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Cafe hopping in Penang is one of the activity for travelers to do when they are in Heritage area. Pack with quite alot cafe around the area, Ome by Spacebar Coffee at Lorong Toh Aka is one of the cafe that is introduce by my KL friend. Check this place out with instagrammer @sxnflxwer_ which is also her introduction to this place.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (4)

Operating in one of the prewar houses, fit with raw walls, industrial mining lighting and wood elements as the table seating do match it well.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (5)

They do have some merchandises available too.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (6)

Such a compact cafe, seating arrangement here is very very limited. So most of the people are here to check out the cafe and space is the limitation, many walk away too.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (7)

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (8)

I was told that their homemade bread is a bit hit among the coffee drinkers.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (9)

The cafe is fully focus on serving coffee and therefore not much food is available. Specialty coffee is one of their strength too.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (10)

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (11)


Ome by Spacebar Coffee (13)

A glass of Latte @ RM 10, is a decently price coffee. Not too bad as the ratio of milk and their coffee blend do mix very well. both did not overpower each other. A hint of nice aromatic coffee flavor is prominent as after taste.

Ome by Spacebar Coffee (12)

seating outside could be nice but it could be very warm too as there are 3 air con compressor sitting right on top of it. Parking here is nightmare too. So do prepare to walk around.

You can walk further down to check out Le Petit Four (which was told famous for their pastries) 

So yah, one of a nicer cafe that serve a better coffee in Penang. I have not done much cafe hunting in Penang, so yah. If you do have do leave a comment below.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, coffee not bad, quite like!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ome by Spacebar Coffee
1, Lorong Toh Aka,
10100 George Town, Penang

Operating hours: 8am – 6pm (close Thursday)

Tel: 019-309 1450

Heritage zone in Penang had become one of the tourist spot for many travelers out there including to stay in classic heritage hotel to add on the ambiance. Muntri Mews is one of the early players in Muntri Street, Penang that offers heritage or boutique accommodation.

Muntri Mews (1)

Upon reaching, you will be totally lost as this is not your typical check in counter as it is rather hidden where the check in counter is actually inside the cafe as you will be ushered by their friendly staff.

Muntri Mews (2)

Cafe is at the front and accommodation is right behind the gate.

Muntri Mews (3)

Muntri Mews is housed in a converted row of 19th-century carriage houses. The place is beautifully restored, infused with Malay, Chinese and European influences. Antique, artwork and retro furniture plays its part in setting the theme for the entire hotel.

Muntri Mews (4)

The owner is actually a well know ID architecture that still maintain the originality of the layout of this houses. A total of nine suites was created on level one, with four Twin Suite downstairs and five King Suite upstairs. All the suites are equipped with air-conditioned, LCD television, free broadband internet connection and ensuite toilets.

Muntri Mews (5)

As my friend was staying in the twin suits, I got a chance to tour around the unit.

Muntri Mews (6)

Love the style of it as it still remains like Baba n Nyoya style home. TV is located inside the sleeping area .

Muntri Mews (7)

Muntri Mews (8)

Muntri Mews (9)

There is no proper cupboard as this are the only mini open hanging space.

Muntri Mews (10)

Muntri Mews (11)

To keep you entertain, the hotel do provide you a mini bluetooth speaker to sync with your phone and also some cables for you to charge your phone just in case if you forgot to bring along your phone cable.

Muntri Mews (12)


Muntri Mews (13)

Bath room is in the classic black and white tiles.

Muntri Mews (14)

Even the hand bath soap is wrap in classic version.

Muntri Mews (15)


Muntri Mews (16)

As for complimentary Set breakfast @ RM 31.80 , this boutique hotel offers a unique range which is not your typical buffet breakfast as where you get to choose it from their ala carte menu. Each of the guest will have 2 complimentary set.

Muntri Mews (17)

Their cakes do look tempting too, as you can enjoy your afternoon tea as it certainly do not feels like you are at Penang.

Muntri Mews (18)

Their overall menu.

Muntri Mews (19)

Breakfast menu set for guest.

Muntri Mews (20)

You will be serve with 1 bottle of cold press juice each.

Muntri Mews (21)

follow by a glass of coffee of your choice , be it long black, latte or cappuccino.

Muntri Mews (24)

and here is my order Salmon Bagel and with the size of its serving I am definately happy as it is quite big or a good bargain. Ingredient do look generous and taste is pretty good. Chewy bagel to my liking and smoked salmon is nice.

