funland in First World Plaza

Genting had been into massive renovation and touch up. Skyavenue is their lattest attraction especially for shoppers and also filled up with alot of new F&B outlets. Motorino Pizza is one of the latest addition with its fame being regard as best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York. Owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino who makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy, Motorino has multiple outlets in New York, two in Hong Kong and Manila, one in Singapore, and now with its first restaurant in Malaysia, it is located up here at Resorts World Genting’s – SkyAvenue.

Motorino (2)

Motorino (3)

Motorino (4)

Motorino (5)

Motorino (6)

Motorino (7)

Motorino (8)

Motorino (9)

Motorino (10)

Motorino (11)

Motorino (12)

The roasted chicken wings (3 pcs) @ RM20 are seasoned with olive oil, mint, lemon, chilli flakes and sea salt for a light yet tasty treat.

Motorino (17)

meatballs comes in a set of 3 @ RM 26. Mariana sauce is pretty good and best to have a slice of bread so can dig the gravy along.

Motorino (13)

Marinara (tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil) @ RM48.

Motorino (14)

Cherry Stone Clam (mozzrella, oreganata butter, parsley) @ RM54.

Motorino (15)

Motorino (16)


Motorino (18)

One of a pizza place up there.

Motorino Pizza at Sky Avenue
Level 1, Sky Avenue, Resorts World,
Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Contact: +603 6101 1118

Operation hours: 10am to 10 pm (DAILY)

Burger & Lobster got many foodie in Malaysia excited. Regard to many of them as one of a must dining place when at Sky Avenue.

[update: Aug: The taste is not consistent as compare to previously I had, this round the taste is more bland.]

Burger and Lobster (3)

About Burger and Lobster:

The first in Asia 3,500 sq ft space, Burger & Lobster will debut both the stripped menu and design ethic of the British chain, unveiling of the gargantuan Sky Avenue project and its 600,000 sq ft gross floor area. Sky Avenue promises to elevate the simple pursuits of shopping, eating and sightseeing to an art form. This is one of the reasons the management of Resorts World Genting strove to find exciting new F&B experiences with which to thrill its guests.

Burger & Lobster specialises in premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada, which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA. Due to the volumes the group buys on a weekly basis, they become very affordable and saleable.

Burger and Lobster (3.1)

This is what they have to offer as the menu is pretty straight forward. From Burgers to classic lobster and Lobster Roll.

Burger and Lobster (4)

The Giant Tank that keeps the Premium Giant Lobster (base on season as the lobster is about 30-40 years old)

Burger and Lobster (5)

Burger and Lobster (6)

Burger and Lobster (7)

Burger and Lobster (8)

Burger and Lobster (9)

Burger and Lobster (10)

Burger and Lobster (11)

Burger and Lobster (12)

Burger and Lobster (13)

Burger and Lobster (14)

Burger and Lobster (15)

so we tried 3 of the offered item .

Burger and Lobster (16)

Original Lobster @ RM 148 Member/RM 153 Non Member

Original would be more ideal as you can taste the freshness of the lobster and also the cream sauce will give you the enhancement of flavour.

Burger and Lobster (17)

Chili Lobster  serve in a claypot and you are prodived with a clipper to crush the shell and also a pair of gloves to prevent your hand from getting dirty. In the end you will use your hand as the plastic gloves is very slippery. Is a dish that is quite messy. Sauce is decent where give you sourish taste and mild chili flavour. Taste similiar to our local seafood provider of sweet and sourish crab. @ RM 168 Member/RM173 Non Member

Burger and Lobster (18)

Original Lobster Rolls @ RM138 Member/RM153 Non Member. One of the easiest food to eat as the bread is filled with lobster meat.

Burger and Lobster (19)


Burger and Lobster (21)

If you are in Burger & Lobster for the first time, I think my I would recommend Lobster Original and Lobster Roll Seven Spices. Taste will be at your own discretion as I find it decent only.

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Tel: 03-6105 9186

E-mail: [email protected]er-my.com

GPS Location: 3.4234171,101.7945099

[Repost on this blog with minor amendments and add ons as old picture was all gone]
I was on my way driving back and oh hell, forgot to ask the number of my friend, where she just came back from Melbourne and was at Ipoh. Totally forgot about that. Then dropping by at this Ipoh town where every one been talking about the Ipoh Nga Choi Kai at Restaurant Onn Kee. Came here for the 3rd time but the other stall did not open so try up this stall. No Choice. Either this or that. So it is this.

ippoh (1)

onn kee (1)

Trying out at restaurant Ong Kee. It was around 6pm and the tables was nearly fully occupied. This shows how good the business are but of course cannot compare with Murni @ SS 2 or Steven’s Corner @ OUG / Jln Genting Klang. They are crazee. Occupied the whole street.

onn kee (2)

onn kee (3)

 Not only that. They are quite well known for their chicken feet too.

ippoh (2)

As some of them order chicken skin with some spare part like chicken gizzard, none of the people on my table eat it besides me. Smooth chicken skin with soy sauce just make it simple and nice to chew.

ippoh (3)

To be in this town and eat chicken rice, their fatty juicy tauge (bean sprout) is not to be miss, and why is their tauge is thick and juicy. Well, I was being told by my friend that they grow in natural mineral water flowing from moutain. That is why the tauge here is fat, juicy and crunchy.

ippoh (4)

One of my favourite in this stall is their pork ball and fish ball. Something nice to chew and dip onto their chicken meat sauce.

ippoh (5)

