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With appreciation comes true knowledge; quality cues are discovered and connoisseurs created. One which is true luxury products, including cognac and Hennessy X.O. This journey towards understanding the quality of Hennessy X.O begins with Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows . Some of you might have read previously.

This year Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Gastronomy finds a true match in three-time James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef Edward Lee, who trained in classical French kitchens, and has tempered this experience with the better part of a decade cooking in 610 Magnolia finagling an invitation to work in the kitchen for the week. Impressed with Lee’s passion and skill, the chef offered him the restaurant less than a year later, and his Southern adventures began. The rest is history.

As this Korean-American Chef Edward Lee, who has challenged culinary royalty on Iron Chef America and won, spent a week immersing himself in the heritage and cultural diversity of Malaysia by literally “eating his way through Kuala Lumpur” in a journey taking him from one revealing mouthful to the next.

On Episode 1, Will Quah brought chef to Selayang wet Market to discover more about our local ingredients.. . .

Episode 2, Heading to Jalan Tun HS Lee for local street food

Episode 3, Moving towards one of the most popular night spot Petaling Street, Chinatown and guess what the chef have discover?

Episode 4, After China Town, the are heading to Little India at Briekfields to have a glimpse of dining with hands by Indian traidion

Episode 5, To experience how urban Malaysians live their lives in the city, Chef takes a brief pause from the heritage trail to indulge in contemporary coffee culture.

With much discovery that the chef move around the town, finding himself absorbing, understanding and reformulating all he has seen, heard and tasted in this whirlwind nonstop eating journey through the city for the upcoming Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner. This gastronomic journey certainly open up his creativity to come up to blend his experience with Hennessy X.O into the food. I am sure it will blast us away with his creating in the menu past April. Click  here for previous exclusive event by Chef Edward Lee

In heritage trail Penang, there are many hidden gems with many nice cafes and restaurant. There are one especially are quite well known or no stranger to many locals, even this humble restaurant had manage to attract many local and foreign tourist to flock in. Tek Sen Restaurant 徳成飯店 that had been establish since 45 years ago and now had past to its 2nd generation and its growing, that quality and taste is still well maintain and consistent.

update Dec 2022: Teksen Restaurant Receive an award as now a Michelin Bib Gourmand outlet.

tEK seng (1)

This restaurant had move to its new premises to provide more comfy experience in classic dining, that tuck in one of busy area, Carnavon Street.

tEK seng (2)

Tek Sen Restaurant offer delicious Chinese cuisine, featuring a mix wide range of authentic Cantonese, Teowchew, Hakka and Peranakan delights with many years of experience by recipe passing down and improve.

tEK seng (3)

On its new premises offer bigger and more comfort dining experience for customer yet the whole interior still have a touch of old Tek Sen restaurant that used to operate few doors away.

tEK seng (4)

Start off with Fish Maw Soup @ RM 20 a bland mixture of many ingredient that during CNY this is one of the soup that many people ordered. Clear in taste that makes it a perfect soup to start off with.

tEK seng (5)

Every restaurant has its signature item and in Tek Sen, this Fried Roast Pork is one of their best seller that many customers will have to order if they dine here. Fried till a bit crips on the head, a bit spicy with chili padi, caramelize coated on the meat and usually we had 2 plates of this. RM 28highly recommended~

tEK seng (6)

Followed by Inchi Kai Bin @ RM 14

tEK seng (7)

This big juicy prawns is Asam Prawns.  The flavor of tamarind is there, well coated along the prawns that every bite of the prawn is juicy yet the flavor is well balance.  RM 49

tEK seng (8)

Not many people like this dish, Bitter gourd fried along with salty duck egg and mince meat, as the bitterness of it had prevent many people on liking it including me, I used to dislike this dish yet I have been tought on how to enjoy it. Since then, I do order it when I have the change. A dish that fried simple that bitterness of the vegetable is not too strong and mix well with the taste of salty duck [email protected] RM 12

tEK seng (9)

Another one of their signature range is their curry. So we ordered on their Curry Fish (sting Ray) @ RM 23, As I like how my Asam fish is sourness is stronger and after taste of it is a bit spicy at the end. Curry gravy is not too thick and to mix with your rice to eat along is just perfect~ – Recommended

tEK seng (10)

One of my friend always dine here and he never miss this dish which is 3 steam egg. Different types of egg which is (century, duck and normal egg) to steam on it. A dish which is very simple, fragrant as just add on some garlic oil on top then add on some soy sauce, you will enjoy this simple dish alot~ @ RM 6

At Tek Sen, which is a restaurant that many of my friends love to dine and no doubt too that they have gain international popularity from a few types of magazine came by to feature them. A place to hunt if you are looking for nice homecook meal without disappointing.

