Hennessy Launches Renewal of Hope for this year of Rat 2020. A kick start of Chinese New Year with a renowned Chinese artist, Zhang Huan, to honour the beauty of nature’s perpetual cycles of renewal through distinctive artwork portraying the brand’s eaux-de-vie as a metaphor for the New Year. The event took place at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.


Titled “Spheres of Hope”, the artwork – which will be featured throughout the campaign and on limited edition bottles specially designed for this New Year season – takes the form of a resonant dreamscape which exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of the infinite cycle of nature.


“Every year, the world’s cities shine with red lanterns celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. It is a celebration of promising new beginnings and of a perpetual movement that Hennessy embraces generously. This is what we wanted to embody in this especially meaningful celebration. It exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of this infinite cycle of nature,” explained Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of MHD Malaysia.

Limited Edition Chinese New Year Hennessy V.S.O.P

Lim In Chong

For this launch, Hennessy also collaborated with renowned Malaysian landscape designer Lim In Chong, popularly known as Inch, to create the “Garden of Hope”. The tree installation, specially designed and built by Inch for Hennessy, is a realisation of twelve trees, holding individual coloured spheres inspired by shades of Zhang Huan’s artwork.

Ushering in the New Year with Yam Seng, a Chinese Tradition

Visitors to Plaza Arkadia will be able to experience both Zhang Huan’s artwork and the “Garden of Hope” throughout the campaign duration, which will end on 8 February 2020. Huan’s artworks will also feature on Hennessy’s promotions and publicity throughout the campaign and on a microsite specially developed by Hennessy for the festivities.


At the microsite, users can find out more about the ongoing events, create their own New Year greetings to share on social media with friends, and play games to collect Kam points. With these points, users can redeem exclusive Hennessy bottles, free dinners and free drinks at participating restaurants and clubs.

The “Renewal of Hope” will also take on another benevolent facet which will see Hennessy fulfilling the hopes of eight people in the New Year – one from each of eight different categories – health, wealth, relationships, career, self, business, home and travel. In the true spirit of giving back, Hennessy has specially curated a gift for each category, which will amount to a total giveaway worth RM38,888. More details about this very special initiative can be found on the microsite.


On the night itself, we also get to enjoy a special crafted drinks that pairs with Hennessy.


More information about Hennessy’s “Renewal of Hope” can be found on the microsite which can be accessed by visiting http://innercirclevip.club/cny2020

Hennessy Declassified 2.0 is back again this year taking place at Menara KEN TTDI. The event is taking place from 26th November to 1st December. The interactive experiential journey will brings us through by decoding Hennessy’s myths and journey of making it through a few of their interactive zones.


Hennessy Declassified (2)

Love the setting of this building. You are greeted with this pretty lining of lights as you sail up from the escalator below.

Hennessy Declassified (1)

this year is slightly different for registration process. Each of us are given a unique bar code and at the counter, just scan on the barcode and that’s where all our details are in it for verification. This barcode is also needed upon drinks collection at the bar.

Hennessy Declassified (3)

Hennessy Declassified (4)

Hennessy Declassified (5)

First stop, experiencing the changing seasons in the Cognac region.

Hennessy Declassified (8)

then how the fruits are being process and stored for eaux-de-vie.

Hennessy Declassified (9)

with the original oak barrel from Hennessy as the art of writing the trademark on each barrel, and barrel processing are passed from one generation to the next. If your nose is near enough, you can still smell the alcohol on the barrel.

Hennessy Declassified (11)

This is the ‘grand tasting room’ that has never been open to the public. Here, the mysterious ritual of Hennessy’s hereditary tasting committee, who are in charge of tasting, choosing and making decision for an exceptional blend for Hennessy cognac was uncovered. With distinct tasting techniques and sensorial memories inherited from predecessors, the Master Blender and his tasting committee will gather in the grand tasting room to taste and select the eaux-de-vie at 11am every morning. Only the one sitting in the table with chairs are allow to talk and those that sitting behind are there to observe and listen only. It will take you at least 10 years to be promoted to sit on the table.

Hennessy Declassified (10)

Hennessy Declassified (12)

Then we go thru a tasting series from the master himself.

Hennessy Declassified (14)

The variety of Hennessy over the years. How many have you tried before?

