Its Hallowen month. For this year, Jaya one will be hosting the first Magical Halloween Festival, Fantastic October as there are activities specially arranged on every weekend from 4th to 20th October, 11 am to 12 am. Kids have the opportunity to play up to 8 games by buying an Apprentice Quest passbook at The School. Not only for kids, adults get to enjoy craft beers, live music, hourly challenges, and free games after 6 pm at The Square.

Jaya One (2)
Jaya One (1)
Jaya One (3)

We have been running family-friendly events for years. This will be our very first time to host the Magical Halloween Festival. With the additional of us being pet-friendly and with late-night dining options at The Square, we hope this event creates a unique Halloween experience for visitors of all ages

Jaya One (4)
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Food from Three Stooges at Jaya One

Jaya One (7)

These night is awesome with the whole bunch of friends.


Shop and redeem for shoppers that spend minimum of RM50 from The School & The Square by earning coins. Shoppers can also earn Gold Coin by winning hourly challenges or dress their pet in spooky costumes to join the weekly Style Your Beast. Check out the list above for your gift redemption.


For more information, please visit  https://www.facebook.com/TheSquareMY/ 

Video recording to me in function used to be a big no no. Things starting to change since I posses this small little unit and to test out the function, slowly it is evolving in me that making it into a habit to record one. Samsung NX. I find it quite interesting as you can show better effect and feel to readers not only pictures. If you are looking for pictures (click here to find out more)

Soon it will be part of my blog content I think. :p

One of the functions I tested out with my toy Samsung Smart Camera NX 210 is the HD-recording that I have recording a few in different functions. Its pretty impressive so far. . This killer video system is capable of recording full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 30p. Set at 1280 x 720 resolution, nothing stops on the quality of cinematic experience with its amazing mirrorless CMOS image sensor that offers precise auto focus even while you shoot. Why not .. .

Check the video that I have recorded at below:

Jagermeirter Halloween Event

Tiger Halloween Event at Thai Club

Indian Food Festival at Mosiac @ Mandarin Oriental

Indian Cultural Dance

Mini Food Review at Indian Food Festival


Soon there will be more video as I think I am starting to fall in love to shoot video with the camera. Hopefully you guys love it too . .:D

I guess, now Malaysians are more up and dress up for Halloween party compare to past years. OF course its a good sign as its going to be another great night and now we can see more people old and young dress up or with cool make up to party. One of the latest event that I went few days ago is this Tiger Halloween event happening at Thai Club which a club that I have not visited ages. I remember the last time I came here was college time, means about 9 years ago yet Thai club still standing strong around the area along with Beach Club that had made them the trademark for that street.

Tiger Event (1)

Lets head out to see and saw Simon Seow there with infected dieseas zombie. Halloween had made many restaurants, bar owner and club come up with cool theme and promotions whereby guest like us can get to enjoy great bargain while partying. Not only that, its nice of Tiger that the do provide us some accessories know that some of us were not dress up.

Tiger Event (2)

AS we head in, we have a table reservation right in front of the stage performance or live band were already singing and rocking the house.

Tiger Event (3)

Tiger Event (8)

Tiger Event (4)

With great band up there, how can we miss out beers, Tiger were our best friend that night and we were shower with a few buckets.

Tiger Event (5)

Guess who is there sitting and ready to capture who is not up on their feet and dancing.

Tiger Event (6)

This is where zombie also equip with DSLR and taking pictures of other people .. 🙂 Who’s that, its actually Benjamin.

Here are some of the dance move from Tiger Dancer. . .
Tiger Event (9)

This is another nice act that this guy actually with a  mask and enjoying his drink with a straw poke thru his mask, and he saw me taking his pic, here you go.. cheers man~

Tiger Event (10)

Tiger Event (7)

Here are some of us with little outfit. .

Tiger Event (11)

CAught in action, from left, Benjamin Gf, Joanna, Benjamin and Isaac

Tiger Event (12)

Follow by another group of performance by the name, The Queens from China.

Tiger Event (13)

Tiger Event (14)

When I saw her spec, I totally want it.. with cool led beeming out like cyclops and sure its cool to bring it to rave party. . .WOnder where to hunt for this cool sun glass now. The night is even better as more and more coming in make it another happening night spot in KL, not only that, as there are more zombie moving around. If you do ever feel lonely, this is one of the club that you can pop by. Filled with performance and being entertain too .. 🙂
1 Jalan Perak, 50450 KL 50450
Tel: 03-2161-6898

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Many of us know that Tony Romas is a casual family dining restaurant that specialize in baby back ribs, I have read many bloggers that went to Singapore, most of them would try out their signature dish and came out with a WOW in it but Malaysia, and many other Muslim countries are unable to serve that.

Just do not be disappointed that the restaurant do offer other good range of food and especially during this upcoming festival Halloween which is widely celebrated in most of the western countries are now offering limited time menu JUST THIS WEEKEND ONLY.


tony (2)

When you enter the restaurant you can see most of staff will be dress in Halloween style and please do not be scared with those weird and scary costume. It is sure going to be a good place for family hang out with all the decoration going to be in place soon.

tony (3)

A cozy restaurant that decorated with wooden chairs and tables, bars and dim orange lights.

tony (4)

tony (5)

Bar area that serve Virgin Mocktail and Cocktail

tony (6)

If you feel inside is too stuffy or you would like to smoke then head to their outside environment at this e@Curve branch.

tony (7)

Couples can be seated at this very comfy sofa area.


This menu are only available for 3 days which starting from 29th October until 31st October 2010. Just come dress up in any cute or scary halloween dress during these 3 days then you will enjoy a FREE Howlin Pumpkin Pie with any purchase of 2 main entrees.

tony (8)

The restaurant going to be very the Halloween feel.

tony (9)

Just don get spook off by the green monster going to serve you accompany by the witches.

tony (10)

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