I am excited as constantly Glenmorangie is one of a whisky that and my friends drink during special occasions and as for this round to be slightly more unique, I will be enjoying their Whisky Trail.

Glenmorangie Pairing (1)

For this event, it is hosted at Hacha Mecha which is sited at one of a newly development site known as TREC which currently is the hottest night spot to be in town.

Glenmorangie Pairing (2)

Glenmorangie Pairing (3)

Before our dinner, we mingle around at IKKI bar. Setting up my foot here for the first time, it does look pretty cool place to be.

Glenmorangie Pairing (5)

IKKI seems like a fun place to be as its design is very classy yet more like a gentleman club, with its luxury placement of leather sofa right in the middle, velvet version right at the back for smaller version.

Glenmorangie Pairing (6)

Glenmorangie Pairing (7)

Glenmorangie Pairing (8)

There are curtains that separates alot of section to give it more like a private section along with foosball table is available for your chill out session.

Glenmorangie Pairing (9)

If you need to be private or host private group function, they have a private room available too.

Glenmorangie Pairing (10)

woot, Haig club is available here . .  

Glenmorangie Pairing (11)

Glenmorangie Pairing (12)

starting off with Mint Julep – Glenmorangie version. Never knew it will work well too.

Glenmorangie Pairing (4)

Glenmorangie Pairing (13)

We were then usher back down to Hecha Mecha go be ready for the food trail.

Glenmorangie Pairing (15)

Glenmorangie Pairing (16)

Menu for the night is pretty interesting.

Glenmorangie Pairing (17)


Glenmorangie Pairing (18)

If many of you in business, I am sure you know this prominent young figure, Bryan Loo that owns Chatime Malaysia and yah, Hacha Mecha and IKKI is his latest concept F&B development under his arm.

Glenmorangie Pairing (19)

Glenmorangie Pairing (20)

We started off with Ultimate Wagyu Slider (100% Wagyu Patty, Brioche & Fioe Gras) pair with Glenmorangie Lasanta. Eating it individually seems a bit blend.

Glenmorangie Pairing (21)

Then I stack up my own version by combining the 3 ingredients together, Foie Gras  created the massive aromatic explosion of taste with the sides balance it up well on the acidity along with a sip of Lasanta to end it, as it gives the slightly sweet end with hint of orangy to balance up the taste of the combination.

Glenmorangie Pairing (22)

Glenmorangie Pairing (23)

Next dish coming into our way is one of my favorite course is this Shichimi Crispy Squid & Salmon Ceviche , pair with Glenmorangie 18 years old. This would be my first time trying out Glenmorangie 18 years old and loving the smokey cask of it. Slightly nuttiness as with perfectly fried squid along with clear taste flavour of salmon does make a perfect combination for this pairing. 

Glenmorangie Pairing (24)


Glenmorangie Pairing (25)

Chef is busy preparing for our next dish.

Glenmorangie Pairing (26)

Third for the night is Tori Tare Gratin Donburi with Chicken Thigh, Mustard Cream and Cheddar. On the combination itself, it do look heavy as the cheddar spread is aromatic and thick. Sipping thru Glenmorangie Signet with this, I think it is a bit miss for my palate as both are so strong in character whereby I find Signet have an amazing taste. It is so smooth, yet smokiness is not too overpowering yet hint of fruity and bitter sweet end is tasted at the end after taste. Such a great whiskey from Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie Pairing (27)

Glenmorangie Pairing (28)

Last is Miso Chocolate Sins with Macerated Strawberries, Chocolate Coral, White Chocolate miso Ice cream and Mint pair with Ardbeg 10 years old.

First time hearing Ardbeg, along with explanation. I am already amazed with this Whisky as it covers one of the best ingredient form certain whisky to make up this. Under Jim Murray’s Whisky Bibble is name as World Whisky of the Year. Imagine That!

Its a pretty complex whisky that it only comes in two ways. You love it or you hate it. I love it because I have admiration towards smoky whisky. Taste of this whisky is pretty solid where smokiness, peatinest, yet creamy and smooth finish. Do take note that this is only 10 years old!