Muntri Mews (25)

Egg Anyway You Like is a classic breakfast filled with turkey ham, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. @ RM 19.10

Muntri Mews (26)

This is my favourite which is Artisan bread, also the simplest of all. A simple toast with just butter and blueberry jam. The toast is so good that the texture is nice, where the size is also slightly thicker, spread it with butter and bluberry I would go 3 slices of it.

One of the problem for travelers or outstation guest that drive will be parking issue as the place here is quite limited in parking space. Price range of this hotel is starting from RM300 onwards.

Muntri Mews
77 Lebuh Muntri
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia

Tel : 04 263 5125

Email : [email protected]

After saw some pictures posted on Jennifer’s Instagram, then on our lazy weekend, we decided to hunt this coffee place, since its nearby to my place. Located in Plaza Damas 3 (New section) that is located on the first floor. If you drive pass by the road daily, you would not have notice this place because of the road heading downwards.

brew culture (1)

I love how the owners play with their concepts. Very simple yet creative. If this outlet is in heritage area in Penang, it would have a superb response.

brew culture (2)

brew culture (3)

Reuse back all electronic items to become display.

brew culture (4)

wall painting to make it look colourful.

brew culture (5)

The Brew Culture offers coffee and breakfast set for you to relax and chill on.

brew culture (6)

With a few types of cookies for you to choose from.

brew culture (7)

brew culture (8)

Long Black Coffee which is rather mild in taste.

brew culture (9)

My cup of Latte, well presented with creamy froth, if the coffee taste is slightly stronger then it would taste better as currently being diluted with milk taste.

brew culture (10)

Hazelnut Latte

brew culture (11)

Love this wall coffee art painting. Colourful and eye catching.

Found other coffee are much nicer than this outlet. If you are up for the ambiance do drop by ~

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5.5/10 so so nia . . -stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


The Brew Culture Cafe
Location: B-01-06, Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur 50480
Contact: +603-03-2857 0181
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 09:00-21:00
(Close on Tuesdays)

An island up in the north, which is rich with heritage and famous for its food, who does not know this island Penang? Well, one thing cannot be denied that, after a few areas have got awarded as UNESCO heritage area. . tourism industry had push up to another level, with a mark on the map by knowing its one of heritage spot! Nostalgie Cafe

[UPdate: No Longer in Operation]

Nostalgie (1)

Good thing is this heritage area had attracted many tourist and many pre-wedding photoshoot had taken place with amazing work from many photographers along with many new cafe’s and boutique hotel bustling up around the area, one of the most recent place we found is this little family operate cafe, Nostalgie Cafe that stood alone in Steward Lane, which is just directly across Muntri Street.

Nostalgie (2)

All the operates in the area have their very own catchy name, not to be surprise that Nostalgie actually come by from French which evolve from the word Nostalgia with the meaning of yearning for the past. As this place is know with its rich heritage, therefore this word been chosen that preserve the whole building outlook and do with a bit more touch up to bring back the look and feel of the place.

Nostalgie (3)

Its like many cafe around the area and every cafe have their very own style preserving the whole building, and I must say this outlet is one of my favourite, as they did it with different style. A bit of art, antique which is a combination of east and west combination. Why is that so? Below is running operate cafe and upstairs is a boutique hotel which expected to be complete by Febuary 2012 and there are already people book the place. I got a chance to preview the place and its nice without completion yet. 😀

Back to my question, why is that so and with following pictures you will understand. . .

Nostalgie (4)

The cafe is operated with chinese antique where the family really put in efford and import it back from China on a certain furniture. .

Nostalgie (5)

This is the running cafe area . ..

Nostalgie (6)

and this is what I mean a touch from the West with classic art paintings been put up on the wall . .

Nostalgie (7)

Nostalgie (8)


Nostalgie (9)

Nostalgie (10)

A glimpse for the room upstairs .. . 😉

Nostalgie (11)

Nostalgie (12)

Right in the middle, they have a mini garden  . ..

Nostalgie (13)

Nostalgie (14)

and this is how people enjoying the place, a classic touch with a bit of simple contemporary design to make it very comfortable to chill for a morning. They are just a very friendly couple~

Nostalgie (15)

As the cafe are moving forward, soon to be they will have many drinks to be introduce into the menu which is coming soon~

Nostalgie (16)

On a hot sunny day, you would not want to miss this 2 drinks which is Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 5 & Cranberry Longan @ RM 9. Which is really a thirst quencher.

Nostalgie (17)

If you are a Lime drink lover, try not to miss this as not many places can serve nice Lime Juice drink and the colour and tone of the drink already tell, made fresh~

Nostalgie (19)

The menu is pretty simple as the have spaghetti, pizza and sandwich, the rest are drinks~ Food range are more like Italian homecook!