Hennessy Declassified (15)

Enjoying of tasting session

Hennessy Declassified (16)

Final, we reach the speakseasy bar as they featured signature cocktails from Hennessy and Hyde 53.

Hennessy Declassified (17)

CB2 is one of my favourite as Hennessy are further aged in this American oak barrel. That gives you a unique distinctive taste.

Hennessy Declassified (18)

Do scan your bar code on the bar area and choose one of the 5 cocktails in the menu.

Hennessy Declassified (19)

Hennessy Declassified (21)

Enjoying our night with the drinks.

Ending year 2017 with Hennessy Declassified is indeed one of a unique experience. The experience brings us through by decoding Hennessy’s myths and modern lifestyles through the distinctive journey of five fascinating interactive zones and a futuristic lounge bar.

Hennessy 1 (1)

‘Walk in Cognac’

An omnipresent view of the changing seasons in the Cognac region and an explanation of the distillation process of the eaux-de-vie.

Hennessy 1 (2)

At the ‘Heart of Hennessy’ area, the brand’s famed craftsmanship that has been passed from one generation to the next was explored by going through a comprehensive showcase of the entire cognac-making process. This was aimed to give a better understanding on how eaux-de-vie ages and in French oak barrels until it is transformed into Hennessy cognac.

Hennessy 1 (3)

Great view from the venue that overlook nearly the whole KL at level 55.

Hennessy 1 (6)

The third area, is a exact set up of ‘grand tasting room’ that has never been open to the public. Here, the mysterious ritual of Hennessy’s hereditary tasting committee, who are in charge of tasting, choosing and making decision for an exceptional blend for Hennessy cognac was uncovered. With distinct tasting techniques and sensorial memories inherited from predecessors, the Master Blender and his tasting committee will gather in the grand tasting room to taste and select the eaux-de-vie at 11am every morning.

Hennessy 1 (7)

At the fourth destination of the journey, we were introduce to the full iconic collections and in this section, we get to sample the brand’s most famed variant – Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

Hennessy 1 (9)

The sensorial session is conducted by Brand Ambassador of Hennessy, Mr Chong Wai Keng. Hennessy Paradis Imperial is the result of precise selection, where on average only 10 out of 10,000 eaux de vie are carefully selected to be blended to become one of Hennessy’s rarest and most celebrated variants.

Hennessy 1 (10)

Its a taste that some find it very strong as they prefer milder notes. I like it.

Hennessy 1 (11)

Hennessy 1 (12)

The final area allowed where we experience Hennessy’s art of mixing, featured internationally acclaimed mixologists, Gento Torigata from Singapore and Rita Bonita from Hong Kong.

Hennessy 1 (18)

The entire week of Hennessy Declassified also featured signature cocktails from Hennessy and Hyde 53. If you do visit their cocktail bar, they do have this two signature in their outlet with special curation and designed are both  Hennessy Japonism and Hennessy Luo Han Kuo, to highlight Hennessy V.S.O.P’s sweet complexity and nuanced flavours.

Hennessy 1 (21)

Hennessy 1 (22)

Hennessy 1 (23)

whereas the Hennessy VS Highball is one of the purest and most refreshing way to enjoy Hennessy Very Special.

Hennessy 1 (24)

Hennessy 1 (27)

We  enjoy much on the canapes too as from the provider of Rui & Lynn. Their signature sushi nasi lemak and hainan chicken rice.

Hennessy 1 (28)

Have not seen her for ages after the trip and it is great to see her again over this event.  Over the years she have successfully created her own fashion label. Do check her out. @Kittieyiyi instagram or her collection here: kittieyiyi.com

Check out  more details at Hennessy Malaysia.

Celebrating the new Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection 7 layered harmonies by Carnovsky in style. The bottle is designed in such if you use a different color filter to see, you’ll get a different layer design unveiled to you. Besides that, to mark the RGB combination, Hennessy had pair up both strong talent with a specially designed menu and bespoke cocktails by Skillet @ 165 and Hyde 53 together.

The night showcased the limited edition design by Milan-based artistic duo, Carnovsky, while emphasizing the cognac’s versatility in the art of mixology and food pairing.