Glenmorangie Pairing (29)

Glenmorangie Pairing (30)

However, my love for the night still goes to Singet. First time drinking it and beats the rest of the range, of course I still rate Glenmorangie Asta is still my all time favorite, however this would now come second. Made in luxury bottle and heavy glass cap that certainly do make it exclusive. Limited in production and in market. Do grab it and stock up if you are a whisky drinker.

Glenmorangie Pairing (31)

It had been long time since I see both of them and Happy Belated to you Sally as when this post is up, your birthday is over. 😀

Glenmorangie Pairing (32)

What a great night to end myself with. All of you do have a great weekend.

A place that I have visited twice, which is Rabbit Hole that recently host a Glenmorangie Orange Party Event. All party goers are being pampered with free flow Glenmorangie drinks that specially season with orange skin to bring the special aroma out and you can choose to drink on the rock or with chill water. Of course on the rock taste much better.

glenmorangie (1)

glenmorangie (2)

Party started early and there are all a mural art pieces on Glemorangie to take picture with and of course there are a special number for you to call. Keep calling it and if you are the lucky one to get thru, then you will be walking away with a bottle of Glenmorangie.

glenmorangie (3)

With Pamela

glenmorangie (4)

Moments after that, we were brought into this secret hidden room that is nicely decorated to come by for a special round of whiskey tasting. Chong which is the ambassador of Glenmorangie will guide us thru.

glenmorangie (5)

Love the smell of it as its pretty strong, follow by Orange zest, dry Sherry and mild honey.

glenmorangie (6)

The Taste is slightly creamy, spicy cinnamon and love the after taste of the casks.

glenmorangie (7)

Present you Glenmorangie Lasanta – In Sherry Casks 12 years

glenmorangie (8)

The taste is even better when you add in a bit of water and 2 ice cubes. Just perfect as it mellow down the strong taste of the alcohol and its easy to drink now.

glenmorangie (9)

Then after that, we join the party for the night and saw one of my friend which is now a new upcoming Dj. Well, in the industry her name is DJ Alexis G. Check her out as she play EDM too.

glenmorangie (10)

glenmorangie (11)

With the usual crazy bunch, Jacky, Henry, Ben, Chou Yin, Pamela & KElly

glenmorangie (12)

glenmorangie (13)

glenmorangie (14)

Leisure night with the rest of them and its a good catch up as been a while since I last attended events.

Soju KL is another place for you to party that have Live band then DJ come in for the mix during their break. They are operating the unit previously run by @live.

glenmorangie (1)

glenmorangie (2)

On that night, we were partying with along with Glenmorangie event for all ready for an exclusive night with everyone’s favourite Single Malt Whisky.

glenmorangie (3)


Kick start off with a Cash Band performances. They brought us various of music and one of them included Chinese song where some of the crowd favourite Chinese song are sing along too.


glenmorangie (4)

Follow by final act with main DJ of the night is none other than DJ Alexis G, our very local DJ.

glenmorangie (5)

The usual party suspect, Ben, Jean, Jackie, Henry and Chou Yin

glenmorangie (6)

Photo all credit to – Jackie

For updates on the latest Parties from Glenmorangie like them on www.facebook.com/GlenmorangieMalaysia

Warming up thru mid year, we were invited to party at Zouk with one of my favourite alcohol brand Glenmorangie which is also one of a world favourite single malt whisky.

glen (1)

This round, Glenmorangie had change is direction with more of its display of product are more like mural paintings and find it pretty cool. They are doing it with a 3-D painting concept and find it quite cool that match back its classic brand.

glen (2)

glen (3)

Not only that, as there is a gimmick and most of the paintings there are phone numbers painted in it as the catch is you have to try call in the number and once it go thru, you will win a bottle of Glenmorangie bottle. Each number have 3 bottles to walk away. Interesting.

glen (4)

glen (5)

The night could not be even better with their special signature mix as Glenmorangie is being poured into the holding huge mug with orange peel skin that is season with it. Then mix it with chill water, that makes a perfect cup of their Glenmorangie unique taste of single malt.

glen (6)

Ended up the night to be even better as one of our upcoming local DJ is spinning for the night. Imma *bleep* YouUp

glen (7)


Glenmorangie Original Detail

The world’s most loved single malt whisky, Glenmorangie, will take over Zouk @ Kuala Lumpur this 22 May 2014, as it celebrates all things ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ at its first 2014’s Glenmorangie Orange Party!

