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If you are short on time in Penang or just on touch and go trip in Penang yet still want to hit your stomach with all the good street food. Gurney Drive Hawker Center is one of the options where I usually recommend my friend. Although some of you might find it commercialize but still there are certain stalls which is still quite good.

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In this hawker center, there are plenty of stalls for you to hit on as every stall have their own set of customers as their flavours are different from each other. there are quite repetitive stall as what I mean is that you can find 3 laksa stall, 3 prawn noodle stall and so on.

Besides that, one good selling point in this food court as it is a good balance of Chinese and local malay food too.

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Grill cuttle fish is one of my favourte as each stall have their own special sauce to dip along. some are better and stronger in taste and some are milder.

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Fried oyster remain one of the top order list for many food hunter.

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this is one of my favourite Soya Bean Stall.

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Some call this instant steamboat as in Penang, we call this “Lok Lok” stall.

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for fried item, this stall is one of my favourite stall for fried chicken skin and or their fried items. Stall no.100

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there are a few Char Koey teow stall which is famous as most of them are in queue. This stall is also not too bad.

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Not the best but still remain one of the item that I would buy when I crave for it. Chinese Pancake with available flavour of corn or banana as they add in fresh banana slices.

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Otak otak in this stall is pretty darn good. Penang Otak otak is quite different from Muar as Penang version is steam along with a huge piece of fish in the center. Depending on the stall recipe.

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One of the classic dishes which is Cuttle fish or known as Sotong Kangkung or in Penang known as “Ju hu Eng Chai”.

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Muar chee still remain one of my favourite as this uncle sells right infrot of Gurney Plaza pedestrian walkway heading to Gurney Hawker Center. The one that I like is no longer available as the uncle already retired.

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Lets head to be back section which is the Halal section. You can get all the local malay cuisine. You have to be cautious while taking your ingredient in Pasembur stall in Gurney as they are well known for Cut Throat pricing. Best to ask individual item if it is not written. Usually if you take seafood, that is where the samurai sword is out.

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This Satay stall is pretty good which usually I order.

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This is the last stall nearby Wendy’s. Nasi Lemak CiliBilis is one of the best nasi lemak you can find int his food court. Steam fragrant rice, and their sambal is a must. Add fried chicken if you like which is crispy .

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One of the place that you can find good local food all under one roof. Besides that, there are plenty of new nightlife spot in Penang that is worth checking out. 

Gurney Drive Hawker Center
172, Solok Gurney 1, Pulau Tikus,
10250 gurney, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 4.30pm – 11.30pm

When comes to public holiday or long weekend, this is the place that we locals Penang will try to avoid. First we will stuck in the jam. Second if we do go, its hard to find a parking spot. Third, if manage to find a parking spot its you have to fight for tables with all the local tourist crowd.
Gurney Hawker center actually had emerge as one of the hottest tourist spot for local Penang Hawker Food. You can get all the Penang favourites, Laksa, Char Koey Teow, Prawn Mee, Rojak and many more all in one area. With its open air concept and crowded area is what the ambiance that most tourist is looking for.
Last weekend which is Christmas weekend I was back to hometown and went to hunt my missing ‘Ma Zhi which I pronounce as Muar Chee very much.

This is the Muar Chi stall which is located in the middle court area (middle location) next to the famous Char Koey Teow.

Busy preparing customer order and I have to wait mine.

Tadaaaa….my fav muar chi. Its warm and soft covered with smooth blended peanut sand crush top with fried onion is something I enjoy eating and I order it big just for myself RM2.
Next Rojak’ of course in my list and by being one of my favourite rojak stall this is one the chosen beside GP Soon stall did not open and the one my all time favourite Macallum Street that added dry shrimps and peanuts..

Love my rojak to be a lil spicy and that is how he stir and stir.

and again tAdaaa……. my Rojak without cucumber and added meng kuang. Yummm….RM 5.
Again, this weekend I am going back to Penang for my cousins wedding and of course this place will sure be a disaster place again that is going to be pack with local and foreign tourist. For tourist, this place is a must go place to eat and visit. You will enjoy the atmosphere there. You will not get the best food here but just a great spot to be.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, A must Visit Tourist spot!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Gurney Hawker Center.
Gurney Drive.

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