Nostalgie (23)

A simple dish to start off with Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawns @ RM 24, taste is light with olive oil and well coated along the spaghetti,  sprinkle upon some cheese powder on top that serve along with two huge prawns. . .

Nostalgie (21)

a meal that cook with their very own homemade sauce is Spaghetti Marinara with Prawns @ RM 24,   sourish in taste with the tomato sauce well coated on which is not too dry and by the time you finish the whole plate, there are little sauce that left on the plate that makes it look like you have lick it off~

Nostalgie (22)

Fettuccine Carbonara with Turkey Bacon @ RM 21, as not many people can take too creamy taste as that’s one of my favourite, a bit salty with bacon that cook along, and enough cream to make it as I prefer.

Nostalgie (24)

The star of the day is this Chicken and Feta Cheese Pizza @ RM 28, a home made base dough which you can see the chef roll in the kitchem that comes with the crust not too thick nor thin which is just perfect! Rich in feta cheeze taste and the flavor is a bit more strong, and a bit sourish with the cherry tomato that makes it blend so well. – Recommended!

Nostalgie (25)

A pizza which is generous with prawns is this Prawns and Chili Pizza @ RM30  that you can see each slice of pizza comes with decent size of prawns. This pizza bends towards more on sourish size because of its tomato base~

Nostalgie (26)

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich @ RM 14

Nostalgie (27)

Sandwich lovers, you must not miss this with its fluffy homemade bread daily on a very limited bread available that once sold out, you have to come back the next day. I love the bread so much and the chicken is perfectly grill that make it a great sandwich to start your day off. – Recommended!

Nostalgie (28)

Under desert menu, this is the supper star or known as the cafe’s signature cake, Carrot Cake @ RM 12. This cake is also made fresh daily and one of the best seller in the outlet. Often get sold out over the day very fast, and some of the customers even come a few rounds for this cake. The cake is huge enough to feed for 2 person and if you are a cake lover like me, once slice is just perfecT! Its rich in ingredient, that every bite is filled with walnut and add on with a bit of raisins to sweeten it a bit. The cake is not too compact yet its a bit bouncy when you bite on it. A cake that I prefer, soft and not too sweet~

Nostalgie (29)

Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts are a bit on the bitter side because of the chocolate used, and some of you might not used to it. They are not dry, very moist and with chocolate sauce added on makes it even better. RM10

Nostalgie (30)

White Coffee @ RM 5 and Black Coffee @ RM 4

If you are coming to this outlet for dining, my recommendations is do not miss their pizza and sandwich, as their spaghetti taste are more towards authentic taste, therefore some people might find the taste a bit bland or sourish.

Its a good thing to see another cafe pop up around the area, one set back of this outlet is there are very limited parking space around the area, as you can park in the small lane oppsite the cafe or you have to park nearby area with just about 3 minutes walk by strolling down this rich heritage area`

Now they also have special Christmas Menu in da house check it out and make your reservations:

Nostalgie Cafe
34, Stewart Lane,
10200, Penang.
(Few shop lots away from Coffee Atelier)

Business Hour: 11am to 9pm, Closed on every Thursday.

Contact Number: 604- 261 0977

Email: [email protected]

View Nostalgie Cafe in a larger map

One of the reason that Penang had attracted alot of tourist its because one of its culture that preserved its heritage area, and since then, alot of cafe’s came out with their very own unique classic place that offers customers heritage feel of it. One of the famous street in Penang that have all this ambiance, that you can find it in Muntri Street, Moontree 47 is located along the street.

moontree (1)

Then my friend told me about this place, Moon Tree 47 which operates by a couple, remain the place as classic as possible.

moontree (2)

Once you walk into the cafe, you will feel that you have travel back time, to the era of 70’s

moontree (3)

moontree (4)

Even the bar counter they are design with wooden planks, classic fan ….

moontree (5)

moontree (6)

with zink roof top become one of their wall deco along with photoframes and classic switch

moontree (7)

The cafe is very long and there are a few section that you can be seated.

moontree (8)

moontree (9)

moontree (10)

For their food menu, it is rather simple with just a few choices of what they have to offer, from coffee to main dish.

moontree (11)

Caffe Latte.

moontree (12)

Vannila Frappe

moontree (13)

Kaffe Burger @ RM 12 that serve along with pork

moontree (14)

If you are looking for a very old classic ambiance to stir up your memory during childhood, this is certainly one of the cafe to sink in, to read newspaper, to chill for afternoon tea session.

47, Muntri Street,
10200 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-264 4021
email: [email protected]

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