Hennessy VSOP (1)

Hennessy VSOP (3)

The dynamic duo Andrew from Hyde 53 and Chef Raymond Tham is indeed a great combination.

Hennessy VSOP (2)

With Yukiko

Hennessy VSOP (4)

Start off with our first station upon entering Skillet 163 is to try out a special nitrogen Sorbet infuse with Hennessy. It is so good that you would want another 3 more . Refreshing and light in taste of Hennessy.

Hennessy VSOP (6)

Hennessy VSOP (7)

Carnovsky designed a variety of patterns illustrating the fundamental elements of cognac as well as symbols signifying Hennessy’s history. The duo then translated Hennessy’s story into separate designs, rendering it in “RGB” – Red, Green and Blue overlays – to illustrate the origin and spirit of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège. Resulting in a single design, the three narrative layers are unveiled when viewed through a coloured filter:

Symbolizes the forces and efforts in creating V.S.O.P Privilège.

Signifies the origins of V.S.O.P in nature and its fruits, conveying the finesse and elegance of V.S.O.P Privilège.

Represents the sensorial journey and experience of tasting V.S.O.P Privilège.

Hennessy VSOP (8)

Hennessy VSOP (9)

While everyone is having a good time and waiting for the food to be prepared, we had some drinks too.

Hennessy VSOP (10)

Hennessy VSOP (11)

Starting off with the colour Green that goes into mini finger food:

Thai Salad with Green Curry, Crispy Barramundi & Ikura
Foie Gras & Chicken Liver Pate with Curry Leaf Tempura & Madras Sea Salt
Chinese Five Spice Duck Breast with Romaine Lettuce, Orange Segments & Coriander

Hennessy VSOP (12)

Hennessy VSOP (13)

Hennessy Chrysanthemum
Hennessy VSOP, Homemade Chrysanthemum Tea, Homemade Chrysanthemum Syrup & Ginger Ale

This is indeed one of my favourite pairing as never knew that by using Chrysanthemum can create such a nice cocktail. It is indeed a clever drink.

Hennessy VSOP (14)

Hennessy Japonism
Hennessy VSOP, Sake Junmai, Yuzu & Egg White

Beetroot & Saltbush Lamb Neck “Bak Kut Teh” Ravioli, with “Bak Kut Teh” Foam and Hazelnut
Veal Sausages, Spicy Tomato Fondue, Confit Tomato and Parmesan Tuille – 36 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheeks with Hennessy Vsop Jus

Hennessy VSOP (15)

Hainanese Inspired Ginger Scented Chicken Roulade, Bunga Telang Sago Puff, Chili Caviar
Salted Caramel Macadamia, White Chocolate Flakes, Bunga Telang, Blueberry Cheesecake

Hennessy Pandan Boulevardier
Hennessy VSOP, SousVide Campari Infused Pandan & Carpano Antica Formula

Hennessy VSOP (17)

As every one have had some drinks where everyone start dancing around, DJ Xu took over the decks, spinning his eclectic mix of electro-techno to up the beats and mood of the area.

Hennessy VSOP (19)

Love the new direction that they are heading with cocktail and food pairing. All the drinks and food is indeed nicely paired.

The party celebrating the latest limited edition bottle also kicks off a series of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 7 parties across the nation. Club-goers nationwide can look forward to exciting similar celebrations at:

1st April – S.O.S, Ipoh
15th April – VAC, Penang
21st April – Mixx Club, Melaka
22nd April – BED Club, Kota Kinabalu

First installation of H-Artistry took off in Penang on Wesak weekend, as most of us are partying with another 2000 more party revelers in this arena. H-Artistry which had begun back as early as 2008 and now this would be the second installment for Penang. Its good to see that the staging and everything is bigger compare to last year, along with an all-new setup, world-class production and a stellar line-up of artists from Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore

HA (1)

We are there as early as 7.30pm right after dinner and head to party scene to check it out. As usual, they are all well organise on the whole event to prevent any massive jam on the queuing.

HA (2)

 and of course with many of KL bloggers are up in the party scene and how can I not enjoy this round.

HA (3)

HA (4)

As for this round, H-Artistry have their new set up which is slightly different from last year, especially on the photobooth. Last year they have the 360Degree signature and this round .. they are back with something classic.

