Few weeks back while waiting for movie, saw this new ice cream stall located infront of GSC 1-Utama ticketing counter with many people flocking around. Then only realise its something new. Just Like It

[No longer operate]

When I was travelling last year to Sydney, I did saw this concept of ice-cream and thought it would be very interesting or something new to me. With all the dry ice type smoke flowing out from the stand mixer. Just Like It! Ice cream is another revolutionary of F&B.

just like it (1)

just like it (2)

The concept of the outlet is rather unique and impressive with chilling nitrogen gas, all the staff looks like lab technicians with lab coats, beakers, volumetric flasks….

just like it (3)

Well, if they are not ice cream then what are those? hmmm . .. Their offering of flavours are pretty unique with New Popcorn, Durian Durian, chocolate flakes or as above the menu you can see.

just like it (4)

 Can see that all the flavours are pretty concentrated.

just like it (5)

 and the add ons that we choose to blend along ..

just like it (6)

just like it (7)

 Their process of ice-cream is rather interesting by pouring their N2 liquid and also the puree that they have.. .

just like it (8)

just like it (9)

just like it (10)

This is how interesting as it would get with so much smoke from the mixer ..

just like it (11)

 After a while it became into solid form and tadaa.. our ice cream is made. . .

just like it (12)

The process continues if you order other flavour, as they wash the item and prepare for next.

just like it (13)

just like it (14)

just like it (15)

Tried both their Mango and Durian durian. The texture is smooth and taste of both flavour is not bad. Durian have the strong durian taste as they do add on little durian meat in it, yet I still find that overall mouthful taste, flavour and smoothness of it, still Sydney much better.

Nevertheless, its still one of the new concept in town that did make a buzz out of it. . Price at RM 7.90 – RM11.90. Still worth for you to try it out at least once, to see what is the difference between the rest of the ice cream.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, good also la, worth to try on new concept at least once -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Just Like It! Ice Cream A Revolutionary F&B
infront of GSC ticketing Counter – 1 Utama

Operation Hours –

Bond movie, I have started watching since young age and being a fan of it it always keeps you thrill on all their series. Attended one of the latest premier, Skyfall which is organise by Heineken is something that I should thank on for the privilege. Heineken is such a premium brand has extended its 15 year partnership with the James Bond franchise


Upon arrival, we register at main counter as we reach early and its pretty impressive that they change the whole area to green signature of Heineken.

skyfall poster heineken

Skyfall premier. . .


as we are early then right after we got our tickets we head into the longe area, of course to have a bottle of Heineken . . 🙂


Its a little unique how they put it in this way . .:)

Skyfall Heineken

We all had a great time at the event with Benjamin and the rest of us enjoying our bottle of Heineken before the movie starts.

Well, for this movie, I rate it as a transition of Bond movie that its less action and gadget exposure, and of course in all bond movie you are expecting a sports car, yet for the past few movie is Aston Martin. This round Aston Martin showcase their classic range which is so cool yet being shot to destroy.

Overall of this movie, that make it sit for about 140 mins and I find it pretty draggy and new introduction of whole team, with new Q, Moneypenny, and M. I guess next Bond movie will be impressive with the new young team.

The best of all scene are in the preview below:

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