Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year Campaign 2018 Launch at Sunway Grand Imperial Restaurant. As the festive is just around the corner, there will be more goodies rewarded back to the consumers. As speaking at the event, Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia said, “This festive season, HEINEKEN Malaysia wants to gift its loyal consumers a memorable Chinese New Year experience. As this is a time when families and friends gather for reunion, we want to ensure that their celebrations will overflow with prosperity and togetherness. Hence, our campaign this year is packed with full of opportunities for our loyal consumers to win with the range of brews in our portfolio.”

During this delightful season, consumers who fill their glasses with Tiger Beer and other HEINEKEN Malaysia products at participating coffee shops, food courts and Chinese restaurants, can instantly redeem a pack of limited-edition Tiger Beer playing cards while also having the opportunity to take home prizes such as cash ang-pows worth RM99 or cans of Apple Fox Cider”.

tiger cny (2)

Indeed it is always filled with gatherings and great to see this bunch , Charmaine, Bowie, Fish and Tommy.

tiger cny (3)

On the night, we were pampered with all the brand pop up stations.  Especially Apple Fox Cider is quite interesting. One of the new addition into their collection. Suitable for girls and best to drink it chilled or with ice.

tiger cny (4)


tiger cny (5)

For any near Chinese New Year or After Chinese New Year dinner, Yee Sang is a must as to toss to make gleefully wishing for a bountiful year ahead that will overflow with prosperity and togetherness.

tiger cny (6)

Awesome food were serve along that night, with special highlight form this restaurant, double boil soup and their iberico pork ribs. two thumbs up.

tiger cny (7)

tiger cny (8)

tiger cny (9)

We were also transported back to the 60’s era as being entertained by May Mow, a local singer, who invoked their joyful spirits.

tiger cny (10)

A bunch that always delighted to see the boys group during drinking event. All the senior bloggers.

tiger cny (11)

Wishing everyone a joyful, prosperous healthy year. Huat ahhh~

One of the aim for the night is to get the lucky draw on the majong set, However, this exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong sets are on offer at participating stores too. Consumers can own a set at RM99 only, while stocks last, when they purchase one 24-can pack of Apple Fox Cider and two 24-can packs of any other HEINEKEN Malaysia products. Consumers can also keep an eye on the new packaging for Tiger Beer and Guinness during this festive period, designed to make the Chinese New Year celebrations merrier this year.

On top of that, shoppers at selected Tesco outlets in Peninsular Malaysia who purchase HEINEKEN Malaysia products worth RM200 and above will be able to play a game and win even more prizes. Three consumers will also score themselves an opportunity to sprint around a TESCO store to fill their carts with items that will be paid for by Tiger Beer. So don’t miss out this great opportunity and grab more HEINEKEN Malaysia products now!

To know more information about this campaign and its promotions, as well as the dates and locations of outlet events, please visit https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY. Please take note that these promotions are only open to non-Muslims who are 21 years old and above.

Heineken this round did something pretty unique at Rabbit Hole. I guess the name itself sure do create a nice buzz and plus with this roudn theming is something rather interesting.

Heineken (1)

As for this round, the convert the whole place into like a mini 3-D dimension series as you walk in you are trail with series of cubic lines to the main entrance.

Heineken (2)

Right after you reach you are greeting with the whole place filled with glowing strings as its place with many UV lights.

Heineken (3)

 Even DJ console area is pretty cool.

Heineken (4)

 Saw my friend, Tziaa there as she is working . . .

Heineken (5)

 and many people are just standing and chilling with their friends.

Heineken (6)

As you walk further in, as where the bar is, as they are being light up with UV lights in fluorescent green and blue hues of the limited edition Heineken Club Bottle that comes to life under ultraviolet (UV) light to reveal a stunning piece of hand-held art.

Heineken (7)

 Love the Limited edition bottle series when its under UV lights. Cool yah~

Heineken (8)

 When its under normal lights, it does not make any difference.

Heineken (9)

 and Anna standing right next to the light box and Holding the Heineken Glow bottle.

Heineken (10)

Right before I left, then only discover another secret door to this little cool room where another set of different music being played in here and of course its more colder as the air con in here is more powerful.

Comes to year end, there’s where the party all slowly starting to kick off. One of the first is Heineken Good Vibes that took place recently at Sepang which is also its very first installment that feature quite a number of great artist local and international, that many of the party goers are looking forward  for the star of the night, Smashing Pumpkins. Not only that as Heineken took the opportunity to do a beta version of Starclub which is a successful 2 tier build up with an indoor and outdoor element to provide uniqueness of its clubbing experience.

Heineken (1)

As I arrive, already alot people in the scene as the party start as early as 4pm.

Heineken (2)

 The event took the whole arena of Sepang Go-Kart Circuit.