Find that Onn Kee ‘Ngah Choi Kai’ a.k.a ‘Tauge Ayam’ taste much better than Lou Wong. Simply because of the method that they cook it differently. On my personal opinion i think that the chicken texture here is soft tender and juicy and of course what stood out is their sesame and soy sauce base make them more outstanding. This is because I had lunch on Lou Wong had dinner here. That is how I manage to taste on the difference even though I came here many times.

ippoh (6)

This is the Koay Teow Soup’ that to be eat with the dish. It is either this or rice. Usually all the people that eat here will take Koay Teow but honestly, after you finishing the whole bowl, a little tip. Prepare a bottle of mineral water after that. You will be very thristy with their secret weapon in there. You really need it. That is why with their secret weapon the food will definitely taste nice no matter what. (This was my tip on 2009) 😀

Looking at the way how I blog last time its funny~ kekekeke

This new edit post is a blend of my 2009 writing style and 2012. Spot the difference~ I find that overall, I like Onn Kee more also just realize that I have not blog about Lou Wong before.
-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , If compare this shop over Lou Wong-

WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

51, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opens for lunch and dinner (about 10-11am onwards, until about 1-2am)

Year End is coming and it just left a few more weeks till the end of 2011. Of course when you talked about year end, its always fun filled with parties and festive season. So, for the year 2011 is coming to an end, what is the most memorable party that you have attended so far? Want to make it more memorable with huge mysterious upcoming event?

I am sure that most of you now have heard or seen this in  many places for upcoming Carlsberg Where’s the Party event will be happening very soon. I have got my invites yet time and places still remain mysterious. Out of anticipation, me and my friends guess where this event will take place, we cross our finger and legs by guessing it will take place at :

1) Genting

2) Port Dickson

3) Bukit Tinggi

Any either one of those location, will be a party hard location and sure we are aiming it to be at Genting, imagining holding Carlsberg Beer in such a chill weather and party all day long!

Carlsberg (1)

I guess many of you have join their FB games in order to win invites to this year end party and one good news for all my blog readers, they are giving opportunities to win invites to this party, check out at the end of my blog post!

Before that, let’s rewind back a few months back on what’s Happening at Where’s the Party took place and how happening it is!!!

Carlsberg (2)

As for their secret location, you will be given time and a specific location to board the bus and with excitement, you just board the bus without knowing where you are heading until you reach!

Carlsberg (3)

Well, for last round the event took place at Sepang Gold Coast Resort as they transform the whole place in to a massive party house!

Carlsberg (4)

Carlsberg (5)

This is what they were pampered on last round’s special invites!

Carlsberg (6)

Carlsberg (7)

Carlsberg (8)

Free flow beer all day and night long, as you can get sober and roll around on the floor, beach, room, cushion, sea anywhere you want without need to drive back home, as you can drink crazily and party crazily.

Carlsberg (9)

To make it more interesting, they have prepared alot of games to kill your time off in the afternoon

Carlsberg (10)

Human packman!

Carlsberg (11)


Carlsberg (12)

Carlsberg (13)

as night time proceeds, they have huge stage by inviting local artist along with international DJ  to blast your feet off at this beach font.

Carlsberg (14)

Many of them enjoyed themselves on the whole event and went back happily next day. Yes, NEXT DAY as they were giving a pampering 2days 1 night stay at this resort! Imagine That!

and now, Where the Party’s is happening very soon, arent you excited where is it going to be at and what are the line up going to be there for all of us?

For my blog readers, it is very simple that to win special invites to this event, all you have to do is just like their page and you might stand a chance to get this invites. Time is running short as the event will take place on this Saturday!

So just cepatz ceptaz, just click  LIKE their FB page: www.facebook.com/Carlsberg.MY (have to click thru this link in my blog) to try your luck on winning it~

Those of you who already a fan’s in the Carlsberg page.. are not counted~

Photoz credit to Carlsberg.My

***Lucky Winners will be contacted directly from Carlsberg on 15th Dec,Thursday after 8pm, campaign close on 15th Dec 7pm

In KL I have never been to Lookout Point before where so many bloggers had blog bout it, yet still have not find a time to head there. . . .During my last trip, I believe this place would be similar to Lookout Point, where is called The Valley Bistro Cafe & Bistro Hotel located at northen Dago area, Bandung.

the valley (1)

This is one of a famous restaurant especially to couples that filled with very romantic ambiance, open air concept where you just sit at their open space area and enjoy the chill windy breeze while dining your meal or sipping your wine.

the valley (2)

Besides that, after this place had drawn alot of crowd from nearby states, they had also now build a Bistro Hotel more cater for love birds to have their wedding or anniversary here.

the valley (3)

some girls they just cant stand the chill windy breeze and of course they do have indoor area which is dim with orange pale lights, and candle lights on each table.

the valley (4)

the valley (5)

the valley (6)

While enjoying your dinner or moments with your love ones, enjoy the live band they have on that night, by singing all romantic acoustic songs  .. .

the valley (7)

and I was walking around surprise to see Mosandy went to go sing on stage!!!

the valley (8)

The live band is good .. .

the valley (9)

As we were full from dinner, auntie and uncle mo bring us to this place just to go for their desert, which is quite cheap. for a huge piece of desert for around RM10. .  We tried out 4 slices and it was too dark outside i could not take the pics. The deserts are worth to try.

the valley (10)

This is the open space area that we sit and many couples were there . . According to my friend, here is you pay for the price of ambiance and food wise is not that good. . .

the valley (11)

Well, this is my view for the night and not only I love the view, I love the weather. .  cooler than Genting.

A place I would recommend to come if you do visit Bandung ..

Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28
Dago Pakar, Bandung

Tel: +62 22 253 1053

Email: [email protected]

Operation Hours: 10am-12am

Website: The Valley Bistro Cafe & Resort Hotel

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