My dream as a food blogger had finally had materialize whereby getting invites from restaurant owner, then wine tasting and finally a invitation to whiskey tasting was my final wish as a food blogger. It do take a while to achieve it yet I am happy that all had come true. Tate

Well, put that aside and let’s head to one of a exclusive place also a very hidden joint, that if you do not look carefully, you would not know actually that there is a bar in there, the design of the outlook makes it look like a normal wall that been build up like that. The sign to locate for this exclusive bar is this little hat that hang out act as a lighting is the main entrance to head into the bar.

Tate (1)

For guys, you are looking for a small cozy yet classy with its own kind to have a small gathering sessions or meeting clients, I will be introducing you Tate, the exclusive gentleman’s club which is first of its kind in KL.

Tate (2)

After walk thru the main entrance, then you will be greeted by this iron amour that stood right in the middle.

Tate (3)

Tate (4)

Tate is actually another entity own by Big Group (those famous outlet like Plan B, Bens General Food Store and a few more) that this is their latest outlet.

The concept is inspired by the era of 1920’s as this kind of gentlemen’s club is exclusively open to its member only. Its a whole new world for them to drink and chill at this whole environment.

Getting the concept, they offer good cigars for you to choose from . .

Tate (5)


Tate (6)

A cosy leather sofa area, that can be converted into a private area by closing the wooden door, and filled with a tv that played Charlie’ Chaplin movie.

Tate (7)

Tate (8)


Tate (9)

On the main area, huge cushion with very comfortable pillow and leather like luggage table is very unique in design.

Tate (10)

The ambiance is certainly very old style classy even with their bar tender wearing tight long sleeves shirt are ready to serve you.

Tate (11)

The place certainly look lively with many people are well dress up.

Tate (12)

Let’s head to the main agenda for tonight which is Glenfiddich Single Malk Scoth Whiskey tasting, that we get to taste from year 12, 15, 18 and 21 years old. The session is host by Barry Chalmers – South East Asian Ambassador for Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich means Valley of the Deer in Gaelic, that is why you can see their bottles or logo is a deer logo. This whiskey is produce from Scotland. More details from Wikipedia – Click here 

How many of you are actually a single malt drinker? I am certainly one of them.

Tate (13)

The actual visual to show you different years have different aroma in it.

Tate (14)

Tate (15)

We were all given a Glenfiddich matt with the little glass placement on top of each picture that represents the year.

Tate (16)

Tate (17)

Different years, have different colour, texture, smoothness and aroma. As for this we start off with the 12 years old.

Tate (18)

After pouring out, take the little glass, cover it with your whole palm to use body heat to warm it a up a bit.  By this method, with a bit of body heat, the aroma of the alcohol is able to produce. You can try to smell on the whiskey before and after, as before the aroma was not that strong and after using this method, you can smell the nice aroma easily.

As for the 12 years old Glenfiddich would be a good choice for starter that are trying out single malt. Taste would not be so strong, easy to drink, smooth, a bit sweet fruity after taste

15 years old – I find the first sip is a bit spicy in the beginning , certainly it is more smooth compare to the 12 years old, taste a bit of oak and spice that the after taste tends to float longer

18 years old – Now as for this bottle, I can taste a bit more on wood which is from the long keeping process,  rich in flavour, less spicy compare to the 15 years old, and fairly sweet after taste on scented apple and wood.

21 years old – Most of the whiskey on 21 years old that will come up with the most expensive, whereby the process of getting this in perfect condition is very long, and full process of craftsmanship on barrels, keeping it in a perfect condition that makes all the 21 years old unique in its kind.

For the first time tasting a 21 years old whiskey, I find it super smooth, very smooth aroma, easy to drink and taste a bit smokey, ripe banana, a bit spicy and sweet vanilla taste. Very unique in its kind.

In between 18 years old and 21 years old, most people will prefer only either one, as I prefer the 21 and my friend prefer the 18. Even the couple besides me prefer the 18 as they find it more smooth and nicer to drink.

Tate (19)

Tate (20)

I had a lot of fun trying and learning on single malt whiskey which is certainly a great experience for me. The best of all, I get to taste another great single malt, that now make it to 5 brands that I have tasted so far. .

Tate (21)

As the night proceeds, we were giving with a few gimmick items to pretend and to take picture with~

Tate (22)

Besides that, free flow of cocktail from the bar and I manage to try 3 cocktails. From left is Mint Tulip, Mojito and Whiskey Sour (my preference for the night).

Also learn new word, Slange (if I get it right) as how Scottish say when they make a toast,  it means to good health

Ground Floor, The Intermark,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2161-2367

* Drummm beating





Ladies & Gentleman,
let me present you this months special guest
to host pick of the month of October, please
-Green Tea Lala Chung-

Hi everyone, I am surely proud to be back and I was very surprise when I was invited by this blog owner taufulou to host it. For those who know me, you would know my history, and for those who do not know me, just pretend to know me. I will try to be your great host for this posting. *very nervous…. Why my name is –lala chung– please ask my this stupiak blog owner for giving such a great name.

arrrr…errmmm…okay okie ok….

For the month of October, had been the busiest month of all time, with the very first time, so many events and review to attend and I am here to proudly presents you what had been going on for the month of October and of course the best and worst food of the month.

For the Best & worst pick of the month, let me show you how it had been judge by my owner.

How I select and judge on my decisions on good and bad food (that score below 3 in my list definitely falls into this category) are only 2 area:

1) Quality of the food

2) Service of the restaurant

This pick of the month would slightly be longer as

there are many to introduce.

Month of October why is it a busy month, with a lot of function going on such as, a German Fest – Oktoberfest which drink till u drop and craw back. Never drunk never back. Followed by Chinese Ninth God Emperor Birthday which turns to be Vegetarian and of course a great event for F&B industry, the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival and also travelling back to Penang. Therefore I would like to apologize for the late pick up of the month to be out as usually it would be posted before 3rd of the month.

Every one, lets head to the highlight of the month. A great event such as MIGF that most of the best chef are looking forward for this wonderfulle event not only to gain their reputation but of course to showcase their culinary skills to impress people like us. Its amazing how they did it.

MIGF at Royal Chulan Hotel

After the launching of the wonderful event, the blog owner was invited and were given a glimpse of how the chef perform and experience some fine dining in participated Restaurant & Hotels.

A glimpse of Tai Zi Heen (MIGF) & Carven Ong Collection

Another participating restaurant Xenri D’Garden Terrace

When the host was back to Penang, he requested me to bring on something which are not available in KL which came across my mind was this shop. Something Cheap yet good and should be in the pick of the list of course

Hainan Western at Mount Erskine, Penang

Getttingggg your attention back to KL. If you are looking for a bargain under Buffett Cheap Catagory, I would surely present this place:

Entering the month of Vegetarian, on my list of favourite that I can still return is this shop.

After much introduction of certain food, its time to get into our Pick of the Month of October:
Much consideration and based on the criteria and frequent visits, turns out to be

Teppanyaki, Food Republic at Pavilion(Food Court)


there are 2 desert would strongly recommend are also..

my birth place

Patisserie Rui


Taiwanese Desert, Snowflake @ SS15

Always about good food and where is the bad food?

The pick of the month with bad experience and services is

jeng ..



Italianese at The Curve
*remark: improve service and food quality if you want to cater such a big place.

Happy Hunting and hope to see you guys soon. Proud to presents you, and my love to you all
-Green Tea Lala Chung-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

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