Heineken (3)

Our first pit stop is by stopping at the game center. Winning any game will walk away with some of the party item.

Heineken (4)

 Test your energy. For guys you have to punch it till a score of 650 and above to win an item.

Heineken (5)

Intense Ice challenge is pretty interesting where there are 2 huge cube of ice are being place and you are equip with a powerfull water gun. Its to melt the ice and look for a card inside then you will walk away with an item.

Heineken (6)

 Shoot the bubble.

Heineken (7)

From the whole arena, there are only 2 drinking place whereby we are not allow to bring out the alcohol. Love their concept of drinking area with pallet and green lighting.

Heineken (8)

Went to their food arena and good to see many great local stalls are in there. Most of their food are good!

Heineken (9)

Then head to one of my fav arena which is StarClub, which is first of its kind in Malaysia that provides a unique clubbing concept.

Heineken (11)

 Of course when we party, beer is a must!

Heineken (12)

 This is how the place look like.

Heineken (13)

Then went to another area, which is also I find it very unique and first of its kind that I come across. Silent Discotek

Heineken (14)

Upon entering, we will be given a pair of headphone and there are 2 channel to switch. On the stage there are 2 DJ spinning 2 different type of genre music.

Heineken (15)


Hehehe, here we are, dancing like mad people and its funny to see other people dance when you remove the headphone. Its like those people are in their own world.

06 Good Vibes Set Times

 This is the line up for the event.

Heineken (16)

Heineken (17)


When Smashing Pumpkin came out, every one just cheer and put your hands up. Its a song that most of them are familiar with and sing along.

First of its kind and most of the act are totally not my type of music but surely its another great experience for me.

Sometimes, its really good to have a nice neigbourhood bar or I consider those outlets inside Hartamas is part of neighbourhood driven. Nevertheless, there is one new bar that open its door few months back and just recently discover on it. I did pass by here many times and notice on it as just didnt pay a visit till 2 weeks back. PReviously was another pub and now being taken over by new group had turn it into Chapter One.

Then our funny question came about, where is Chapter tWo and Three. Eventually we found out that their future expension is going to go along that line, to mark on how many outlets they have.

Chapter One (1)

something I love about this place is they comes with free Jockey service and this definately give them an advantage to many players in this area and for ladies, you don have to be worry cuz their service is from 6pm till you drunk. Love how they put it their operation time. 😀

Chapter One (2)

Chapter One (3)

with new management, it also means the whole interior also change, as its more nice and love how they cleverly redesign their bar.

Chapter One (4)

I was there from 7.30-11pm that nite and this pool table were never once empty. It was being monopolise by those few guys the whole night and of course with the rules, winner stay.

Chapter One (5)

Chapter One (6)

They serve 5 GAB draught beers (Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken, Strongbow, and Tiger) ranging from RM12 up to RM16 for a glass, RM17 to RM23 for a pint and RM45 to RM60 for a jug. There are no happy hour for beers, but the ala carte price for the beers are reasonably priced. So, that’s beer hours for all day long! Apart from these selection of beers, there are also other beers sold in bottles.

Chapter One (7)

Their food range is pretty okay . .

Chapter One (8)

And since they have something new in this outlet, the bar manager creatively combine a few beers to make up his very own special beer cocktail and its in the menu now.

1) Strongbow Mojito – On our hot day, this will comes in good. Refreshing as it comes with a few flavours. Apple do pair well with this as Strongbow do have sweet end taste.

2) The Sex on the Beach is a mixture of Skyy Original, Peach, Cranberry and Orange juice.

3) Strawberry Daiquiri, mixture of Bacardi Carta Blanc, Creme De Fraise and Lime Squeeze. The presentation is cute.

Chapter One (9)


Beer Cocktail Promo with a choice of 2 form the list:

Chapter One (9)

Let me introduce you one of my favourite unique beer cocktail first. Comes with A mixture of Guinness, Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey.

Chapter One (10)

The Irish Whiskey is added into the glass before dropping the “bomb” (Bailey’s).

Chapter One (11)

Once the bomb is dropped, this need to be drank up immediately! Love the creamy feeling and once down, you burp and you feel the heat in your stomac. Its something like Flaming Lambo but this is the beer version. Perfect gift for birtday boy and girl.

Chapter One (12)

Other beer cocktail I find it interesting is of course

1) The Snack Bite Black Pint looked like a sunrise in a pint. It is a combination of Strongbow Apple Cider, Lager and Blackcurrant

2) this name caught our attention – Lunch Box for a beer cocktail name, it’s catchy.. Lunch Box is a mixture of Lager, Orange and Amaretto Disorono..