This party is poised to be an iconic evening with a sensual treat as guests, celebrities and fans of Glenmorangie will be taken for a 3-D journey that artistically illustrates the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ ethos of the House of Glenmorangie. Each 3D art piece comes with a unique ADA code which reveals more information of the iconic Glenmorangie House/Distillery represented in the art piece.

Party revellers can expect to party the night away to the big room music style of Imma *bleep* YouUp and the beats of Zouk’s Residence DJ as they bring the house down! There are three bottles of Glenmorangie Original 70cl to be won throughout the night and guests who capture their favourite Glenmorangie moments at the Flipet counter will be given an animated flip-book of themselves as a keepsake from the party.

All this is of course, paired with the vanilla notes of Glenmorangie The Original – created from the tallest stills in Scotland, and using only the finest oak casks twice; which discerning spirit enthusiasts around the world have come to love.


Details of the party are as follows:

Date: 22 May 2014
Time: 9.00pm till late
Venue: Zouk, 113 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Dress Code: Artsy Chic

Visit Zouk @ Kuala Lumpur from now till 22 May 2014 and participate in the ongoing Glenmorangie promotion by purchasing one (1) bottle of Glenmorangie Original to obtain two (2) invites, or two (2) bottles for five (5) invites.

Follow Glenmorangie Malaysia Facebook page for updates on future events slated for 2014.


It is fun to head back to drink with Glenmorangie’s first Orange-themed party that kick off at The Hill in Damansara Heights recently, with many people are invited to the party, of course will see back those familiar faces. With their icon of body painted Glenmorangie models that roam around freely and let us capture for photoshoot.



 Simon and his gf


my bestie Yuki get excited with her drink for the night, as this is the special mixture, with marination of orange skin. I love the taste better as its smooth and the combination that have hint of light bitter orange taste after that.


Great to see performance featuring Deer Society’s DJ Alex Asquared and a live bagpipe band brought great Scottish cheer to The Hill. A person whom I recently met very often is Will Quah, who was the host of the evening, also handed out a bottle of Glenmorangie Original to guests who had the most authentic impersonation of the Scottish accent.

G20 G25

Guess what? On that night football stars were no exception, as former Liverpool star Dietmar Hammann and former Chelsea captain Dennis Wise also joined in the fun. Its great night that all of us enjoy and on that night also unveiled Glenmorangie Wednesdays at The Hill, a month-long promotion featuring four different nights of Glenmorangie-approved entertainment, which will happen every Wednesday night throughout the month of April. Details follow:

COMEDY NIGHT featuring Douglas Lim 

Date: 3 April 2013
Tickets: RM58 each, includes 2 complementary glasses of Glenmorangie Original

Date: 10 April 2013
Tickets: RM58 each, includes 2 complementary glasses of Glenmorangie Original

Date: 17 April 2013
Tickets: RM98, includes 4 hours of free flowing drinks and a total of RM2,000 worth of prizes to be won

Date: 24 April 2013
Tickets: RM158 each, includes a premium 4-course dinner

Guests can also gain access to all four Glenmorangie Wednesdays at The Hill by purchasing the Glenmorangie Package, which consists of The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Ruban, and The Nectar D’Or at a promotional price of RM1,500nett.

Look out for more exciting events and promotions from Glenmorangie, purveyors of “Unnecessarily Well Made” single malt whisky by logging on towww.fb.com/GlenmorangieMalaysia.


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