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For only one day which is on the 3rd of July, Tony Roma’s is dishing out a hefty Amerecian Buffet promotion in conjuction with the celebration ofthe Independence Day of America. Celebrate this special occasion with all-you-can-eat Sunday celebration at either Tony Roma’s [email protected], Tony Roma’s Jalan Yap Kwan Seng or Tony Roma’s 1 Mont’ Kiara from 11am to 5pm to enjoy great food and exciting activities, click here for my previous post on Tony Roma’s

Adults who only need to pay RM79.90nett per person can feast to a limitless amount of Tony Roma’s world famous Bountiful Beef Ribs which when served ala carte is RM75.90 for a Full Slab. Other all-American food selections in this Buffet line-up include Potato Salad, Onion Loaf, BBQ Chicken, Mini Beef Burgers, Chicken Hotdog, Carolina Honeys Chicken Wings, Golden Deep Fry Fish and more! For some local flare, there is also a Satay counter and the range doesn’t end there as assorted desserts and refillable soft drinks and juices are available too.

For parents, you will love this as for this special American Buffet is that kids under 12 years old can enjoy the buffet free of charge, with maximum 2 kids while a third kid or more is chargeable at only RM39.90nett per kid.

The special promo just do not stop there as for adults who fancy a glass of beer, it will be a thrill to find out that with any buffet purchased, you can then purchase an unlimited Carlsberg Draft just for RM 1 per glass.

IT is getting more crazy that if you book seats early by purchasing the American Buffet pass before 30th June 2011 will receive Tony Roma’s gift vouchers worth RM30.

So what you waiting for , just place your reservations by purchasing the American Buffet pass now or before 30th June 2011! For more information, call the participating Tony Roma’s restaurants at: [email protected] (03 – 7728 7833), Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (03 – 2161 0200) and 1 Mont’ Kiara (03 – 6203 0580).

Few days ago, I was lucky enough to get invited by Junjunriko to her Carlsberg, FHM Girl Next Door private party as she was geng enough to win the Carlsberg Christmas Tree Contest. Out of her 50 guest, I am one of the lucky few to got the invites from her. At first I did not know that there are FHM girls are going to be there until afew hours before the events which I got to know from Chris Tock which I am totally shock.

The event is held back at Carlsberg HQ which I am totally lost in searching for this area and search google map, it lead me to Shah Alam dalam dalam and I follow Chris Tock’s car to this place. When we reach it was around 10.45pm as the event already half way thru.

Carlsberg Partie

This would be my very first time to be in the HQ and it was perfect to host a private party.Carlsberg Partie (2)

With many bottles decorated along the wall and trust me:

Carlsberg Partie (3)

they are not empty bottle.

Carlsberg Partie (4)

Ahhh, this is the bar that belongs to us for the rest of the night. Free flow of beers from the fridge……….

Carlsberg Partie (5)

the beer tab…….

Carlsberg Partie (6)

Another version of beer tab…..

Carlsberg Partie (7)

and my favourite of the night which is highly recommended by PinkPorkChop Brother. Totally agree with him. After you drank this bottle, Carlsberg Gold you would not want the normal Carlsberg again. Smooth and taste much better than the normal ones. That’s what I think.Carlsberg Partie (8)

The hot Emcee for the night. Very steady one.

Carlsberg Partie (9)

The 2 Carlsberg girls which is so sweet of them, never stop smiling.

Carlsberg Partie (10)

Carlsberg Partie (11)
This is what Chris Tock did when he first arrive. Hantam one glass of beer to warm up….
Carlsberg Partie (12)
The 12 sexy and hot finalist FHM Girl Next Door.

Carlsberg Partie (13)

Then Chris start to take pic with them and this is where the whole camwhore begins.

Carlsberg Partie (14)

Followed by me and many more and this is where all the camwhore begins.

Carlsberg Partie (15)

Carlsberg Partie (16)
Me and Coco

Carlsberg Partie (17)
Me and Emeryn (at last meet her already)
Carlsberg Partie (18)
Me, Jessica and Riko
Carlsberg Partie (19)
Me and PinkPorkChop
Carlsberg Partie (20)
Chris the lucky Guy Next Door
Carlsberg Partie (21)
Me trying to be funny.
Carlsberg Partie (22)
Me and Jessica
Carlsberg Partie (23)
Me and PinkPorkChop
Carlsberg Partie (24)
Me, Euveng, I cant remember the girls name and Chris
Carlsberg Partie (25)
Me and Euveng
Carlsberg Partie (26)
Then Wilson is happy with his shots.
Carlsberg Partie (27)
Me and Jessica
Carlsberg Partie (28)
And the two Carlsberg girls.
Carlsberg Partie (29)
Of course its a must with the great Emmcee.
Carlsberg Partie (30)
Me and Yvonne Sim(FHM Contestant)
Carlsberg Partie (31)
Love 3 of them, very friendly…and please please….Please forgive me girls, I forgot your names…but recognise you..:D
Carlsberg Partie (32)

Carlsberg Partie (33)

Carlsberg Partie (34)
Emeryn is funny in this pic..don know what happen to her..too much of alcohol I guess.

Carlsberg Partie (36)
Coco too…
Carlsberg Partie (37)
Yan Lee, Me and Emeryn
Carlsberg Partie (38)
Me, PinkPorkChop and the Brother.
Carlsberg Partie (39)
and get a chance to go on polaroid, I felt so classic. Thanks to Carlsberg.
Carlsberg Partie (40)
Emeryn, Me and Jessica

Girl Next Door 12-finalists
For those of you who miss this party, just do not be upsad. There is another chance to visit this hot sexy lady by just grabbing the latest FHM copy to entitle to go for their Finals on 15th Jan at MOS.

Carlsberg Partie
and of course last but not least have to thank to my very Blog Next Door, JunjunRiko for the invites. Surely it was one of a fun night and also thanks to Euveng and Jackie for photos.

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