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Here it comes again on as one of the signature exclusive event under Hennessy X.O is another huge event that I always looking forward to go as it really open up your taste bud to a whole new level as they embark on a international young chef to take up the challenge of this journey, this round it would be Chef Viet Pham as he was born in Malaysia before heading to SAn Fransico and grew up there. By the year 2002, he graduated from  California Culinary Academy in 2002.. Not only that, he is also one of the Iron Chef America Winner.

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As for this year, the event took place in Danga Bay Convention Center at Johor as they convert the whole convention according to their signature theme ‘The Spirit of Conquest’

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Right after we register, we were all given the opportunity to for photo opportunity taking as follow by with a few minutes wait to embark on their first section whereby we will be thought on X.O tasting.

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Then we were usher to this tasting section whereby a table is filled with 3 headphones as when the brand ambassador speak at the front we are able to listen clearly.

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The familiar face on the scene are KampungboyCitygal, Raj and Ken Vin

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The whole waiting area had converted into a classic chic private cabin interior with leather seat, side wall lamp that looks like the huge sailing ship back in Benjamin Franklin era. 😀

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 As we are in the waiting room, we are all being serve with signature of the night – Hennessy X.O.

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 Love this drink alot when got expose to it few years back, as its smooth, yet strong with woody and oakey that end with mild spicy end.

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 Bloggers for the night are KampungboyCitygirl, Evelyn and Jennifer.

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The dinner area being transform as we are in a huge ship that the side panel led are window view that make the impression we are sailing across the globe where we will be heading.

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‘Eiffel Extravagance’;  – scallops, onion filled with  ‘almost burnt’ cream

AS the ship set sail, we are heading to Paris for our first encounter and being serive with ‘Eiffel Extravagance’. One of a perfectly cook scallop which is tender, juicy and taste of roasted amber is there. Sipping it with Hennessy X.O with water brings out the freshness of scallop with sweet end. Just amazing. Right after we have completed our first dish, we were then entertained by  signature French cabaret dance.

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We were then sail to China to taste on this amazing dish ‘Orientique Arete’; shiitake mousse, poached duck egg yolk, toasted and sprouted grains. Something very unusual as the middle is duck egg that is not too solid once you poke it and its done till as thick as lava. Taste of the soup is pretty pungent yet down at the bottom is filled with grains that make every bite slightly crunchy and thick as once you stir the duck egg  yolk along, it makes it more salty and bring another level of aroma out. 

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 Then we enjoy the following with great  Shanghainese vocal jazz singer.

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Middle of our dinner, this pretty lifestyle blogger being transfered to our table – Jasiminne Yip from Malaysia and currently based in London, as she mention she was bored to death at her celebrity table with other big shots such as LVMH GM and others.

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The Mild Hudson – Grilled sea bass with savoy cabbage. Sauce of osetra caviar & potato

While waiting for next dish to arrive, we are then pamper with jazz band as we are heading to American-themed course. Find it quite interesting as sea bass is fresh and uniquely wrap by  Savoy cabbage. .

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Spicy Mediterranean- Chicken parmesan topped with mushroom ragu

From America, then we sail to Italy by kicking off with an opera performance. I am suprise when this dish is serve as it does not bring any specialty from the chef itself or maybe I had high expectation form the Iron Chef. Chicken breast is cook nicely just that accompany sauce is too strong. .

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‘Nippon Delight’; Umbeoshi (Japanese plums) sorbet and yuzu mousse.

Last destination before we embark back to our own destination is no other than Japan. Pretty unique dessert yet act as a palate cleanser, that this cold refreshing dessert is a great dessert to end the meal, follow with a bit of salty end yet sipping neat Hennessy H.O did bring the smoothness of the drink. Biscuits did add in the crunchiness and it was presented very pretty.

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Everyone start to move around and chill with drummers strolling and hitting hard on the main stage that signify one of the culture in Land Of The Rising Sun.

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At the end of the meal, Chef Pham being introduce and his amazing crew being the scene that brings all the food to our table. Great job to all of you.

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 Chef Pham came by our table and we did not hesitate to take picture with him. 🙂

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Chelsia Ng another famous blogger, local artist and great to know that she is from Penang. 🙂

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Melvin,  Cheng and gang.

The night ended with great food, good company and amazing dish that being presented by Chef Viet Pham and crew is undeniable. Looking forward who will be the chosen chef next year to embark on this challenging journey. Thanks to MHD for getting me here.

You can enjoy the whole experience by viewing on the video below:

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