Guinness Flavour by Fire


Guinness Malaysia is pleased to announce a bigger line-up of renowned chefs and food
establishments at Guinness Flavour by Fire festival this year.

Get you wefies printed on Guinness STOUTie machine at the upcoming Guinness Flavour by Fire festival_8378The chefs’ culinary prowess and mastery over fire take centre stage at the festival. Going
beyond the ordinary, they will fire up a variety of creative Guinness-infused dishes, bringing
out bold and exciting flavours, tantalising one’s taste buds. They are:

1. Experience the magic of Arthur’s Storehouse, Guinness Malaysia’s flagship partner
outlet. Chef Franky and the team have prepared a wholesome menu for all festivalgoers.
Look out for their signature Guinness barbecue ribs, and an authentic Irish favourite –
Guinness Irish stew!

Guinness infused lamb ribs_85212. Rock & roll celebrity chefs Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian of Kitchen Mafia are no
strangers to Guinness and Flavour By Fire. They return with a delectable menu that
includes a new signature dish – Guinness Sticky Lamb Ribs and a couple more

Sherson shows a member of the media at the Guinness media masterclass on how fire creates extraordinary flavours_82783. Big Boyz Barbecue by culinary innovator Chef Navin Karu specialises in grilling
gourmet foods devoid of additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. What are they
throwing on the grill? – a scrumptious and exciting combo of Guinness-infused ‘Burgers
& Dawgs’, a couple more Guinness dishes, and other not-to-be-missed items.

Guinness chicken char siew_8424

4. Yat Sing Smokehouse brings to the table their American-style smoked meats, cooked
low and slow. What you should look out for – smoked spare ribs, pulled pork sliders, and
bacon mashed potatoes, all flavoured and infused with Guinness!

5. Kao BBQ, specialists in open-flame grilled meats, will serve an impressive variety of
meat skewers, all flavoured to satisfy the Asian palate. Look out for their Korean
Dakkochi, signature Lamb skewers, and Korean Pork skewers – all Guinness infused.

6. Shucked Oysters & Seafood Bar (sister company of Southern Rock Seafood) will be
serving two Guinness-infused dishes – grilled tiger prawns, and grilled salmon, both
flame-cooked to perfection. And, of course, what they’re super-famous around town for –
oysters; a variety of five different types will be available.

7. No one does pork like Chef Suren of Tipsy Boar! He will be firing up three unique
Guinness-infused dishes, including the not to be missed slow-roasted pork belly
porchetta with Guinness chilli kicap.

8. Undisclosed Location pays tribute to the marriage of Asian and Mexican flavours with
its innovative yet uncomplicated menu. Look out for their flame-cooked roast beef taco
with Guinness Marmite sauce and a Guinness Chocolate Fudge cake for dessert.

9. On a mission to take char siew beyond the ordinary, TNR by Sean & Angie will precisely
do that at our festival. Their signature char siew dish raises the bar with a Guinness
infusion and a complementary Guinness sauce to complete this mouth-watering dish.

10. Look out for our not-to-be-missed delicious desserts as well – Guinness chocolate fudge
and Guinness Magyum ice cream by Undisclosed Location and Caketella respectively,
as well as two varieties of Guinness bacon popcorns and Guinness chocolate cookies
from Bacon It.

The festival will also feature live music performances over the 3-day festival in Kuala Lumpur
as follows:
1. a$ix
3. Lost spaces
4. Talitha
5. Darren Ashley
6. Samantha Diana
9. K-town Clan featuring Jerryca Misty & DJ Yauzzy
12. Skies Are Red
13. Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men
14. Blister
15. 9 Lives Band featuring Joy Victor & Muzza

• Festival dates:
o 18 – 20 August at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur
o 02 – 03 September at Fort Cornwallis, Penang

To find out more info on Guinness Flavour by Fire, do check out their website here and social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

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