As technologies evolve, Humans are finding it very convenient as I find it, we are getting lazier.. As I observe in my office over past few months, more colleagues are having lunch in the office by buying their lunch order through phone or app instead of heading out to eat. With reasons given are, “aiya, hot a” , “have to find parking then walk, Lazy la”. Since my lunch kaki is staying put, I also start to explore more avenue of food delivery to my office in different food category. Found some sites that allow us to Enjoy Cash Back for Food Delivery Orders.

Domino’s pizza still remain as my boss classic favourite as their services is consider above average because of its delivery timeline, convenience and promo!


We have even tried Operators like Foodpanda, Dah Makan, Uber Eats and others.

Well, who does not know Foodpanda ? One of a well establish app that put its foot into food delivery services industry as a market leader.  Be assured to be pampered with luxury of choices as they have more than 800 restaurants in the list to hit on and the occasional Foodpanda coupon code to enjoy discounts

Of course in my offices do have some gym junkies and they constantly aim for Dahmakan. A place that offer healthy selection dishes every day that is ranging from RM 15 – RM 25

To those of you that are new to this application, you might want to check out the top few food delivery services

shopback 3

Besides this, is also to introduce you guys on ShopBack. One of a portal that allows you to get cash rebate back after you purchase from you favourite website. I am a regular user whenever I am going to purchase items in Lazada(up to 11% cash back) or made my bookings through Agoda (6% cash back) and FAVE (up to 4.5% cash back). Just only 2 months ago, I just withdraw my cash back from them with an amount of RM 52.


As now you know such application, FAVE is also marked as one of my favourite portal to explore 3 segments. Food voucher, spa or massage and also car polish. Before proceeding to the purchase, always remember to drop by ShopBack page to enjoy your cash back whenever you purchase your Fave coupons

Lastly, remember to stay tuned to ShopFest for the biggest year-end shopping sale! Expect lots of great deals and promotions from September till December.

Happy Shopping~

Prefer a driver during peak hours or food hunt? Well, driving in kl during peak hours is indeed testing your patient level. Most of us will have our first shocking experience at Federal Highway or MRR2 which is the signature highway for crazy traffic. Stress level is high and it hit the roof when it is Friday and raining!


After settling with that, next is a very challenging situation when you would want to hunt for your favorite food and some location is always filled with very limited parking.

One of the most common issues with some area that is lack of parking, you will encounter on the double parkers!


Issue with double park is most of them just park there and dissapear for hours. Standing there under the hot sun, honking like mad person and cursing all the way for those not considerate peeps whom never leave their numbers at dashboard. The whole neighbourhood is annoyed at this situation! Only then the driver realise their car is blocking you or slowly strolling out after their meals.


There are few places of restaurant that I like but rarely head over cuz of crazy parking situation. Whenever I thought of Burgertory or Outdark, next thing came into my mind is parking! Or other places like Ss2 or Bangsar for Hong Kong Hotpot is like have to think twice.


Limited parking space also gives me a second thought where, to head for a review to places like Uptown Damsara will have to think twice as the amount of time to look for a spot can be estimated 10-20 minutes depending on luck. Dislike being late but this is one of the causes!


One or my big no no when my friend “jio” to yum cha at SS15 or Puchong area. It is a big no no to me.

Not too sure is that what you guys feel or having the same thought as me. What are your favourite eatery area that you love and always have to think twice when comes to this problem.


“According to Uber Malaysia (tag Uber FB) research says that we Malaysians each spends 152 hours a year finding parking, don’t you want those hours back to do something better? – Imagine what you could do with 152 hours!!! Watch 75 movies maybe. . .

A few years back where some areas in Penang had been crown with UNESCO’s World Heritage Cities Program, a few area started to grow with small little cafe’s and backapackers inn are mushrooming arond the area (Ryokan Chic Hostel is one of the latest addition to the area) to cater local and foreign tourist which I am hoping it will become a mini like Jonker street in the future, which Penang is lacking of. . .. .One of the latest discovery that was told by my friend to ask me to check it out was this little cafe smack at the junction of New Lane and Muntri street, bye the name of  ‘Behind 50’ . .

50 (1)

The shop is very obvious that it is painted in bright yellow colour walls which is only the single story unit. . .

50 (2)

50 (3)

The whole place is decorated with very rustic feeling, mostly with their own creative design to ensure that the cafe is as heritage as possible . .

50 (4)

50 (5)

with nice photo’s on the wall as deco . .

50 (6)

50 (7)

even use this old classic player to play music for its cafe ..

50 (8)

50 (9)

50 (10)

50 (11)

The cafe is certainly not big that can host only a few tables and mini bar seating area

50 (12)_resize

for a cafe like that to offer that range of food is quite good ..

50 (13)


50 (14)

Like the Ice-Lemon Tea which is very homemade style and under this hot weather, this is just what I need. . . Refreshing sip’s .. .

50 (15)

Mushroom soup wasnt on par with what I expected, as I find it too creamy and thick, a bit blend in taste too . .

50 (16)

I guess this would sure be a another great place to hang out with friends with their drinks are certainly up for grab, and filled with modernize pre-war style deco and the pricing of it is sure quite reasonable  . . . .For food wise I havent really try out on it, and no comment. . .as on the day I went, there were only one guy working which is ‘pau ka liau’ the whole scene  . . . So do have patient that they are lack of man power if you plan to visit here. .


Behind 50,
Junction of Muntri Street and Love Lane,

Mon – Wed:11:30-01:00
Fri – Sun:11:30-01:00

Phone: +60124939230

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