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On and off, I keep thinking where to eat whenever go to Uptown Damansara, and drove pass by this shop Auntie Sim Kitchen uncountable times yet did not make a move to go in till recently. Instantly this place had turn to one of a must go shop in Uptown Damansara if you are looking for Hong Kong stir-fried cuisine.

Auntie Sim Kitchen

I must say, it is a perfect spot for family gathering if you are looking for Hong Kong dai chow in PJ. Train by a chef from Hong Kong and even some of the signature ingredients are flown all the way from Hong Kong.

Hong kong food in pj

Auntie Sim Kitchen (3)

As to preserve heritage and a twist of her own, this is a must have starter. Traditional Teochew Prawn Balls @ RM 35. It is a bit pricy but generous with ingredients. A bag full with mince meat, not too salty yet crispy on the outside with the skin and in it I think do have some water chestnut and also chewy juicy prawns. Perfecto!

Auntie Sim Kitchen (4)

Next is a simple veggie soup, with its broth are sweet and perfect.

Auntie Sim Kitchen (7)

Stir fried Angus Beef with Pepers. Very simple yet perfect in taste. Hint of grind black pepper that did not over power the meat yet the beef was cook to perfection. Juicy and tender that it is medium.

black bean fish

This is one of the dish that instantly hit my palate notes that makes them pretty authentic Hong Kong Dai Chow. Claypot Braised Tilapia with Bittergourd @ RM38 upwards. Not many eateries in KL are able to fried a perfect bitter gourd dish especially topped with black beans. One of the ingredients is imported from Hong Kong that makes it quite authentic.

Anything with their claypot bitter-gourd, I guess should give it a try. I am going to come back for their alternative.

fried duck

To me another local classic is their fried Duck topped with a twist of chef special gravy. Crispy skin, juicy meat and gravy to smooth gravy to tone the flavour down is indeed pretty spot on!

sang har noodle

ahhh, highlight of the night is this : Dry-fried Yee Mee with Freshwater Prawns

Auntie Sim Kitchen (9)

This is not the ordinary shang har noodle (so some of you call it that way). as this noodle was serve, the smell of the big head prawn just trail on the air. Makes u instantly hungry. Looking at the springy noodle just makes me want to instantly dig in!

Auntie Sim Kitchen (10)

Very fresh prawns that had been fried to perfection. Juicy meat that sips with the soy sauce to my liking.  I am in love with the noodle texture as it is one of the best reminiscence to Hong Kong food. Then only found out that it is also imported from Hong Kong. No wonder the springy texture, boink boink and the longish of noodle is just there.

Auntie Sim Kitchen (11)


To end the meal, we try their evergreen signature which is a must-try is their Avocado in Thai King Coconut @ RM 16. Silky smooth blend avocado puree which is quite prominent in terms of taste that did not give you the raw skin taste yet a hint fragrant of coconut taste is there.  – Recommended!

Auntie Sim Kitchen (13)

A perfect place for Hong Kong Dai chow food in PJ. I certainly will come back to try some of their other dishes.

A recommended place

Auntie Sim Kitchen
24, Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya

While waiting for next appointment and not sure where to go, he randomly try out Nanyang Cafe in Eko Cheras Mall. While I was writing this, only know that they are actually quite famous among this neighbourhood for a Hong Kong Cafe in KL after Kim Garry. Serve one of the best Polo bun in KL.

Eko Cheras

Simple modern interior that reflects much more on the Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng.

Polo Pau

What attracted me to try this outlet is because of their Hong Kong Polo Bun that make fresh in the kitchen, that looks pretty decent.

Hong Kong Cafe

Nanyang Cafe (4)

Menu is quite direct with noodles, cheese rice, toast where it should be. Pork Burger with their french style bun.

Nanyang Cafe (5)

I must say that their drinks are very impressive. All their drink series are very solid or strong in taste. Those with weaker heart might not stand their Coffee. Smooth and strong in taste.

I tried 3:

  1. Hong Kong Coffee
  2. Hong Kong Milk Tea
  3. HOng Kong Yin Yeong

I personally like their coffee if were for breakfast. then their milk tea taste better too.

Nanyang Cafe (6)

wan tan noodle is alright. Noodle is springy and the wanton sui know is pretty decent in size. A prawn sui know.

Nanyang Cafe (7)

Polo bun

This is the main star that caught me into the outlet. Hong Kong Polo Bao with New Zealand Butter @ RM 4.80. It is not too bad for a bun. Fresh soft bun, flaky crusty top and with a slice of butter and a glass of coffee its a great combination.

Nanyang Cafe (9)

Nanyang Cafe (10)

Nanyang Cafe (11)

Nanyang Cafe (12)

I do not mind to come here for Yum cha session just for polo bun and their drinks.

Nanyang Cafe (南洋冰室)
M-S03A & 03B, 2nd Floor,
Eko Cheras Mall No.693, Batu,
5, Jln Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-2771 9895

MCO week 3, I am sure many of you cook till out of idea. I thought of this and decided to chin chai cook out Hong Kong Tomato Noodle Soup Recipe. To emulate back what I had when I was visiting Hong Kong many years back. A simple Hong Kong street food that I truly enjoy.

Hong Kong Tomato Instant Noodle Soup:

Cook for 2 : Ingredients”

1. water – 1 Litre
2. tomato – 200g
3. tomato puree- 150g
4. Chicken Stock – 1 n half cube

Others: (in this is at your own creativity)
1. 2 eggs
2. 1 1/2 cube of chicken stock any other ingredient you like to add in
3. 2x pcs Vits instant Noodle

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (1)

First time bought this brand Coppola tomato puree. I was actually looking at can tomato and this is the only bottle available and thought of to keep and cook a few more times. only RM 7.80 which is not bad.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (2)

I have this left over from the other night and decided to add it in.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (3)

Any chicken stock will do. If you have Cintan Noodle Chicken flavour. I think that’s the best.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (4)

step 1: add in 1 n half cube chicken stock. Stir it let it dilute and let it boil.

Step 2: I add in sausage. At this point you can add in any ingredient you want.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (5)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (6)

Step 3: prepare another pot, add in a bit of water and pour in tomato cut cubes

Step 4: cook the tomato till soft

Step 5: add in tomato puree

Step 6: cook till the it thickens then off the fire.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (7)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (8)

Add in Vits Instant noodle, do not over cook it. A simple 3 minutes would be just nice. Depending on your stove / electric cooker.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (9)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (13)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (10)

When about to get ready, I add in my egg bag.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (11)

fried egg bag

My mini egg bag

maggie tomato

Taddaa: a simple famous Hong Kong Street Food, Tomato Instant Noodle.

kim garry menu

comfort food that takes you less than 15 minutes while cooking at home. A simple home recipe you can improvise or add on anything you want.

tomato noodle soup recipe

tomato noodle soup

hong Kong Tomato noodle recipe

Soup base is slightly on the watery side. If you like it thick then add your puree more.

hong kong street food

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