HA (5)

At the main hall, before opening up the main area, all of us are greeted with Hennessy drinks.

HA (6)

 This is the first photobooth known as “Hennessy Moments” at the “Fotobox” with Hennessy Bottle decoration in it and there are 2 of these. One with single shot and another one with multiple shot of 3 seconds for 3 shots(we creatively pose 3 pose) 😀

HA (7)

HA (9)

HA (11)

The usual not to be miss is they have Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks with Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda which were served throughout the night.

HA (12)

HA (13)

 Then comes along with some of my Penang best friend into the party scene. . .

HA (14)

Right before the main act, the countdown culminated with an electrifying laser show and striking LED visuals, which kicked off the night’s performances with Julie Woon welcoming every one.

HA (15)

Then 24HERBS, surprise  party goers by taking the stage. The Hong Kong hip hop outfit was bursting with energy, drawing the crowd in with their infectious stage presence as they demonstrated the credibility of Canto hip hop.

HA (16)

 With the siau poh’s from Penang  I always party, drink, and eat.. .

HA (17)

 With Yuki, Anna and Kelly. .

HA (18)

 And how can I miss my bestie Louise and Kelly ..

HA (19)

Then  after 24Herbs with the dimming of stage lights, Dennis Lau, clad in a laser-projecting jacket – took the stage with his electric violin, bringing the crowd to an all-new high as he started off with a violin introduction of Swedish House Mafia’s hit “Don’t You Worry Child”.

HA (20)

HA (21)

Next act is Andy Murphy went on to administer an astounding set of EDM and Big Room tunes for the next hour, firmly setting the momentum of the night with pulsating beats and fist-pumping drops. Taking over from Andy was Singapore’s biggest female DJ export Nicole Chen, who brought her popular style of Electro House and Dirty Dutch onto the H-Artistry stage. Both DJs’ sets, bolstered in intervals by a gorgeous dance crew and breath taking laser projections, shot the energy levels through the roof at H-Artistry as party goers danced through the night with glasses of Hennessy V.S.O.P in hand.

HA (23)

This is the crazy crowd we are looking at for Penang Revelers. . .

HA (30)

 With Don the tai lou . .

HA (31)

 Partying at VIP zone is nice and manage to take a picture with Andy Murphy . .

HA (29)

Hennessy night in Penang is fun and of course without this whole group of people, my Hennessy experience would not be complete. . .

HA (26)

At the end of the night, drink sensibly not to overdoze like my best friend here. He is lucky being taken care by 2 girls. . kekek

see you all at next installment of H-Artistry . .


H-Artistry had turn into a event that many people are looking forward to party with, also known as one of the most anticipated events in the yearly nightlife calendar, H-Artistry this year is promising nothing short of another sensational party. Guess what.

In order to party along, I am giving away 3 PAIRS of tickets. Just keep reading on and find out how to walk away with this exclusive money cant buy passes.


For the very first installment, its taking place in SPICE Penang (formerly known as PISA), H-Artistry is bringing a fantastic mix of artists from around the world to perform on the Global Art of Mixing stage, together with the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda. Party goers will also be treated to H-Artistry’s trademark party atmosphere.

HA Poster

Line up for the night (click here)

Now this is the moment for you with SPICE Penang transformed into a huge, VIP club for one night only, for you and your friend to party at this big arena and its rather simple just answer the following corrections correctly in the most creative manner and stand a chance to win!

1) Describe your ideal night out to share some signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks with your party friends.
2) Who are the three headliners who will be performing at the upcoming H-Artistry party at SPICE Penang?

Leave your comment in this blog post with valid email.

The most creative answer will walk away a pair of tickets ONLY

 Contest ends on 22nd May, 5pm. 

(I have email the 3 winners at 5.30pm-please do revert within 24 hours)

For those who wish to win a pair of tickets, here is another blogger running the same contest – (Anna.net) Good luck to all of you.

Event Details –
Date: 25 May 2013
Venue: SPICE Penang (Formerly known as PISA)
Time: Doors open at 7pm

– The most creative comment will walk away with 1 PAIR of passes
– Winner must response back to me within 24 hours and failure to do so, will pass to next winner.
– DO take note that the event is in PENANG

DO note that the event is in PENANG.

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