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Being a Malaysian, I am quite surprise that there is actually a hidden chocolate factory that produce quite good Malaysian Chocolate that symbolize A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience. Harriston Signature Chocolate located in Cheras is one a major hive for tourist as they serve 8 millions customer a year. That is massive for a local brand.

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In tourism sector, Harriston Signature Chocolate is one of a Malaysian souvenir to be brought back to their home country as well known for the quality of chocolate that they are producing.

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With hardwork and constant dedication of the team in R&D, they have produce one of their signature best selling products that most customer or tourist will walk off is the Durian chocolate and Tongkat Ali chocolates.

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Its a big chocolate place for chocolate lover to buy their chocolates and you can see how chocolate are being produce in their Chocolate Production Kitchen.

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It might sounds weird, but I can assure you that it taste awesome!

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Most of their packaging are nicely packed and ready to be given out as gift. This is also unique chocolate which is Chili infuse. It gives you some chili spicy yet fragrant of chocolate. Very interesting.

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As in their cafe, do not miss out their chocolate drink. Pack with solid chocolate and 1 cup is enough to fill you up.

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Then we head up to their special chocolate class that was arrange for us.

Duration; 1 Hour – to produce 4 different types of chocolate.

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also a great bonding time with your kids. Kids are all over the moon in this work shop as they can just eat the chocolate and decorate with it.

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Given a pair of gloves, mask and apron. Lets play in this chocolate DIY workshop.

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there is an instructor at the front guiding all of us on step by step in making chocolate mold and to even it out.

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In the making of my chocolate candy.

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My work station is very messy as it is not easy to handle chocolate as what we see those chef in the kitchen. It need skills in pipping and also the temperature is the core in making chocolate.

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My creation.

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anyone of you wound want to take one?

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For a Malaysian Chocolate snacks Brand, it is very impressive and the amount of tourist flocking in, is pretty amazing.

You guys can certainly check it out to get a cup of chocolate drink and do try out their testers that the staff is giving.

Harriston Signature Chocolate
10 & 12, Jalan 13/91, Jalan Cheras,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

operating hours:
Daily : 9am – 8pm

Tel: 03-2162 2008

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