3) Previously I have seen so much about the posting of this combination of Strongbow and Guinness but yet find any outlet that promote it and now this outlet has it.. Its a bit smooth on the top cuz starting off with Guinness and further down its a great mixture of bitter and sweet end. Not bad~

Chapter One (13)

Chapter ONE Seafood Salad consists of prawn, mussels, cuttlefish, onion rings, croutons, coral lettuce, olives and cherry tomato, served with homemade thousand island dressing. I must say, the salad do impress me and its pretty good.

Chapter One (14)

If you are here for their live band and beer, then Crispy Pork Ribs is a MUST HAVE! The pork ribs are well marinated with fermented bean curd and served with sweet and sour homemade Thai chili sauce. It is serve pipin hot, with a bit crips on the end and aromatic. Perfect to go along with any alcohol on your table. .

Chapter One (15)

Pork Meatball

Chapter One (22)

Chapter ONE Sliced beef consists of grilled Angus Beef slice served with Japanese Soya Sauce and Wasabi. Its pretty good stuff, and for a price of RM 18, its a good bargain with many slices and its juicy.

Chapter One (17)

Pan-Seared Black Bass @ RM26

Chapter One (19)

Classic Pork Burger here are done with homemade style. weight about 200g per patty served with melted cheese, grilled red pepper, sauteed onion, mushroom and potato fries @ RM 28.

Chapter One (20)

Braised Lamb Shank @ RM38

Chapter One (16)

Their Spaghetti range is not bad too. We took off with Spaghetti Carbonara @ RM18 light creamy base although I always prefer mine to be thick as not many people like that. This is more generic.

Chapter One (18)

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta not the best but certianly better than quite a number of places. With hint of garic spaghetti moist enough. @ RM23

Chapter One (21)

Pork Meatball Pasta would be better if the sauces can be slightly more sourish. @ RM20

Chapter One (23)

Another extra point for this outlet is that their live band is good and its available everyday EXCEPT SUNDAY. Service here is good too.

Chapter ONE Bar & Bistro
No. 70 & 72, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur 50480

Tel: +603 6211 7484

FB: chapter1bistro

Opening Hours:
Daily from 12pm to 1am

After Heineken winning a Gold Awards on yesterday dinner and I am back with them for another round to witness the final contest of  Heineken’s ‘Kick-Off to Ibiza’ finale. With many contestant around, it had been then narrow down to 40 finalists to be called upon in this event. Then they are being test again on the day, and with 6 finalist are being up on stage, which will make them a 50-50% of winning the all expense paid trip.

Winners will be joining 200 Heineken fans from around the world in an ultra-luxurious VIP experience at the UCL Final viewing event in Ibiza, Spain – which will see the best of football and music culminating in one spectacular event. .

heineken (1)

The finale challenge held at Mines Wellness Hotel .

heineken (2)

heineken (3)


Love their tag, as we gotten a limited edition lanyard too.

heineken (4)

 The usual suspects. .

heineken (5)


with food being arrange for everyone.

heineken (6)

heineken (7)

heineken (8)

 The whole scene being change to beach party style ..

heineken (10)

As it hit the last round anxiety and excitement filled the air during the Q&A session where six finalists who successfully uncovered the authentic tickets were then pitted against each other to test their football knowledge. They were put to test till the question hit the year of 1999.

heineken (11)

heineken (12)

heineken (13)

 Its a great place to enjoy one of our favorite beer. . .

heineken (14)

With a combination of intelligence, imagination and inventiveness, three Malaysians won themselves an all-expense paid trip to Ibiza, Spain to watch the screening of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final on May 25. Congrats to all of you~

heineken (15)

 for the rest of us, we just sit and chill. Catch up with some friends too . .

It has been a while since I attend such dinner. I remember the last round I went was with my ex company to attend all this awards dinner under Techonolgy. Well, this is something new to me and I would like to thank Chris for extending me the invites. Get to understand further that this is the 4th Putra Brand awards and Heineken this round is being held at the new Majestic Hotel. One good thing about this awards is that its being measured by consumers.

putra (4)

There are lots of people attending this event that most of them are representative of the company and alot of advertising and media people to cover the awards.

putra (5)

One of the beer being nominated for the beer category under peoples choice are of course  Heineken.

putra (1)


putra (2)

 We do have free flow for that night. 🙂

putra (3)

 with Chris and Anna.

putra (6)

 and here are the pretty girls that represent the beer also for the night. .

putra (7)

On my table, its great to sit along and get to know other people from the agency and different company . .

putra (9)

On the night, it was another remarkable night achievement for Heineken , as they are awarded Gold again for second year in a row under  ‘Beverage Alcoholic’ category. One of the brand recognize by many people and consumer’s preferred choice too.

putra (10)

 Group picture with Marketing team of Heineken . .:D

putra (11)

and of course it was an eye opener event for me as some brand won in certain category  its really a surprise and really wonder how all this being tabulated. 😀

Cheers to Heineken. .

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