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Wine is indeed plenty of great bottles out there. How do you find your favorite bottle? Only key word is keep searching and taste. One of the latest discovery is through this GreyWacke wine tasting at KL Hilton where this is the Marlborough lable of Kevin Judd. This family run vineyard is primarily base on two varieties, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir as they are produce in distinctive style.

Abit of Kevin Judd as he is one of the founding winemaker at Cloudy Bay before he left at year 2009 to establish his own wine GreyWacke, named after New Zealand’s prolific bedrock.

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For this series, what they mean Wild is on the fermentation process. They just let the yis develop with the nature of barrel, weather and minitor it closely as they do not tweak the growth of yeast.

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Great to have Richard Ellis – Marketing and Production for GreyWacke to bring us through the journey of their signature Wild Sauvignon Blanc from year 2009 – 2014

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This is my first time trying out 6 different years of Sauvignon Blanc at one shot and it is rather interesting to find out the difference.

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Started of with Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2014:

Tasting Note : Almond friand full of white nectarine, blood orange and rockmelon. On the first sip, you will have a direct hit of spicy taste then very nice floral, furity, lemon / citrus sourness at the back of your taste bud. Young wine that gives you easy drinking even on the afternoon.

For Year 209 – 2013 are the bottles have massive recognition from oversea and their 2009 is one of the bottles that are highly demanded in overseas. Only limited products as each country would only carry less than 20 bottles.

For Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2013 – taste is softer as the spiciness note is not as prominent it should be, mild spiciness hit and love the mild crips of the taste. Slightly dry and do taste a bit or herb end taste.

Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2012 – This is pretty unique where the taste changes is more prominent as it is slighly grassy or taste like in a huge nice spring field, fruity where a bit dry like grapefruit with dry and smooth finish.

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Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2011 – This is pretty interesting as Christmas is just around the corner, this would be a good bottle to have as the first sip reminds me of Christmas Fruit bread with slight citrus sour and most interesting is as you swell long enough, you will smell some fire cracker note. It is like medium to full body transition. Love the dry after taste that gives you a little note of Apricot. 

Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2010 – The colour had change to more of wine now is more noticeable stronger yellowish as compare to the other 3.  Gives you a nice minty cool and nice spices and after taste is dry creamy. 

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Finally Wild Sauvignon Blanc year 2010 the much talk about and also anticipated bottle from all the wine taster, with its first bottle being produce by the owner that had won him serveral recognition and rave indeed to lift up the expectation of it. First sip is rich in flavour like fresh bake bread, toasted almonds over grapejuice, cumquats, passision fruit, mandarin peel skin, hints of cedar,  and coriandal seeds. Indeed it is complex yet floral. Nice crisp and very nice well balance after taste. 

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With Richard Ellis whom indeed share alot of his passion in wine making and yeast fermentation. Indeed this is another wine that you should give it a try as my personal favorite for their wine would be year 2010 and 2011. 

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