On the set back about this place is there are very limited parking space available around the area and no matter during lunch or dinner its always super pack! It is advise to go early to enjoy full range of their food list as the later you went, there will be some dish sold out.

another recommended restaurant in Penang.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , recommended -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Tek Sen Restaurant
Ground Floor of No.18 & 20
Carnarvon Street
Georgetown, 10100 Penang

Tel: +6012 493 9424

GPS Coordinates:
N 5.41749
E 100.33596

Opening Hours:
Lunch – 12:00 to 2:30pm
Dinner – 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Closed on every Tuesday! 😉

After so many years I did not go for the Chinese New Year street heritage trail and this Chinese New Year I went with my parents as I am quite free on that time, then also take the opportunity to do some street photography as I never do before. It was burning hot in the afternoon and my parents plan to go in the evening. This event had attracted more than 100,000 people around the region.

This event is held yearly during the 6th or 7th day of Chinese New Year or mostly on that weekend to ensure everyone from the north side can enjoy this street thing. All of us that went there will be entertain by a lot of street performance as in the later photo will trail through what is going on. To a lot of photographers, this would consider a great for photoshoot. This post would be alot of photo’s.

CNY Heritage Trail

The first stop for the day.

CNY Heritage Trail (2)

CNY Heritage Trail (3)

CNY Heritage Trail (4)

CNY Heritage Trail (5)

CNY Heritage Trail (6)

a lion dance performance on the street.

CNY Heritage Trail (7)

CNY Heritage Trail (9)

the band of drummers

CNY Heritage Trail (10)

the mini chingay festival

CNY Heritage Trail (11)

CNY Heritage Trail (12)

CNY Heritage Trail (13)

CNY Heritage Trail (14)

CNY Heritage Trail (15)

CNY Heritage Trail (16)

CNY Heritage Trail (17)

I did not know that, there is a hidden temple inside this building.

CNY Heritage Trail (18)

CNY Heritage Trail (19)

CNY Heritage Trail (20)

CNY Heritage Trail (21)

CNY Heritage Trail (22)

CNY Heritage Trail (23)

CNY Heritage Trail (24)

CNY Heritage Trail (25)

Another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (26)

and another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (27)

CNY Heritage Trail (28)

This is how the crowd had pour in from all over the place.

CNY Heritage Trail (29)

A very historic building during long long time ago when Sun Yat Sen had a meeting to overturn China empire back in those days. If you do watch Bodyguard and Assassins the story is in it.

CNY Heritage Trail (30)

CNY Heritage Trail (31)

Then there sell the mini opera puppet.

CNY Heritage Trail (35)

Then if for Chinese that do not know what is the custome when comes during certain month of the calender, this streets has it all to help you understand chinese customs. With the ingrediant/item need to prepare and when is it and also with the explanation behind the whole process.
CNY Heritage Trail (34)

CNY Heritage Trail (36)

This is one of the booth that displaying the item of praying the 9th God which is during the 9th day of CNY.

CNY Heritage Trail (37)

CNY Heritage Trail (38)

Further explanation banner is add up on the side of the booth, to help us understand the reason or the story of the whole praying event.

CNY Heritage Trail (39)

CNY Heritage Trail (40)

CNY Heritage Trail (41)

CNY Heritage Trail (42)

CNY Heritage Trail (43)

CNY Heritage Trail (44)

CNY Heritage Trail (45)

CNY Heritage Trail (46)

CNY Heritage Trail (47)

CNY Heritage Trail (48)

CNY Heritage Trail (49)

CNY Heritage Trail (50)

CNY Heritage Trail (51)

To the main area of the night which is consider one as most of the heritage place. Khoo Kongsi.

CNY Heritage Trail (52)

CNY Heritage Trail (53)

On the way walking in, there are a few stalls set up along the path with those who are good in hand craft..

CNY Heritage Trail (54)

The main temple of Khoo Kongsi is beautifully light up on the night.

CNY Heritage Trail (55)

Facing directly of the temple which is this stage.

CNY Heritage Trail (56)

CNY Heritage Trail (57)

One of the very tradition Putu Mayong from indian.

CNY Heritage Trail (58)

One of the thing that track back my classic memory was this little cotton candy stall by this uncle. Modern days, there are not many places that offer this kind of cotton candy machine making already as I remember when I was a little kid, during fun fair my parents would buy me and my bro one stick each. Using a stick and circle around the mini cotton candy web around it to make it very fluffy and its best to eat it fresh!

CNY Heritage Trail (59)

The husband and wife doing it.

CNY Heritage Trail (60)

CNY Heritage Trail (61)

CNY Heritage Trail (62)

If you are looking for a very classic type of item, this shop has it. 47 Armenian street, Pg.

CNY Heritage Trail (63)

CNY Heritage Trail (64)

When I am walking back, the chingay team still there and this round they are performing more daring tricks already with 2 person standing on the back and the front one will kick the whole flag post to let the other guy hold on his teeth.

CNY Heritage Trail (66)

CNY Heritage Trail (67)


CNY Heritage Trail (68)

If you are looking for any firefood Char Koay Kak…add on with more tauge and garlic…its just yummm..

CNY Heritage Trail (69)

went back to the place with Chinese Opera on the stage streets.

CNY Heritage Trail (70)

CNY Heritage Trail (71)

The temple was beautifully light up during the night during my first stop.

CNY Heritage Trail (72)

Am I am very happy with what Penang had held during this festival and surely next year I would return again for more photography. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again… Huat AH~~~~

Armenian Street, Penang.

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