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It had been a long time since last attending a party organize by Hennessy and this year they are back, with different style that feature finale of Beer Pong Challenge with winner walk away with amazing price by bringing home RM5,000 cash and 8 bottles of Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone that took place at KL Live Center.

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not only that, as this special limited edition series take over also had some slight difference as this round there are more instagramable corner. With the night fit with a theme “ Remixing the Present” inspired the event concept in collaborating local & urban culture of craft and art, bringing everyone together who shares the same passion

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A night that is not only featuring one that is vibrant, dynamic and creative. The brand showcased Hennessy V.S’s versatility and strong character with a compelling appeal to experienced drinkers and those who are new to cognac, highlighting Hennessy V.S’s nuanced yet intensely expressive flavor. That fits with alot of photo corner and not to miss out their mini arcade corner which is pretty amazing, from classic games to VR.

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Always reinventing itself, the collaboration between Hennessy and Felipe Pantone this year has inspired the brand in creating an experience at the party that allows guests to immerse into the artist’s universe and artwork that was brought to life in Malaysia. Hence with this special limited edition bottle of Hennessy Very Special by Felipe Pantone.

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The night end up with more high beat feature that portrays Hennessy V.S’s youthful spirit, Chinese rapper Blow Fever of ‘The Rap of China 2018’ 《中国新说唱2018》 made his Malaysian debut at the party showcasing his outstanding stage presence as he hyped up the crowd. of course not to miss out our favourite local classic and to those of you who remember them such as Local trending DJs such as Bass Agents, DJ Jenni F, DJ Tchuno and DJ Reeve.

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The night would not be complete with partying people and the usual few that is in this event.

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Looking forward again for such an event in year 2020. Hopefully will be bigger again, like the days of Hennessy Artistry back 7 years ago. #hennessyMY

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