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I would say this is one of the Best hidden Burger in SS15 Subang, PJ.. At first when I saw this instragmmer posting about this place and saw the beef patty, I must immediately plan to swing by to this place. Shimokita Space in SS15 is actually a clothes bundle shop cum burger joint that been operating about a year ish. best cafe in ss15It is not hard to find this place as those of you that are familiar with Subang Square, you can park right there and walk over. Locate the famous SS 15 Rojak shop, and it is directly across the street on that row of shophouse. 

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Interstingly located TNB place then a kinda run down door that gives you the feeling that you are going up to like doggy place then thats the correct vibe you need to have then walk up.

japanese burger in subang

you will not miss out the place as you climb up the stairs as you will be rape with strong grill smell. If it does not happen means the pit is not burning yet. You will be greeted with those kind of 90’s J-pop songs era then that is indeed correct. 

You can turn left or rigth from the entrance from their Japanese Subway signage.

Right to Japanese clothes shop and left to dining area.
shimokita space ss15I am in love with the vibe here as this is so retro, square box tv, type writter if those of you dont knwo what is that can swing by, classic Aiwa Audo set and a perfect place for photo opps. hidden burger in ss15Just look around this room its like nearly every corner you can just OOTD ke plenty photobomb!
DSC00242 burger in ss15
bundle shop subang best ootd spot in subang shimokita space burger menu

They have very straight forward menu. My favourite is Classic Beef Burger Smasburger and for single starts from RM8. Just amazing price.

Those of you cant take beef then you can opt for their Shimokita Spicy Chicken Burger from RM 14. Which is also a pretty good choice.


japanese shop in subangCreamy ButterBeer @ RM 14 is their signature and crowds favourite. Give it a try. It is not a beer but just their naming.

IMG-20230208-WA0034This is their all time crowds favourite or best seller Classic Beef Burger Smasburger @ RM 8. For this price, I have to all hands down on deck for them. One of the best cheap burger in PJ that I have come across only if their beef patty is made by themselves. Cheese is well coated onto the burger and the bun is gril to perfection. Slightly toasted and some burnt edges inside the bun.

best burger ss15

One bite just blew your palate away. A great mixture of saltiness from the cheese, nice season beef patty, umami special caramelize onion sauce and the hint of buttery just flows in. its really good.

best burger in pj

best burger in subang
Next wanted to try another version is their Shimokita Cheese Burger @ RM 10. this is slightly more jucier with the sauce that they have drench on, abit more helty with some greens and tomato and with its unique hidden taste is with jalapeno. 

Some adventure with your palate then this is the one to go after. I still love their signature classic.

this is the doggy door for you to walk in. I am certainly going to come back to try their classic triple patty.

If you are looking for affordable cheap street gourmet burger in Subang, you can temporary come to this place as I only discover this place. 

If you do have other awesome burger joint to share, please share on comment below.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, love their burger, da bomb!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Shimokita Space Burger

94, Jalan SS 15/4b, Ss 15,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 3pm – 11pm


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